Last month we mentioned about Skype 2.5 Gold that being released as an improved version with various bug fixes to replace its previous version, now there is another major version upgrade, Skype 3.0 in beta release available for free download for Windows Mobile users.


Some of the features being incorporated into the new 3.0 beta version include the capability to send SMS from your mobile devices at a much lower rate especially when comparing to roaming charges while you are overseas. Do refer here for the global SMS rate applicable to different countries in case you need a reference. On top of this, users can now enjoy greater file sharing feature by able to send media files such as photos or music, or even office documents such as Microsoft Word or Powerpoint presentation foils to counterparts or peers while on the move. The file sending is claimed to be secure and private without worrying about confidential documents being intercepted by unauthorized third parties even in an unsecured WiFi networks.

As usual, Skype development team is striving to further enhance the feature and bug fixes from time to time, making it one of the most robust VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solution for both desktop and mobile users. Users can get a free download of the latest Skype 3.0 Beta version here for immediate use.

Update: Skype for Windows Mobile 3.0 Final