12vpn is a straight-forward and reliable VPN service. 12vpn claims that it’s the only VPN service that offers location specific configuration (partial routing) which allows splitting of traffic for optimal performance to local websites while using the VPN to unblock websites located outside user local location, and supports cloaking web server where website appears as if hosted in USA through the VPN, bypassing local ISP restriction (such as blocking of port 80) and minimize downtime due to ever-changing dynamic IP address.

Of course, using 12vpn continues to achieve objectives that long associated with using Virtual Private Network to connect to Internet such as hiding Internet address to enhance privacy, secure Internet connection especially when using wireless (WiFi) hotspots, access blocked websites and services or access blocked instant messaging (IM messenger) service due to filtering by companies and governments, access country specific content or even just to appear to be in a different country.

Features of 12vpn:

  • Server locations at UK (London) and USA (Los Angeles, Pennsylvania, Fremont).
  • Support Apple Mac OS X, Apple iPhone, Apple iPod Touch, GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows, Android (version 1.6 and higher) and more operating systems or platforms.
  • Support OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP VPN protocols.
  • Support 128-bit encryption on all protocols, 256-bit encryption and 4096-bit keys option on OpenVPN.
  • Free 12vpn DNS servers.
  • Self-service website.
  • Support full routing, split routing or zero routing where users use internal SOCKS to selectively enable or disable applications for VPN usage.
  • IPv6 support.
  • Cloaking of web server.
  • Unlimited switches between our UK and USA servers.
  • Allow P2P (including BitTorrent torrent) traffic for downloading, uploading or streaming, but for legal purpose only.

12vpn does not provide free VPN service. All subscription plans in 12vpn is payable. For personal home users, two plans of 12vpn is the most common – 12vpn Lite (bandwidth soft-limit: 10GB/month at $2.95/month) and 12vpn Personal (bandwidth soft-limit: 100GB/month at $9.95/month). Thanks to 12vpn’s sponsor, My Digital Life has various kind of 12vpn VPN service plans to giveaway to MDL readers.

The prizes are:

1 (one) 1 year 12vpn Personal
2 (two) 1 year 12vpn Lite
4 (four) 6 months 12vpn Lite
6 (six) 1 month 12vpn Personal
7 (seven) 1 month 12vpn Lite

To get a chance to win a free US/UK VPN unrestricted with BT torrent support from 12vpn, just post a comment with a valid email address. No limit on entries (number of comments) allowed, so everybody can post as many comments if he or she wishes to increase chance of winning. However, each participant is allowed to get one free 12vpn premium VPN account only.

Winners will be selected by random lucky draw, and will be randomly allocated a prize listed above. Participants can also specify preferred prize in comment (it won’t affect chance of winning, if your preferred prize is no longer, winner will be given next best prize available).

Giveaway ENDED. Winners are:

1 year 12vpn Personal: thunder_thq
1 year 12vpn Lite: Jirmmy and Gaurav
6 months 12vpn Lite: Anu, phobos, noiano, and Christian
1 month 12vpn Personal: jack, ian, dennis, Manolo, Anarchoid, and George Oprea
1 month 12vpn Lite: Nicolai S, gordon frohm, Artyom, Xacker, Aleks, Paula, and Muaz

The giveaway contest will end at 23:59 PM, November 25, 2009 server time (UTC + 8). So this is going to be the Thanksgiving gift.

My Digital Life’s decision is final, and My Digital Life reserves all rights to change any terms and conditions without prior notice. Do check out more free giveaway available at My Digital Life.