You may have heard about USB 3.0 capable device in storage market but have you ever wonder that there could be some new display panels that could potentially be integrated with such Super speed USB port for graphics display? Just recently, 3M has announced a new monitor that is dubbed to be the industry first USB 3.0 powered LCD panel suitable for mobile computing for travelers or laptop usage.

The LCD panel is still in prototype stage so don’t expect it to be in huge display and with merely 18.5-inch diagonal screen, it can display up to 1366 x 768 resolutions. Besides its capability to stream video and graphics directly onto its display via a theoretically 5Gbps high bandwidth throughput, what is more impressive here is the whole panel can me supplied merely with two USB 3.0 ports without the need of additional external power supply. This is no doubt a great advantage as compared to DisplayLink panel such as the Mitsubishi’s first DisplayLink based LCD panel that is still based on USB 2.0 port with extra requirement on external power source for it to work correctly. Surprisingly, the next generation panel is claimed to be only drawing 8 watt during normal use, which is only half of what required by conventional standard monitor.

No pricing and actual availability date yet, we should expect this panel to be available soon and becoming popular when more and more motherboard integrated with USB 3.0 ports.