Falling into a situation whereby you have a few urgent calls to make but the mobile phone’s battery is running flat and you are far away from town and couldn’t seek for help is truly a bad experience. That is why devices such as YoGen handheld charger are essential and life saver. Measuring 55 mm x 90 mm, 23 mm in dimension and approximately 98 grams in weight, the YoGen compact universal mobile device charger allows users to charge their mobile device which is connected via USB cable by pulling the charger’s lawnmower-style ripcord. The charger’s internal alternator will instantly generate power to charge any small to mid-sized personal electronics device such as cell phones, MP3 Player, PDA, iPod, GPS device, cameras, etc. The LED indicators on the charger will show when the mobile devices are being charge.


To be formally launched in the coming Consumer Electronics Show 2010 (CES 2010), the tiny eco-friendly charger can be pre-order from YoGen’s website for $39.99. Outdoor enthusiasts who like to go hiking, camping, jungle tracking, travel, hunting, fishing, etc will love this device. It solves your immediate problems and perhaps can save life when you are in emergency and looking for help.

Let’s enjoy the two commercial from YoGen on how this “green” handheld charger can help you: