Since October 19, 2005, Gmail users in UK can only sign up for Gmail service with an email address ended with instead of due to trademark dispute. Although is interchangeable to, where any email sent to a address will also get delivered to recipients on Google Mail, some users simply do not like the “unique” with extra keystrokes.

And Gmail blog has just announced that Google Mail is set to become Gmail again in the UK. The change to sign up process will in effect later this week where new sign up will have address directly, without any trick required (but still need in Germany). Existing Google email account in UK will have the option to switch existing address to the matching one (but still able to to stick with over the next week.

And to celebrate the switch to Gmail, Google UK is giving away free Gmail stickers for people with addresses in UK as part of the Google Mail to GMail campaign. The Gmail stickers are similar to previous round of Gmail stickers giveaway, which available in US, though now it’s for UK only.

Gmail StickersGmail StickersGmail StickersGmail Stickers
Gmail StickersGmail StickersGmail Stickers

To get your own Gmail stickers, just head to the following URL to register:

Only 10,000 stickers available on first come first serve basis. And it’s even better with free shipping and no postage of snail mail required.