Windows 7 (Seven) code drop in the form of Milestone 1 build version 6.1.6519.1 release 6519.1.071220-1525, which has been leaked to torrent site for free download via BT network. Windows 7, as it’s built from Windows Vista, requires product activation for continuous use, else the activation grace period (also is the evaluation period) will expire in 30 days if it’s not activated.

As normal user who is not exclusive partner of Microsoft, it’s almost impossible to get a hand on a legit product key to activate Windows 7 Beta M1 online. So hackers have managed to a crack method to activate Windows 7, by replacing the file related to software licensing with a Windows Vista version, and then activating Windows 7 using OEM emulation method that popularly used to activate Windows Vista.

  1. Burn the Windows 7 Beta ISO to a DVD disc. If you intend to install Windows 7 on a virtual machine using Virtual PC 2007 or VMWare Server or other, simply mount the DVD image to the virtual machine.
  2. Set the clock time of the computer in BIOS to 2nd December 2007. This step is to ensure that after installation of Windows 7 Beta M1, user will be able to log on to the desktop to perform the rest of the activation bypass crack steps, and to ensure that you have adequate time to use Windows 7 as the code expires in June 2008.

    If you didn’t manage to change the time, and encounter Reduced Functionality Mode, here’s the trick to bypass, recover from RFM to log on to desktop.

  3. Install Windows 7 Beta without entering any product key.
  4. Download and unpack Win7_Activator.rar.
  5. Click on Start menu, type Services in Start Search text box, and hit Enter.
  6. In the Services control panel, locate Software Licensing service, and then change the “Startup type” to Disabled.
  7. Reboot the computer.
  8. Open Windows Explorer and browse to C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\NetworkService\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\SoftwareLicensing folder.
  9. Delete or rename (recommended) the original tokens.dat file in the folder.
  10. Copy the “extracted from Windows Vista” tokens.dat from the downloaded archive into the SoftwareLicensing folder.
  11. Click on Start menu, type Services in Start Search text box, and hit Enter.
  12. In the Services control panel, locate Software Licensing service, and then change the “Startup type” to Automatic.
  13. Run the activation.exe in the downloaded archive. It’s actually a Vista Loader OEM BIOS emulator installer (see more information about Vista Loader). So, activate the Windows 7 as if it’s a Windows Vista Ultimate OEM system.

    Note: Ignore any error and warning messages that may happen.

  14. Restart the computer.
  15. After reboot, Windows 7 will ask for a product CD key. Use the following product key to activate full version of Windows 7:


Windows 7 M1 is now activated and available for use without restriction. However, the Milestone 1 (version 6519.1) of Windows 7 has the expiry date of June 2008 even though it has been activated.

Another activation crack for Windows 7 is TimerNuke (probably works for all versions and builds), which disable the activation!

Actually, no activation crack is required for Windows 7 Beta, as genuine activatable Windows 7 product keys are available.

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  • eresh

    how to crack my windows 7

  • GeneraL

    Hello, i cant find the tokens.dat file. C:WindowsServiceProfilesNetworkService , i came this far because there is no AppData folder in the NetworkService. Do someone know why? :) Really want to crack w7 tierd of all messages while i am playing/watching movie :p

  • raj

    how to which version of win 7 i am using

    beta or other.plz tell me.

  • i want windows 7 activation key

  • qandrey
  • wesley

    hi guys please i need a crack for windows seven or the tokens.dat file to go with key 6F2D7-2PCG6-YQQTB-FWK9V-932CC) please help

  • pankaj

    yea dear such a wonderfool man . plz send me more cacks

  • sol

    use the mirror

  • Jeff

    Link is Down :( … i i i i will windows 7 activat … please help he's not working :x

  • Anonymous

    this is the latest activator and water mark remover for windows 7 the activator is for all versions of windows works 100% tested

  • iFX Sound

    Here is a working Win&-Activatior link:

  • mofo

    Windows 7 activator & loader collection LATEST versions

    One will definitely work for You!


  • felipe1982

    thanks for the tips. This page (site) will be going down any moment now, just wait till Big Brother gets wind of it :o

  • cdcover

    Windows 7 RTM ACTIVATOR final

    Working for all versions.


  • major


    how can I download Windows 7 without a Windows Live ID? It dont work with tha torrent download

  • Vista Loader 4.9.7 – Windows Activator

    Vista Loader this new version is able to activate all versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista and all versions of Windows 7 (Seven), with only a few clicks!


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    :: Supports all Service Packs and Power Packs, and 64/32 bit operating systems;


  • nikhil

    where r the files pls upload again

  • cara seguinte vcs ficam fazendo melo drma vai no site da micrososft que tem eu baixei no site e tem a chave expira em 2011

  • newbie

    shit!!! y'all fooling us. there's nothing files/deleted. grown up!!!

  • hi frnds

    plz ……..

    help me i m also using all these products but coudnt find any activation key which is working

  • i love cool pluspatch

  • wa…keren-keren.. download ah….

  • john

    i was reading about the activation of windows7 by the (genuine activatable windows7 product key), as i understand no need for crack …

    i done this methode , but i need to know is it gonna be activated permanently by this way , because if i hit run and type (winver) it is showing expiry date for windows7 beta 7/1/2009……?

    and what about the timernuke activator?


  • ellerine saglık

  • moimoi

    Quelle qualité redactionnelle minable ! Article anglophone traduit avec un logiciel sans même une relecture je suppose !

  • Activate windows 7 build 6956 or 7000 and no popup when you click on control panel.… , this tool was tested under build 6956 but will work also for the build 7000.

  • Win 7 patch infinite
  • anonymous

    it's on the micro$oft website you fucks

  • vivek

    I have not changed the date back to 2 dec 2007 and then installed windows 7 , then with internet explorer started explorer.exe.

    But when i am going inside services i can not find software licencing there , neither the TimerNuke is working it's giving not supported for this platform.

    please help anyone.


  • Activate windows 7 build 6956 or 7000 and no popup when you click on control panel.… , this tool was tested under build 6956 but will work also for the build 7000 . enjoy…

  • btl

    thanks guys one of the keys worked for me


    I know how you can Crack all Windows XP Home Edition OEM or retail, it's easy with Media Center crack MCE_Crack.exe, and your need Windows all in Once CD, there copy of Windows Mediacenter winlogon.exe MCE version, pidgen.dll, licdll.dll and dpcdll.dll . THis file need you to crack Windows XP HomeEdition used x: ools MCE_Crack.exe

  • Rep

    64-bit 6936 build

    working crack

  • Fr3@k

    Activate windows 7 build 6956 or 7000 and no popup when you click on control panel. , this tool was tested under build 6956 but will work also for the build 7000 . enjoy…

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  • Billy Doyle

    I just tried this hack on the new 7000 leaked build, and it DOES NOT WORK. The service has been renamed "Software Protection". The process gets as far as "This windows is not genuine", but when you reboot, the product key doesn't work. You can reverse the process if you've already gotten that far just by putting back the old tokens.dat file and resetting the Software Protection service.

  • Californian

    This crack is not working for the 64-bit 6936 build. I did it, and it says that code is invalid and keeps coming up with a black desktop and "This copy of Windows is not genuine" in the bottom right hand corner under the build no. and "for testing purposes". What should I do? Is the key the problem? I disabled the two services closest to the one listed here, as that one wasn't actually on the list, but rather "Software Protection" and "SPP Notification Service". Also, the folder was actually at


    so I might have done something wrong there, too. Help! 7 is awesome even with the annoying "Not Genuine" stuff.

  • If any of you are short on time you can wait until your last day of activation and run

    slmgr.vbs -rearm

    this will give you another 30 days but wait until the last day if possible, you can keep doing this for 120 days ;)

    why activate when you can keep doing this and wait for the release :) have fun. windows 7 is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    need necesito , pasword, para crackear windows vista ultimate , ultima version, enviar los codigos de 5 series alfanumericos. gracias.

  • tripog

    I do everything that is said in this article and my computer ended up the same way as before with 24 days or some odd left to activate.

  • tripog

    Does not appear to work…

  • Indian Geek








  • Karekinha

    Ai pessoal aki deu certo.só que essa chave não funciona,tem outra ai,vlw

  • Kach


    soo guyz i want to know if i download this and everythign goes SUCcessfuLL!Y!!

    then after june 2008 after it has the expire date will Windows 7 version expire so i won't be able to use it no longer or can i still USe it for LifE!?!!?

    Plz HelP!P!!!


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  • infini3

    How about Windows 7 M3?

    Which key that I must use?

    Please send me a key to "anggi_triantoro[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]id"

    Whether the crack program of Windows Vista can be used?

    Thank you and sorry for my bad english. Hope you can understand it.

  • colla








  • n need

    i have the slmgr.vbs and the activation application in a zip file here.

    can someone make a keygen

  • RM

    I just used my Vista RC1 key and it activated PDC 6519 without any problems. I running on VMware until the Dec build comes and and then I'll partition my HD> Very impressed so far with 7.

  • Jordan

    Will this hack work on the M3 Pre-Beta?

  • Thing

    It works fine for me,

    Windows 7 looks more like Vista,

    I still use the Date from today and nothing is wrong.

    I only have 1 question.

    Is it possible to change your System to Windows 7 Home?


  • aditt

    after installation, and also activation, can i change date on my computer to cuurent date(today)??

    would u send me the answer to , if u don't mind :P

  • bW

    It works for me, after step 15 start the activator programm again. The PC restarts now and its genuine.

    Where to copy the serial:

    Start/Welcome Center/View computer details/at the end of the page -> 6F2D7-2PCG6-YQQTB-FWK9V-932CC

  • worldcom

    "Not that I honestly care about the piracy aspect (go nuts, MS deserve it ; ), but you’re jumping through hopes to install an early beta that is guaranteed to be buggy. Masochistic much?"

    We want to know where the river goes.

  • nishit

    after installtion

    win7 does not prompt me the product key

  • Anon

    Sounds like a lot of work to beta test something when you don't intend to actually report the feedback to Microsoft… = |

    Not that I honestly care about the piracy aspect (go nuts, MS deserve it ; ), but you're jumping through hopes to install an early beta that is guaranteed to be buggy. Masochistic much?

  • deneb


    Dopo aver fatto tutti i passaggi scritti sopra,

    e dopo aver eliminato e riscritto il file tokens.dat di windows con quello della crack, WINDOWS mi blocca le funzioni del PANNELLO DI CONTROLLO,

    le PROPIETA' del DESKTOP; e le PROPIETA' del COMPUTER, vado ad inserire il key ma mi dà errore anche lì,

    CHE FACCIO????

  • ronan
  • sangun

    I get to the point at the end after running activate.exe and rebooting, it is asking me to input a valid product key, I use the key published here: 6F2D7-2PCG6-YQQTB-FWK9V-932CC

    but it comes saying that there's an error:

    "the following error occurred while trying to use the product key:

    code 0xC004F022

    Description: The Software Licensing Service reported that the license authorization failed"

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  • Blabla

    Don't work for me :(

    I use a Virtual Machine (with VMWare Workstation 6.5)

  • Stephan


    what to do in limited mode?

    Just press F8 at the Windows startup and use the save-mode

  • ric

    je ne trouve pas comment faire cette manip ci dessous !!!

    est ce dans le panneau de configuration ?

    moi c'est tout en anglais !!!!!

    Cliquez sur le menu Démarrer, type de services dans Démarrer Recherche zone de texte, puis appuyez sur Entrée.

    In the Services control panel, locate Software Licensing service, and then change the “Startup type” to Disabled . Dans le panneau de contrôle des services, de localiser le service de licence de logiciel, puis changer le "Type de démarrage" pour personnes handicapées.

  • torrentleech

    what does this Windows 7 OS have in it?

  • nacho

    Es cualquiera ese win 7. es un vista tuneado.

  • Carlos

    I install the windows 7, I see two problems

    1 my two computers never ask me for produck CD key.

    2 the control panel is blind I see only the firss timne when I install the OS, and never change the tokens.dat but when I install the tokens.dat and reboot the computer in this moment the control panel disapeared.

    How I Fix that

  • alexander

    como encuentro el servicio de concesión de licencias de software?? y como cambiar el "Tipo de inicio" para personas de movilidad reducida..???

  • noone

    where is tokens.dat located?

  • Taylor

    what to do in limited mode?

  • anynomous

    Its August 2008 If i set my bios clock back will it still work?

  • Peter Morrow

    Um, Windows 7 is NOT built from Vista… It's been stripped down to what is called MinWin and rebuilt back up from there. It's built LIKE Vista, but not FROM Vista. They are working to make everything more compact and fluid this time, as Vista was absolutely not.

    This beta that is circulating is absolute bullshit, don't waste your time. There is no Beta yet.

  • Mark4Dead

    I tried a few time but alway get the error:

    Windows Activation Error A problem occurred when Windows tried to activate. Error Code: 0xc004F063

    The following information was found for this error:

    Code: 0xc004F063


    The Software Licensing Services reported that the computer BIOS is missing a required license.

  • Mark4Dead

    Software Licensing service is change to Software Protection service in Windows 7.

    Tokens.dat must be put at C:WindowsServiceProfilesNetworkServiceAppDataRoamingMicrosoftSoftwareProtectionPlatform in Windows 7 instead of C:WindowsServiceProfilesNetworkServiceAppDataRoamingMicrosoftSoftwareLicensing.

  • freeloader

    What is the min sys requirement for Win 7 ?

  • why use beta unfinish windows ? better use windows 2008 server trial and tweak become workstation aka vista.

  • Bruno

    "In the Services control panel, locate Software Licensing service, and then change the “Startup type” to Disabled."

    I think it's called 'Software Protection' and don't 'Software Licensing'. Am I sure?

  • admin

    Sorry I forgot to attach it. Change now.

  • Nihahs

    Where can I download this "Win7_Activator.rar" file?