beanzawave2We have USB heating glove and USB heated shoes to keep our hands and feet warm when they are cold. What can our computer do for us when we need to work straight through lunch and dinner to rush the project paper for our boss? Considering that workaholics need to burn the midnight oil most of the time to clear their paperwork, Heinz has brought to users a USB microwave called Beanzawave. No joke; this is a real USB microwave which allows users to heat up some small dishes to satisfy their hungry stomachs.

Measuring 7.4 x 2.6 x 5.9 inches in dimension, the USB Beanzawave is about the size of a camping lamp and it can be considered as the world’s smallest portable microwave oven. The Beanzawave doesn’t use microwave but the same wave frequency used for mobile phones instead. Powered by USB supply, the tiny gadget makes use of the cell phone waves to generate enough heat to warm the food placed inside. Users can use the tiny microwave to heat up some snacks, baked beans, home made dishes and even a beverage so that you can enjoy some hot and tasty food while you are rushing to finish your paper.


The tiny Beanzawave is priced approximately $150. Heinz has also worked out an alternate option to power the mini microwave with lithium ion batteries so that it can also be used for outdoor activities.