Previously we mentioned about Swype beta for speedy typing on Android smartphones but in case you are not satisfied with it for any reason, here comes a great alternative, named as SwiftKey Beta that you can consider.

Once you download the apps from Android Market, select ‘Enable’ and then check on the box next to ‘SwiftKey Beta’ as the first step. Before you are ready to use it, a warning message will pop up stating that the input method may able to collect all the history text that you typed before, including those sensitive personal confidential data and etc. Next, the interface will prompt users to confirm this as the default input method. In order to support multi-language input, users have options to download additional language module selection such as English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese and many more. Typically, it takes about 3MB to download the language module so it is advisable to have WiFi connected for faster and cost efficient versus 3G cellular network connection. Unfortunately, there is no Chinese input as of now so hope that it will be under consideration during the official release. While there seems to be slight improvement over its default input method but one major advantage here is its ability to learn from all the previous text messages that makes the prediction much more accurate than anything else based on individual typing habit and experience. In order to enjoy such benefit, go to Settings -> Language & keyboard -> SwiftKey Beta settings. Under Language Modules –> My Language –> select Learn From SMS and you are done. And the next and every time you intend to type certain word, those matched history keywords will be prompted in suggested windows ready for selection.

SwiftKey is compatible to run on any version of Android ranging from 1.5 up to 2.2 (Froyo). And it has been tested with a wide range of Android based phone including HTC Desire, Dream, Droid, Legend, Nexus One and many more. Users can refer to complete compatibility model list here.

Update: New SwiftKey for Android with 5 new languages, HD skin and 1 month free trial