Previously we mentioned about iOS 4.2 delay that is potentially due to iPad WiFi bug in Gold Master build, apparently this is not the only bug in the Gold Master release especially with the recent discovery of severe Line2 VOIP bug from Totkumi, the app developer. Good news now, some beta testers have confirmed that they are finally fixed in recent internal iOS 4.2.1 release.

The symptom surfaces when users are running Line2 in background and what happened was the ringing tone will continue to ring even after an incoming call is answered. As it is confirmed that the symptom only happened on the latest iOS 4.2 GM (not in any earlier version), the Cupertino based company has acknowledged it with a ‘severe’ tag and is already in the way to rectify it. To avoid such problem, users are urged to not updating to latest iOS 4.2 and should continue using current version.

It is still unclear if the initial delay of iOS 4.2 delay was partly due to this VOIP bug, other than the known security flaw. But hopefully the release of iOS 4.2 GM will still keep its schedule on November 24 (after multiple delays). Apart from this issue, there is another daylight savings related bug in its Alarm Clock app that is expected to be rectified, on top of other main features such as Game Center, folder management and multitasking (for iPad users) as well as AirPrint and AirPlay functions that can print and stream media files respectively via wireless technology in upcoming iOS 4.2 release.