Skype is a famous VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) solution that being widely used in both PC computing and smartphones. Good news now if you are Apple’s iPhone or iPod owner as users will be able to enjoy much feature sets with the recent upgrade of Skype VOIP. Being officially pushed to App Store, Skype 1.3 offers various enhancements as compared to previous version such as Skype 1.1 that we mentioned earlier.

While still maintaining a similar interface, there are a number of improvements that can enable better voice or Instant Messaging communication over WiFi. First, Instant Messaging has been enhanced with landscape mode to enable faster typing speed that being requested by most users. Besides, there is a call quality indicator that will able to detect and decide if it is correct time to make call, so that users will be able to enjoy the best quality of calls at any time. That is not all, a Hints and tips section has been added which could be useful as a quick start guide for first time users, even though the app is already simple enough to be used. On top of these few enhancements, there are also a few bugs being fixed and the most notable one is on the call drop issue when it was put on hold or when receiving new text message that happened on previous release.

However, the new version still doesn’t address and remove the restriction to be able to have voice call on 3G network as well as push notification which are mostly preferred by majority users. Nevertheless, since this is free app, no harm to get an upgrade to latest 1.3 version at App Store here for your iPhone (OS 3.0 or later) and iPod.

Update: Skype 2.0.1 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad