Imagination Technologies, a UK based company has planned to showcase some next generation PowerVR core technology at CES 2009 event held in Las Vegas. Among those, one of the new PowerVR cores, named as SGX543 is expected to gain some crowd’s attention since it is the first multi-core GPU technology that Apple could potentially take advantages onto its next generation iPhone to accelerate the graphics processing capability into next high level.

If you recall, Imagination Technologies has been acquired by Apple followed by Intel Inc last month due to its famous graphics technology. Both these giant companies are hoping to able to leverage some of its expertise and licensing to further strengthen the graphics performance of its product lines, which is quite complicated but yet important especially in consumer market space. The PowerVR SGX543 is claimed to be able to provide better shader performance, around 40 percent as compared to its current generation, besides ability to scale the image processing capability up to 2.5 times as compared to typical ARM Cortex-8 core in today’s market.

Although no direct comment from the UK based company’s personnel about the linkage of this new technology to any Apple’s future products, but it seems to be quite logical for Apple if there is any plan to integrate some of these highest performance graphics core technology that could possibly bring its products lines as a potential portable gaming machine or a full HD (High Definition) multimedia gadget in mobile market.