In order to develop next generation of Google Chrome 7, the Google Chrome development team has released its Google Chrome 7 beta. This beta release is targeted at users who like to use and help refine the latest features of the Google Chrome 7. Similar to the stable version of Google Chrome 6, the Google Chrome 7 beta also uses the Webkit layout engine and application framework.

The Google Chrome 7 beta includes the following new features and improvements:

  • GPU accelerated compositing for certain web page layouts and elements.
  • New tab page for web application support.
  • Google Chrome Labs with vertical tab (Windows) and “Tabposé” (Mac) experiments.
  • WebGL context for the HTML5 canvas element.
  • Service and AppleScript support for Mac.
  • Late binding enabled for SSL sockets: High priority SSL requests are now always sent to the server first.

The Google Chrome 7 beta is now available for free download at Google Chrome Beta Channel. Just head to the following URL to access official Google Chrome 7.0.517.24 download:

Google Chrome 7 beta for Windows XP, Vista and 7:
Google Chrome 7 beta for Mac:
Google Chrome 7 beta for Linux:

Update: Google Chrome 7 stable