Adobe Flash is famous for its attractive and interactive animation content but at the same time it is also known to be heavy and consumes lots of CPU cycles. While it is so common in PC and smartphones market nowadays, the technology is still pretty new especially in consumer electronics products such as digital TV or set-top box. Just recently, Adobe is planning to push its Flash technology into digital home by integrating the capability into digital TV, Blu-ray players, set-top box to move a step closer to living room.

In actual fact some of the chipmakers such as Intel Inc has already included this technology support into their newly released SoC (System on Chips) such as the CE3100 media processor which targeted primarily on HD (High Definition TV), high end set-top boxes and etc. This also include but not limited to other SoC manufacturers like Broadcom, STMicroelectronics, Comcast, Sigma Designs and NXP Semiconductors to have closer collaboration in accelerating the effort.

Soon you will be finding your digital TV with new ability to play Adobe Flash format without the need to solely rely on computer system. But again, the hardware itself must be powerful enough and the earliest time frame to reach consumer market will probably in second half of this year.