Most computer users know that the system can be infected by Internet threats such as virus, spyware, malware, rootkit, Trojan, bots, adware and etc. But not many may know that another very serious threat is keylogger, which planted into system unknowingly without user knowledge or via backdoor to secretly and silently record and capture keystrokes, screen and traffic activities in order to retrieve sensitive private information such as PIN, password and credit card CVV numbers.

Some anti-virus product or security suite can detect and clean most types of key loggers, but they’re not the expert or specialist tool to remove keylogger, and has high potential of false negative. Other such as KeyScambler focuses on anti-logging intrusion. Zemana AntiLogger improves on existing security by providing advanced behavioral protection against the very latest spyware, rootkits, Trojans, viruses, bots, spybot, adware and password stealers and other harmful malware including prevention against data theft by a multitude of logging techniques.

Zemana AntiLogger

In fact, Zemana AntiLogger consists of 6 modules that correspond to every known logging method:

  • Key Logger protection
  • Screen Logger protection
  • Clipboard Logger protection
  • SSL Logger protection
  • Webcam Logger protection
  • System Defense

Zemana AntiLogger costs $39.95 for 1 PC license for 1 year subscription to update and support. Good news is that, by joining the Zemana beta program, users can use Zemana Anti-KeyLogger for free at no cost with 1 year subscription, renewable if the beta program still valid one year later (so potentially unlimited usage for lifetime). Note that it only supports Windows XP, Windows Vista

To register and receive a free product key to use Zemana AntiLogger for free for 1 year, submit your details at the following URL:

An email with a valid genuine product key serial for Zeman AntiLogger will be sent to your inbox. Download and install Zemana AntiLogger from (direct download link for Zemana AntiLogger version AntiLogger_1.2.2.427.exe). Activate the Zeman AntiLogger from trial version to full version by entering the serial number at Service -> License -> Enter License text box, and then click on “Renew License”.

Update: Zemana AntiLogger Free Download