vis_3_1_2Exercising is a real drag if it weren’t so important. How do you stay motivated to do workouts or know that you are making progress? Philip’s DirectLife can help you to do that. It is a device to monitor the rate of calories your body is burning based on the online profile set up and the speed or distance of your exercise routine. Measuring just 1.2 inches, the activity monitor can measure every movement you make. You only need to key in information about your age, gender, height and weight for the device to calculate the metabolism rate or calories used in each activity.

DirectLife activity monitor is not something new in the industry. Nike+ and FitBit are other similar products which can track users’ fitness record and allow users to upload the data colleted online for some analysis. The idea of DirectLife Activity Monitor is actually based on the Philips Tracmor, which was developed by Philips Research and Maastricht University. This measurement gadget is durable and water resistant. Users can bring it along even for extreme workouts or activities and water games. Users will be reminded via the indicator lights of their activity levels.


DirectLife offers some online subscription plans for subscribers to choose and customize for their own needs. Users can choose to join the DirectLife community, with some fees involved, of course. Besides following the plans offered, users also can benchmark or compare their fitness results with other members within the community. DirectLife makes staying healthy easier and more motivating.