PDF is a common format that has been used widely in both home and office environment but sometimes you may have to deal with its inconvenience of editing and that is how some of the online service such as Free Online MergePDF or software utility like PDF Sam Alpha 2.0.0 comes useful with. In case you are not truly satisfied with any of them, here is another free utility that you can consider. Named as ArduoPdfMerger, it is a free PDF merger and splitter that simplifies the editing process without the need for you to stay connected for merging and splitting capabilities.

Once install and launch the software utility, you will be brought to a simple GUI. Over here, most of the functions are self-explanatory with simplified icons that allow users to add, delete, move up or down any files or entries in the list. Users can simply browse for any PDF files and there are two pre-processing options with one that allows the files to be split into individual page to ease up the merging process. As usual, the final modification files can be stored in destination folder predefined during the setup process. After completion, just click on ‘Process’ button and it will execute the conversion immediately.

Currently Arduo PDF merger is still in alpha stage and consumed around 1.4MB of you hard disk space in Windows system, it is quite useful especially when you are dealing a lot with PDF files edition in you daily work.