Kingsoft Office is a free alternative and complete replacement for pricey Microsoft Office which contains Writer, Presentation and Spreadsheets as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel clone, and features the familiar user interface with Office productivity suite. Kingsoft 2009 (KSO09) is the latest (or actually is repackaged to differentiate from soon-to-be released free personal edition) version of Kingsoft Office available in the market, and now it’s been offered for free download with generous 100 days free trial.

Download Kingsoft Office 2009 version Kingsoft Office 2009 version with 100 days free trial.

The Kingsoft Office 09 trial license expires 100 days after installation. To continue using it, purchase an upgrade license for $49 to Kingsoft Office 2009 Pro.

For those who doesn’t want to pay, the free 100 trial period is lasting just enough to switch over to official free for life KSO07 (Kingsoft Office 2007) Personal Edition for home use that will be released soon (or download the leaked free Kingsoft Office 2007 Personal which has been distributed in Vietnam). User who can’t wait and doesn’t want to flip flop of uninstall and install the office suite again, and wants to use the full version of Kingsoft Office 2007 Pro can also take the opportunity to request for a free license serial key number for KSO07 Pro.

Update: Free KingSoft Office 2010