We have mentioned about NetSetMan and TCP/IP Manager that can quickly change Network IP configurations without the need to type them manually, but if you are looking for more than network settings and would like to maintain separate profiles with different configurations in terms of Systems, Applications and others so that you can switch them on the fly, here is a tiny utility that you can consider. Named as Quick Config, it is a free utility that enables easy and fast system settings change with just a quick load of predefined profiles.

Once install and launch the utility, users will be brought to a simple GUI. Basically users can setup different profiles that are best fitted under different situation such as for office environment, home usage and etc. During the initial setup, users can create different profiles with each of them being configured differently and with simple click on respective profile will activate its functions whenever necessarily. There are five main categories namely Applications, Network, System, Browsers and Desktop that allows users to configure separately. Under each category, there are also various sub-options that can really be used to fully customize the profiles. For instance, users can set default applications such as whether to use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox as default Web browser, configure start up applications by browsing directly from program lists, setup network connections and printers, start or stop system services, change the website browsers’ (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox) default homepage address and many more. Last but not least, it even allows users to set display settings to have different resolutions and color depth as well as sound level and theme depending on own preference.

Consumed around 3MB of your hard disk space, Quick Config is compatible with Windows 2000/2003/XP and Vista and there is also a portable version that doesn’t require installation and can be used on multiple PC systems.