Not long after Apple Inc released its iPhone OS v3.1 Beta version SDK for developer, the company is ready and has just announced the official release of its OS 3.1 version with some feature enhancements on top of bug fixes targeted for iPhone and iPod touch users.


One of the most notable feature enhancements include the Apps Store Genius function that able to speed up the apps searching based on those original apps that users have already downloaded. This is particularly useful in view of the fast growing of apps database (more than 75,000 now) available in App store and now they can effectively search for the best fitted apps without the need to manually go through one by one. Besides, the new OS offers a new capability where users can easily download more than 30000 ringing tones through iTune, with each of them cost only $1.29 per copy. Other features include the Genius mixes as well as apps arrangement through the virtual home screens on your computer that aims to simplify the iPhone usage either as an office or a multimedia centric portable device.

That is not all, the new OS 3.1 is claimed to be able to improve the synchronization of media contents using iTune, besides boosting up the 3G Wi-Fi performance even when Bluetooth is being turned on simultaneously. Some of the features that are specifically tailored for the latest iPhone 3GS include the “Save as new clip” option when trimming video clips, voice control operation using Bluetooth headset as well as ability to use Home button to turn on features in iPhone 3GS and many more. Also, the Safari web browser is enhanced with anti-phishing feature for extra protection when surfing webs while on the move.

If you are anxious on what it can be used to enhance your current iPhone capability, do get a free download at Apple website for immediate use.

Update: iPhone OS 3.1.2