Skype v2.5 Beta version was released two months back and now there is an improved version, Skype Gold being available for public. The new version is claimed to have further improvements in terms of various bug fixes to make the whole VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) a more robust solution for public use.

Some of the major bugs fixes include Voice mail option missing in context menu, Crashing when calling in non-English ROM, Emotions misaligned in Instant messaging, Dial pad missing when drop down arrow is activated, Delay in DTMF tones playback, Intermittently failure during installation in memory card and many more. Besides, there is also a feature improvement that allows users to end call from dialing pad directly in this release. For complete details, users can refer to the release notes that are bundled with the Skype application.

Skype development team is working continuously to enhance the newer version with some additional functions such as the upcoming Skype 3.0 beta which will include File Transfer and SMS functions that allows users to send/receive files and text messaging respectively. Skype 3.0 beta is expected to be released by March this year. Users can get a free download of the latest Skype 2.5 Gold version here here.

Update: Skype for Windows Mobile 3.0 Final