If you own a Zune digital music player from Microsoft, and happen also have another friend or buddy who also own a Zune player, both of you can share music, songs, and tracks wirelessly via Zune WiFi sharing feature. Unfortunately, all music tracks and audio shared and transfered via Wi-Fi is restricted by DRM. Previously, the shared tracks is protected and limited to 3-play or 3-day validity. After latest firmware upgrade (download here), 3-day expiry limit has been removed, but 3 times playback restriction remains.

Now, there is no need to crack and hack Zune with cumbersome steps in order to workaround and bypass the WiFi sharing restriction. ZuneScene has found a Zune WiFi hack that enables shared music tracks to playback unlimited times on destination Zune player bypassing Zune DRM 3-play limitation.

To hack and bypass 3-play DRM restriction/limitation on songs, audios, MP3s, musics and any other tracks shared by Wi-Fi, tag the songs’ genre as Podcast, which will shared the music files as a podcast with no 3 play limitation. To enable and assign “Podcast” tag, right click on one or more files and then select “Properties”. Then, type “Podcast” as the value for “Genre” properties. Click on “Apply” or “OK” when done.

With Podcast genre, add the music tracks to PC Zune library and sync to your Zune player. The tracks will appear in the podcast menu rather than music menu, but then the tracks will now be able to send to your friends wirelessly via Wi-Fi without any playback restriction, and the recipients can then reserve sync and tag back the file as music after receiving the music file, and yet won’t have any 3-play limitation applied to the musics. The problem is that you have to send podcast one by one, instead of entire podcast album at one go.