Microsoft makes a major revamp on the Calculator (executable named calc.exe) program that comes with Windows 7. The Microsoft Windows Calculator can perform all of the functions of most four-function (standard) or scientific calculators, and that’s all about it in term of features. Beside, it has only a simplified user interface, and the user interface and the core feature set has largely remained unchanged in form and function since Windows 95.

Windows 7 is about to change the familiar look of Microsoft Calculator program though. Windows 7 Calculator has added new mode of calculation, i.e. Programmer and Statistics, and beyond that, more importantly, improves on the user interface of the calculator to make it inline with much improved display appearance of modern computer system.

New Calculator in Windows 7

Good news is that the new Calculator works on Windows Vista too, if it’s been ported or migrated to Windows Vista. Windows Vista users who want to use the more advanced Calculator program from Windows 7 can download the following RAR archive which consists of calc.exe with its mui language file extracted from Windows 7 pre-beta build 6801.

Download Windows-7-Calculator.rar.

Simply unpack the content to another folder, and run the calc.exe to use the Windows 7 Calculator in Windows Vista. To replace existing default Calculator program in Windows Vista, copy calc.exe to \Windows\System32\, and calc.exe.mui (in en-US folder) to \Windows\System32\en-US\ folder, overwriting existing file (you may want to backup the old Calculator binaries first in case of error running Windows 7 version). Voila, now the new Windows 7 Calculator has been installed on Windows Vista.

Don’t want to use not officially supported version, or using Windows XP? Try Microsoft Calculator Plus, or PowerToys Calculator downloadable from, or switch to use tons of other third-party calculator alternatives.