Yamaha has come up with a speaker dock for iPods and iPhones which also functions as a radio and alarm clock. Featuring two 3.5-inch speakers, the TSX-140 filters noise and booms out large sounds despite its size. The tabletop unit comes with a USB port which can be hooked up to a computer, an MP3, iPod, or iPhone. Users can enjoy quality sound when they tune in to their favorite songs or watch movies with this device.

Listeners can also tune in to AM or FM channels. The device has front panel knobs which allow users to control volume, source, radio presets and alarm clock. Sensors adjust the LED in low light conditions to save power. The built-in IntelliAlarm can be set to users’ favorite tunes from the radio or any plugged in source. Unlike conventional alarm clocks designed to awaken users abruptly and rudely, the TSX-140 alarm clock utilizes technology which filters out high frequency sounds and gradually increase in volume to stir users from their slumber. If not turned off, the alarm clock will emit a continuous beep. The TSX-140 comes in black, brick or grey and costs $400.