Zune portable media player is a unique music player cum video player that stresses on social aspect of social networking and peer sharing of music and photo contents. So with Microsoft Zune player, a sharing feature named wireless Zune to Zune sharing allows Zune owners to spread, send, share, transfer your favorite musics, songs and photos to another Zune via built-in Wi-Fi. While the song transfered and shared is a whole complete song and not just a 30-second preview, however, the shared music can only be played for up to 3 times, or lasted for 3 days on the destination Zune before been removed and deleted automatically.

Zune Boards has found out a hack or trick to crack or bypass the 3-plays or 3-days limitation and restriction on songs and music that shared and protected by Zune WiFi Sharing DRM. Actually it’s not a crack or hack, but just a troublesome and complicated trick that allows you to transfer to songs to another Zune, and keep the songs on that Zune forever, without been removed or deleted when expire.

Zune Wi-Fi Sharing Transfer Mod

  1. Enable Zune hard drive mod or mass storage mod by editing the Windows PC registry.
  2. Rename the extension of files (songs, MP3s, music, movies, programs, zips, PDFs and any other files want to share or transfer) to “.jpg”. This step will fool and trick Zune into thinking that the file is indeed an image file, and Zune doesn’t apply any DRM restriction to images.
  3. Put all the files into “Received Pictures” folder by drag and drop using Windows Explorer.
  4. Share and send your “photos” (actually are files) to other Zune as if they’re photos. You probably need to send the entire folder that contains the files you want to transfer. At least a real photo must be sent together too, as if only a single (fake) photo is sent, an error is detected.
  5. The destination receiving Zune should sync with the Zune software on their computer.
  6. Open the “containing folder” where the files are stored after downloaded, and then rename the files back to their original extension.

Note: The mass storage hard disk registry mod is not required on destination Zune or the receiver.

Update: 3-day limit on Wi-Fi shared tracks has been removed, but 3-play restriction remains. Here’s the hack to remove the 3-play limit.