Sometime it is nicer to have speakers rather than headphones to listen to your favourite music from your iPod or your players. But what if your favourite songs are on your phone, any suitable speakers? Well, the market leader in digital audio, Altec Lansing, now bring to you
Altec Lansing T515 Bluetooth wireless speaker system – the first speaker systems developed for the exploding convergence of music-enabled cell phones and wireless audio streaming.
Altec Lansing T515 Bluetooth comes with 3 audio devices: the speaker base, a speaker phone cum Bluetooth receiver and a wearable handset. After pairing your phone to the receiver, you can either carry it with you and listen through headphone, or pop it into its dock to play music through speakers. While you are enjoying the music and suddenly a call comes in, you can pick up the call from the T515, as a speaker phone, or directly from your cell phone. When your call is done, you go back to your music with the same touch of a button.

You phone needs to be able to handle A2DP, the Bluetooth Standard for wireless stereo output in order to make Altec Lansing T515 Bluetooth works.

Features and benefits:
• Crystal-clear and high quality stereo sound.
• Come with a speaker phone, a built-in microphone turns your Bluetooth cell phone into a first-class speakerphone.
• Unique design improves bass and stereo separation, as well as overall volume.
• This compact, lightweight speaker system comes with its own carrying case and goes just about anywhere you want to listen to music.
• With over 7 hours of battery life (or 13 hours of standby time), the Altec Lansing T515 gives you complete freedom (4 AAA batteries included).
• GSM/CDMA shielding prevents speaker buzz.