Vista Loader 1.0, or more commonly known as softmod.iso or softmod-l.iso software based Windows Vista OEM BIOS simulator crack, is a software boot loader or boot manager that simulates and emulates BIOS that supports activation for Windows Vista to crack and bypass the activation requirement. Invented by Chinese hackers, Vista Loader version 1.0 has been upgraded to Vista Loader 2.0. The working theory of the Vista crack is still the same. Before Windows Vista is loaded into memory, a special bootloader that will modify the computer memory to add in specific byte code to emulate BIOS of a OEM brand PC, in order to crack Windows Vista activation.

The previous Vista crack Softmod image file is actually Vista Loader 1.0 that based on DOS operating system. The crack has two branches and was named as softmod-l or softmod-b (both is the same with minor details differences), and also was massively renamed to other various names by users, and released in ISO format on 17th Februar 2007.

The new Vista Loader version 2.0 completely rewritten the code, eliminate the usage of DOS, and increase the usage of GRUB4DOS boot manager, a enhanced universal boot loader with built-in BIOS disk emulation and ATAPI CDROM driver that based on multiboot and operting system boot loader GRUB, GRand Unified Bootloader. Other improvement includes better BIOS emulation method to make the emulated BIOS compatible with previously unsupported OEM branded computer.

Features of Vista Loader 2.0

  1. Eliminate the need to physically modify real BIOS to crack Windows Vista SLP 2.0 verification and activate the operating system.
  2. Vista Loader 2.0 itself is a multiboot boot loader that contains all functionalities of GRUB4DOS, with ability to boot off DOS/LINUX, or via Windows boot manager/syslinux/lilo, or from MBR/CD.
  3. The OEM BIOS emulator is loaded before operating system is called, thus it’s safe and reliable and highly compliance. Beside, MBR (master boot record) may no longer needs to be modified.
  4. Vista Loader 2.0 does not use too much system resources, and does not conflict the software application installed in the OS.
  5. Support 32-bit and 64-bit (x86 and x54) Windows Vista, unlike OEM BIOS Emulation Toolkit 1.0 by Paradox which supports only 32-bit Vista.
  6. It’s possible that the crack will work on future operating system that uses SLP 2.0 activation technology, such as Windows Longhorn Server, with just the minor change to the value data that needs for verification and validation.
  7. Does not slow down the boot up process. Benchmark shows loader increases just additional 1 second to the booting process of computer.
  8. Simulate and emulate a few branded OEM BIOS. Currently supported are Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo and Sony. It’s customizable by user to increase the supported OEM brand.
  9. Automatically install the corresponding OEM certification for the brand.
  10. Can be used as bootable CD to activate Windows Vista, so that no modification or alteration is done to the hard disk drive.

Changelog and Improvements in Vista Loader 2.0

  1. Compile together with GRUB4DOS so ultra fast startup (1 second).
  2. Install to multiple boot volume, increase fault tolerance capability so that even if software mod program is deleted, Windows Vista can be loaded normally (works in NTFS partition only).
  3. Increase stability and compatibility with no change to ACPI table to support branded machine that not successful in version 1.0.
  4. Support many OEMs or brands. Inside the data folder of the archive contains all supported SLIC BIOS file and XRM-MS certificate file.
  5. Automatically load and install OEM certificate.
  6. Improve booting compatibility to support multiboot environment.
  7. Corrects error in occupying 1M to 2M memory.
  8. Corrects failure in software driver.
  9. The DOS message should no longer appear.
  10. No longer has boot option menu unless user create one.

Features and Improvements of Vista Loader 2.1

  1. Improved compatibility so that whenever OEM Vista BIOS emu crack with Vista Loader version 2.0 doesn’t work, fall back to Vista Loader version 1.0 method (more commonly known as softmod).
  2. Bug fixes.

Update: Download Vista Loader 2.1.3
Update: Download Vista Loader 2.1.2
Download Vista Loader 2.1
Download Vista Loader 2.0

After installing software based mod program for OEM BIOS crack, there is only one file that is critical, that is grldr, called by BOOT.INI of Windows to load the multiboot boot manager. grldr is the main file for GRUB4DOS which include all functionalities. Preprogrammed defalt leads the built-in menu to emulate the BIOS and loads Windows Vista installed on hard disk drive.

There are 2 methods to apply Vista Loader 2.0 as Vista crack, i.e. install directly to hard disk, or create bootable CD.

Method 1 – Bootable CD

Install software mod Vista Loader OEM BIOS emulator to a CD, and use the bootable CD to boot up the computer and then load the Windows Vista operating system to achieve the aim to activate Windows Vista without any changes to hard disk drive. It’s the safest method, although a bit troublesome as need to boot up from CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive after every reboot.

  1. Click on Start button, then select “All Programs” -> “Accessories” -> “Command Promt”. You may need to turn of UAC or open command prompt with administrator rights.
  2. Change directory to the folder where you extracted the contents of vistaloader.rar.
  3. Enter the following command in the command prompt:

    makeldr <oem_brand>

    Replace <oem_brand> with the supported OEM name that you prefer. For example “makeldr lenovo” will install BIOS emulator that emulates Lenovo in SLIC table, and will need to you use OEM certificate for Lenovo. If no option is keyed in, the default installation is ASUS. Supported OEMs currently are Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo and Sony.

    It’s also possible to place the files from other manufacturers inside the \data folder according the format to add in the support for other brands.

  4. After the command finished executing, a file named “grldr” will be created.
  5. Using ISO image editing or creating software such as UltraISO, add grldr file as the boot or load sector document. Other documents such as signed OEM certificate, readme document and frequently used utilities can be added to the CD ISO image too.
  6. Save the ISO image file.
  7. Burn or write the ISO image file to CD by using your favorite optical disc burning and authoring software such as Ahead Nero, Alcohol 120%, Roxio Easy Media Creator and etc.
  8. Install the OEM certificate to your Windows Vista system if applicable. Pick OEM certificate that corresponding to the brand you chose when creating the OEM BIOS emu CD loader. Use the following command to install the certificate to SLMgr (supported certificates contains in the archive, or you can download from here):

    slmgr.vbs -ilc <folder of extracted Vista Loader>\data\<OEM brand name>;.xrm-ms

  9. In applicable, change Windos Vista product key to corresponding generic OEM CD key (CD-key.txt).

Method 2 – Install Vista Load 2.0 on Hard Disk

A more dangerous method as any wrong move can render your computer unbootable. But it’s easier as there is no need to use CD to boot up the computer after each restart.

  1. If you have install softmod Vista crack (vstaldr or Vista Loader 1.0), uninstall the crack by running the uninstall.cmd contained in the softmod.iso or softmod.rar archive that you downloaded, or visit manual steps to uninstall Vista Loader 1.0 (vstaldr of softmod).
  2. Click on Start button, then select “All Programs” -> Accessories, and right click on “Command Prompt”. Click on “Run as Administrator” on the right click menu, and confirm the UAC security warning.
  3. Change directory to the folder where you extracted the contents of vistaloader.rar.
  4. Issue the install setup command with the following syntax:

    install <OEM brand name>

    Replace <OEM brand name> with the brand name that you want to emulate in BIOS. For example, “install lenovo” will emulate the BIOS with Lenovo OEM ID.

    If you just type in “install” and press Enter, the default OEM is used, which is ASUS. Supported OEMs currently are Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo and Sony.

    It’s also possible to place the files from other manufacturers inside the \data folder according the format to add in the support for other brands.

  5. Installer will install the software based BIOS mod program based on the selected OEM brand, and then automatically install the OEM certificate for the chosen brand.
  6. After installation of the crack, restart Vista system.
  7. Check the activation status of Windows Vista. If it’s not yet activated, try to change the product key to respective OEM CD key (CD-Key.txt).

Note: Vista Loader 2.0 setup will install loader EMU crack into each and every hard drives that contains Windows Vista installation. During uninstallation, all will be uninstall too. However, if installation for certain drivers fail, the failure can be ignored as long as the hard drive is not boot or system volume.

Uninstall Vista Loader 2.0

The steps to uninstall Vista Loader 2.0 is similar to uninstallation instruction for softmod 1.0.

  1. Open an elevated command prompt.
  2. Change directory to the extracted Vista Loader 2.0 folder.
  3. Enter the command: uninstall

Emergency recovery method in cause computer fault or malfunction after crack installed

If you facing any problem or error and unable to log on to Windows Vista after using Vista Loader crack, try to patch the system by uninstall Vista Loader with the following steps:

  1. Boot up the computer with Windows Vista installation DVD.
  2. Choose Install.
  3. At the screen where you’re asked to input product key, press Shift + F10 keyboard shortcut to trigger command prompt.
  4. Change directory to the folder where Vista Loader 2.0 is extracted.
  5. Execute uninstall command.


  1. If you’re familiar with GRUB or GRUB4DOS, you can create your own self defined menu list. Simply create a menu.lst file and place in the boot volume/sector. The command to emulate BIOS (acpi) must be added, else Vista crack will fail.
  2. The Vista Loader software BIOS emu only support operating system that uses SLP 2.0 technology, where the first OS is Windows Vista. Thus, OEM version of Windows XP is not activatable with this hack.
  3. The BIOS emu will not affect software compatibility on Windows Vista.
  4. The program only input the OEM verification data value into memory during the initialization phase, and will not be stayed resident in the memory, and also will not read anything from the disk.
  5. There are only 2 possible failures, i.e operating system unable to boot up or operating system is not activated. Make sure that you following the correct procedures.
  6. It’s possible to create a bootable USB with Vista Loader to crack Windows Vista activation. However, it’s more complicated.
  7. This program is recommended only in testing environment. Usage is restricted to technology research. Not allow to use in pirated software. Please support genuine software.

Disclaimer: This article is for education and informational purpose only. Please support genuine software.

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  • ali

    vistaloader on dynamic disk boot success to crack

    got upgrade on dedicated server

    hehe, :)

  • here it's the b

    Hey, I use 2.1.2 and it is the best!

  • hasan

    and hey,

    – i have tried a preactivated DVD version for vista – worked on my desktop but not on the laptop

    – i have tried the “kb947″ crack – again worked on my desktop machine but not on the laptop

    for desktop, i’ve switched back to xp, cause i only want vista on my laptop. i don’t know why, but for some reason it displays the same comfirmation message for the crack, but when the laptop reboots i check the system properties and it still says “30 days till activation”

    i’m doing this on fresh installs of vista, no previous crack has been installed for any…


  • hasan


    i have:

    hp 540 (free dos)

    processor 1.8 core 2 duo

    2GB RAM and 160 Hard drive

    i have tried many vista cracks and activation tools but to NO avail.

    could ANYONE PLEASE be generous enough to tell me what to do, cause i’m stumped and tired. it would be ULTRA COOL of you to help

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  • blizz26

    It would also help if any of these links actually worked to the vista loaders. All the links are dead and to get them anywhere else means dealing with virus and other hacks to screw up your computer. To find out if they work means a certain computer re-do.

  • blizz26

    No this doesnt work on server 2008. I found this patch but havent tried it yet. the name is

    Server 2008 Activation Bypass v1.1

    Maybe look this name up and try it out. The files look a lot like the vista activation patch. Im going to try it when I re-do my puter

  • edhunter

    has anybody tried it on windows server 2008??

  • blizz26

    So in plain english WILL THIS WORK ON SERVER 2008

  • Madrox

    If I want to format my system while this is still installed, can I just do a clean format of the drive, or do I HAVE to "uninstall" this crack first?

    and if i HAVE to uninstall the crack first, what would I have to do if I already formatted the drive without uninstalling the crack?

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  • oursbrun33

    Winodws est Activé

    Merçi mydigitallife

  • Joel


    I did this and it worked perfect for about 1-2 days :) :) BUT NOW im back to having to activate in 28 days? Is there any reason that it would revert back to that? I did change my BIOs password today? Would that affect it?


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  • kay

    Is this method prior to installing vista or after installing vista?

    it seems like its after instlling vista

    i cant get vista to instal i have a Abit UL8 mobo and vista saays i must have ACPI , and says my mobo doesnt have it

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  • luk3

    i ran thru this step by step, but it failed when i tried to boot up. it booted into grub and had all sorts of errors. my installation is on a laptop, one partition (c:) with only vista installed (it is however a dynamic disk). could someone please tell me why this crack wont work? neither moethod 1 or 2 works for me.

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  • Johnson Finger

    Note a good idea to upload files to This shit host are always in down, or remove your crack, or like this "All slots for your country is empty" or something else…. Please, upload this for example or

    I think, is the best.

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  • Pr0fess0rX

    Does any one has a mirror to download Vista Loader 2.1 ?

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  • pop

    One more thing can do is, create virtual A: RAM disk and mount ISO image on it and load it in BOOTIT NG boot manager with Booting A: first

  • smile

    So can anyone make new version 2.1.0 bootable USB flash IMAGE??

    Better tell how to make it? What programs to use?

  • sp00f
  • smile

    How to make image to write to USB bootable Flash?????

  • kharn

    I’m back, well I’ve just cut off the power and restart, finaly all done and actived.

  • sp00f

    How about making this unattended.

    So during vista setup cracks gets aplied.

    After setuo and reboot, pc is activated.

  • smile

    What…. no replies

    Does that mean that it does not work for other s too.

  • brain_dead

    bye, bye indeed.

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    t even kknow how to comprehend. You basically just said :APPD. Dumbass.

    Anyways, read the disclaimer: Disclaimer: This article is for education and informational purpose only. Please support genuine software. You can now buy Windows Vista online.

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  • smile

    Tried the new v2.1.0 and the same problem:

    If I burn the grldr.bif with nero as boot sector image I get error:

    Missing helper.

    If I use Ultra ISO v8 to include grldr.bif as bootsector information then save the ISO file and burn it using nero. I get nothing the computer loads vista and I see 30 day trial.

    If I press F8 during boot and select my DVD-drive the error:

    Reboot and select proper boot device

    or insert boot media in selected boot device and press any key


    Loader v 1.0 works fine however either the files in loader v2 are corrrupted or I don't know why it will not work.


    Perhaps someone can share ISO image ready to burn wirh nero for ASUS?

  • kharn

    I try it, installation bugs (access denied on XP partition).

    The PC don't boot.

    1st parition : XP

    2nd parition : Vista

    Asus A8R32-MVP Deluxe

  • brain_dead

    mirror of v2.1.0:

    +includes updated offline version of this page.

  • noname

    Method 1 worked perfectly for me.

    Follow the steps I posted earlier to make a bootable CD.

    Before restart your computer and let it boot from CD, you must also complete step 8 & 9 in Method 1. Otherwise the activation doesn't work.

  • compass

    This new version 2.1.0 also works but now even shows an SLIC table using EVEREST 2007:

    [ SLIC: Software Licensing Description Table ]

    ACPI Table Properties:

    ACPI Signature SLIC

    Table Description Software Licensing Description Table

    Memory Address 3FFC5B0Ah

    Table Length 374 bytes


    OEM Table ID Notebook

    Creator ID MSFT

    And it's not shown as emulated !


  • compass

    So what is the difference with this new version ?

  • smile

    as noname said I renamed file to grldr.bif inserted it using ultraISO, burned the ISO file using nero, but this time I get nothing. It just does not work.

    I tired to burn the grldr.bif as bootable cd in nero with expert emulation settings turned off.

    Now I get this error:

    Missing operating system.

    As I said before I renamef the file grldr to grldr.bif I was getting error:

    Missing helper.

    What I do WRONG here????

    Can someone please share a complete bootable ISO image that I could burn to CD?


    I also tried the USB boot image by Manumaster posted but I get error:

    disk error. If I set my usb flash drive to boot from.

    Any help will be appreciated.

  • noname

    explanation of step 5 in method 1:

    1> rename grldr to grldr.bif

    2> run UltraISO. goto menu bar. click on Bootable → Load Boot File…, open grldr.bif

    3> no need to add other files.

    4> goto menu bar, click on File → Save As…

    5> burn the iso image you have just saved.

  • brain_dead


    +includes an offline version of this page.

  • smile

    I got error:

    Missing helper.

    what i do wrong?

  • Peppy

    Finally. This actually works.

  • Vril

    Trying to get this to work.

    This is the code I get when I run the install.

    [ Installing to drive D:




    1 file(s) copied.

    Target volumes will be updated with BOOTMGR compatible bootcode.

    D: (?Volume{bd35e79c-cfa6-11db-b900-806e6f6e6963})

    Updated NTFS filesystem bootcode. The update may be unreliable since the

    volume could not be locked during the update:

    Access is denied.

    Bootcode was successfully updated on all targeted volumes.

    Microsoft (R) Windows Script Host Version 5.7

    Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    License file dataAsus.xrm-ms installed successfully.]

    I am pretty confident I am following the install procedure correctly.

    Is anyone else having issues?

    I used this release. Microsoft.Windows.Vista.RTM.32Bit.and.64Bit.AIO

    Im sure its an OEM version

  • Diver

    Does anyone have a Sony OEM key for Vista Business?

  • brio

    Works great on my Intel 915gro mobo!

    Am still getting the dos boot screen as I did with ver.1 tho

    thanks for a great alternative :)

  • DirtyShady

    Now I have WinXP, but I will install vista very soon.

    1/ I Intall Vista and no enter any Porduct Key at Install

    2/ After install is connect my USB Drive I have already repare with your vistaloader2_usb, and I reboot my computer.

    3/ My computer boot on my USB Drive and wait to finish command prompt.

    4/ When it's finish I deconnect my USB Drive and reboot my Computer.

    —> Now my Vista is perfectly activated.

    It's good ? I have understand ? ;)

  • Manumaster


    You have to HP Drive Key Boot Utility. An utility to make bootable usb drives. After you created the bootable usb drive, you have to keep it connected during each reboot. It's just instead of the boot cd.

  • DirtyShady

    Manumaster How to copy .img file to USB Drive ?

    Do you put the Ultimate Porduct Key ?

    Could you explain me, I connect my USB drive after Vista installation, and I reboot my PC, boot on my USB drive, wait for crack installation, and deconnect my USB Drive and reboot my pc.

    and after my Vista will be activated ?



    As tu fait l'etape 7 ?

  • Manumaster

    For USB Drive booting:

    Format your usb flash drive with: HP Drive Key Boot Utility. Format as floppy disk and select the image you can download on this link:

    Now you can also boot from USB!

    This image is prepared with the ASUS oem brand.

  • DirtyShady

    Anyone could explain me exactly Method 1 Step 5-6 with UltraISO ?

  • DirtyShady

    I have already make the solution with modified Bios with SLIC ACPI table on my A8N SLI deluxe.

    and 2 command prompt.

    What is the best solution ?

  • DirtyShady

    Anyone could explain how to make Boot CD in french ?

    Why after every reboot I will have to boot on CD-Rome Drive ?

    I don't understand…

  • bado

    Is it compatible with an other boot-manager like BootIt-NG ( ? Thanks.

  • parisien


    i have an asus oem serial number on my vista.

    i install that on my hard disk using install asus

    on the command prompt i have :

    Updated NTFS filesystem bootcode. The update may be unreliable since the

    volume could not be locked during the update:

    AccÞs refusÚ.

    (in french acces refusé means acces denied)

    then everything works ok…but vista still want me to activate.

    Do you know why ?

    Thank you.

  • Manumaster

    Does anyone know how to create a bootable usb device on this release?


    Ok, i've just test Vista Loader 2.0, it's allright on my A8N32SLI (nforce4 chipset).

    The paradox version crash with o Blue screen, but this release IS COMPATIBLE !

    So Good job, 5 days only for this version.


    Is this version right for Nforce Mobos ?