Can’t decide which OS based tablet PC to purchase? Android is famous now but Windows 7 or Meego may have some basic features that you can’t live without. It becomes more common to have dual OS boot up for selection but have you ever wonder that there could be a triple OS bootable tablet PC that you can expect soon. Named as Maestro from Evolve III, it is the first tablet that will be supported by three different famous OS namely Meego, Android and Windows 7.

As expected, to run Windows OS on top of other Android or Meego on tablet, there is no other candidate that can do it except X86 architecture based Oak trail Atom processor. As one of the lowest power consumption processors (less than 5W kit power consumption), Oak Trail is claimed to be able to provide a much longer battery life time for handheld products, while at the same time able to perform better video decode as compared to other predecessor Atom processors. And in order to increase its selling values, Evolve III tablet has been designed with triple boot capability that will definitely able to attract those that can’t live without any of them. Other hardware specifications include a 2GB RAM, a 32GB SSD, WiFi and 3G combo with all integrated into a 10” touch screen form factor design.

No pricing availability yet, Evolve III’s Maestro is expected to be available by second half but in view of such comprehensive OS support, you may have to spend extra bucks to own one due to its mainstream feature sets.