Previously we mentioned about Freeze Security solution offered by Phoenix that can activate laptop screen lock using Bluetooth wireless technology, now seems that similar concept has been applied by Secu5, a Swiss manufacturer when developing its next generation portable security solution targeted for frequent travelers. Names as BlueWatchDog, it works great with any Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices to safeguard your personal belongings while on the move.


The mechanism behind is it is based on the Bluetooth pairing capability that can pair both the device with any Bluetooth enabled mobile phone and whenever the pairing starts to lose connectivity, users will be alerted though vibration or ringing from mobile phone so that they are aware of such incident. In case there is no respond after few seconds of mobile alert, BlueWatchDog is smart enough to emit an alarm sound of around 100 decibels with the hope to scare the theft away while getting attention from public.

Being manufactured in a tiny credit card size, BlueWatchDog can be fitted well in any laptop bag, handbag and briefcase especially suitable for frequent travelers. At a retail price of €79, it is a good companion to effectively protect all your valuable belongings using your existing Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones.