The final gold version 11.0.5721.5145 of Windows Media Player 11 has been released by Microsoft, and Windows users can download Windows Media Player 11 final directly from Microsoft without any WGA validation check and test on Windows OS. However, during installation of WMPlayer 11, there is still Windows Genuine Advantage Validation check required on Windows OS that you plan to install WMP11. If you unable to pass the validation verification, the following tricks and hacks may help you to install Windows Media Player 11.

Method 1

The easiest way to install Windows Media Player 11, and as with Internet Explorer 7 final version, is to patch the Windows registry with WPA hack, as described in ways to bypass validation during installation in IE7 and in method 15 to crack and disable WGA validation and notifications in Windows. The trick insert WPA (Windows Product Activation) related activated value into registry to make the Windows as is genuine, licensed and legal. You can copy and paste the following text to a text file and save the file with .reg extension, then double click on it to merge the registry key into registry, or simply download the wpa_registry.rar or WindowsLicense.rar (removed due to complaint from Microsoft, both has same function) and execute the .reg file contained in the archive to apply the WPA registry setting. Download and install the Windows Media Player 11 once the registry is hacked.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WPAEvents] “OOBETimer”=hex:ff,d5,71,d6,8b,6a,8d,6f,d5,33,93,fd

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion] “CurrentBuild”=”1.511.1 () (Obsolete data – do not use)”

Note: WordPress may automatically change the quotation mark to opening and closing quotation marks, which may cause problem in registration file. If so, replace with ordinary quotation file.

Method 2

The other method of install and setup WMP11 bypassing and disable the genuine Windows validation of WGA is to install components of WMPlayer part by part.

  1. Download WMP11.
  2. Extract (unrar or unzip) wmp11-windowsxp-x86-enu.exe by using extraction tool such as WinRAR.
  3. Go to the extracted folder, and execute (run) wmfdist11.exe.
  4. Restart the computer.
  5. Execute wmp11.exe.
  6. Restart the computer.
  7. Start using Windows Media Player 11.

Method 3

This step involves usage of the cracked LegitLibM.dll, rename from the patched LegitLib.dll used to install beta version of WMP11 skip genuine Windows validation check.

  1. Download WMPlayer11.
  2. Download WinRAR and install WinRAR extraction tool.
  3. Extract the WMP11 installer by using WinRAR or PowerArchiver to a directory (e.g. wmp11-windowsxp-x86-enu).
  4. Download LegitLibM.dll (removed due to DMCA complaint from Microsoft) (in RAR format, extract after download) from here.
  5. Copy the extracted LegitLibM.dll to the extracted directory of WMP11 installer.
  6. Overwrite any existing LegitLibM.dll file.
  7. Run setup_wm.exe by double clicking.
  8. Install Windows Media Player 11 Final accordingly.

Method 4

Download and install the patched version of WMP11 setup installer (wmp11.exe) (link removed due to complaints from Micrsoft) which has the cracked LegitLibM.dll. Simply download the run the installer to setup the WMPlayer. If you have WMP10 in your system, use WinRAR to extract the contents of the setup file and manually execute setup_wm.exe.

Method 5 New and Easier

Thanks to z, you can now easily upgrade from Windows Media Player 10 (WMP10) to WMP 11 without any hassle about validation, and without downloading any crack or patch.

If you’ve already installed WM11 go to STEP 2.

STEP 1: Go to the old windows media player (WM10), go to Tools–>Options and click on ‘Check for updates once a day.’ Press Apply and then OK.

After a short time a window appears asking if you want to upgrade to a newer version, click OK. System will download WM11 and and install the Media Player 11. After installation restart your PC.

STEP 2: Click on Start –> Search. Click ‘All files and folders’ then search for LegitLibM.dll. (it’s located in C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player folder.)

After LegitLibM.dll is found, right click and rename it to legitlib.dll.

STEP 3: Run WM11, click on validate, it may say ‘unable to validate’ (but that’s a fake message and WMP11 still works, so just click on OK). Then the program will go on to settings or configuration and after you do that the WMP 11 is ready to be used.

Method 2,3 and 4 above is WMP 11 application specific way to crack and bypass WGA in order to download and install WMP11, while method 1 is the workaround that make your Windows genuine, so there won’t be any restriction on installation of WMP11. There are more ways to legitimate your Windows.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational and educational purpose only. Readers should contacts Microsoft if their licensed or OEM software cannot be validated or purchase genuine software.

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    find & download magicaljellybeankeyfinder

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    then install WMP 11

    u can pass validation check because now ur copy of windows is GENUINE.

    100% working….

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    Click on Start –> Search. Click ‘All files and folders’ then search for LegitLibM.dll. (it’s located in C:Program FilesWindows Media Player folder.)

    After LegitLibM.dll is found, right click and rename it to legitlib.dll.

    STEP 3: Run WM11, click on validate, it may say ‘unable to validate’ (but that’s a fake message and WMP11 still works, so just click on OK). Then the program will go on to settings or configuration and after you do that the WMP 11 is ready to be used.

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    windows media player is not installed properly and must be reinstalled.

    do you want to install the player from the microsoft web site?


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    Extract the file:

    wmp11-windowsxp-x86-xx.exe(xx=language part)

    inside search for wmp11.exe and run it.

    (This is only the media player 11)

    there re more things there that you should install like wmfdist11.exe

    I'm still verifying what are the rest of them.

    I will post later to say if there were any problem or any additional need.


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    Thanks you.

  • METHOD 5 summary

    METHOD 5 Summary

    Google 'Download Media Player 11' and download it.

    Download Winrar
    – during the install make sure you tick the 'Intergrate Winrar into shell' box.

    Extract the Windows Media Player 11 Installation file 'wmp11-windowsxp-x86-enu.exe' to a folder of your choice. You can do this easily by right clicking on the file and click 'Extract To …'

    Go to the folder you just extracted everything to

    Run 'wmfdist11.exe' Do Not Restart if it asks.

    Run 'wmp11.exe' and restart the computer.

    Now goto

    C:Program FilesWindows Media Player

    Look for the file named 'LegitLibM.dll'

    Right click and re-name it to 'LegitLib.dll'.

    Open Windows Media Player 11 and click the 'Validate' button.

    Click the 'Finish' button.

    Click the 'Accept' button

    Chose the install type etc etc

    Thankyou so much everyone. I spent hours googling ways to do this. This is the only method that worked for me.

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    I initially used method 2 but there is no way to uninstall once you do this, be weary.

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    2) delete setup_wm.exe

    3) Go to C:Program FilesWindows Media Player folder

    4) delete setup_wm.exe

    W5) indows will show a "System File Protection" warning, choose Cancel.

    6) Launch WMP and follow initial setting configuration.

    WMP is ready to be used.

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  • thanks for every one. the last one is very effecive. thanks for the post.

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    Note If you can change LegitLibM.dll into legitlib.dll just change it don't delete!

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    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWPAEvents]


    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersion]

    as the file names or do I save it as one file with any name?

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    Download WMP11. (i did it in desktop)

    Extract (unrar or unzip) wmp11-windowsxp-x86-enu.exe by using extraction tool such as WinRAR. (this is not the rar file what to extract??)

    thst;'s why following steps are not possible..

    Go to the extracted folder, and execute (run) wmfdist11.exe.

    Restart the computer.

    Execute wmp11.exe.

    Restart the computer.

    Start using Windows Media Player 11.

  • jg

    I used method 1 and it worked, but windows resets all the values after a reboot. So I did get WMP 11 to install and run, but I still get the annoying popup in the lower left corner saying I have 30 days to activate windows xp. Anyone know how to get rid of that or make the registry values stick?


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    "Method 5" is the best way to bypass WGA Validation."Z you are C" I mean Cool.

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    Thanks to write this article…

    It's cool man..

  • bob

    A variant on method 5 that might be tad faster

    How about just going to Help, check for updates in Windows Media Player 10. If you have automatic updates on, it will first download a 1MB file for setup, then it will tell you to close WMP, and automatic updates takes over and downloads a 24.6MB file. When you're done, just go to C:Program FilesWindows Media Player and rename LegitLibM.dll to LegitLib.dll like above, then run wmp1ayer.exe

  • mani-fresh

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    Simple & easy. Thanks a lot.

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    Big thanks!

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    Grate job, it's working NOW, thank you.

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    5 is the way…



    "Method 5" is the way to go. Rename a file and windows is confused!!


    Thanks for that, hours of looking and its as simple as re-naming a file!!

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  • Leokav

    Holy crap method 5 was so easy, it totally worked even after i got the counterfeit message haha. Saved me the hassel of calling Microsoft and exchanging my Vista ultimate key for a Xp pro one…. not to mention having to reinstall the entire os all over again lol. Thanks a whole lot!!

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    In reply to Method 6 (comment 76), I give you method Method 6a:

    This requires Windows XP Pro. Simply prevent the setup_wm.exe from executing, instead of deleting the file. Right-click "C:Program FilesWindows Media Playersetup_wm.exe" and select Properties from the menu. Go to the Security tab. Select the "Users (YourMachineNameUsers)" group from the top, and check the Deny checkbox next to "Read & Execute". Hit OK. Hit Yes whenever it gives you a warning message.

    Now, if you run setup_wm.exe, it should give you an access denied. Run Windows Media Player as you normally would.

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    long live Z…

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    I had updated my media player 9 on XP from the net.

    cheers to the guy who found this fix!!!

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    This is so annoying!!!


    Some one please help?

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    just like u, make more hack ~.~

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    tnx to eugene too for the idea of renaming back the file.

    it's like a ninja, no trace :) nice!

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    You can rename the file back to it's original name(for 5th method), and it will work the same when you restart the application, in case you want it to look like you havent changed anything

  • Rod

    Latest method works ok (rename of .dll)

  • Phil

    Sweeeet! I was dubious about messing with a large company like windows but wanted WMP11 for a new MP4 player to sync smoothly. I decided on method 5 as most people on this comment list have had success with it. With somewhat sweaty palms i started the process. The whole process took about 11 minutes but most of that was either waiting for WMP10 to suggest upgrading or for XP to download the WMP11 update. Only used the new player once but certainly appears to work like a charm. I'm now comtemplating using method 1 to get IE7!! Thanks guys.

  • Thanks for the New Last method…its working perfectly in no time…

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    Works wonderfull, thanks :-D

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    Thanks tho 'cause Resource Tuner let me succeed with method 2. Great!

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    Resource Tuner method did'nt work for me. wmp knows the version is wrong and wants me to re-download wmp11.

    oh well

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    Just tried the last method, updating from WMP10 and renaming the LegitLibM.dll file. Found it a bit tricky, because there's no LegitLibM.dll file in my WMP folder. Little stuck now, suppose it's a system restore or crack the copy of windows…

  • Ana

    Outro tipo de valida

  • Hi , there is another method

    1)install Resource Tuner

    2)Open wmp11-windowsxp-x86-enu

    3) RC DataCabinet

    4) Double click on RUNPROGRAM and clear data

    5) write only "wmp11.exe"

    6)make sure that you are save this file

    7)run your saved file "enjoy"

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    Method 4 worked :)

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    I had to use a registry hack that makes my machine valid, but after i restart or logout it reverts back to normal. so i did that and as long as i keep hibernating then my machine will always be valid. So thats how i got it to work. i get windows update also. so yeah that beats this..

  • I managed to use Method 5!! Thanks!

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  • Vincent

    I used method one and it installed to the registry. But its still now activated, i hust installed win xp home and did this and it did not work! Can someone help Me! plz my product key does not work because it says its been used to many times. WTF, you should be able to register your product whcih you biught as many times as you want! Someone help i need this pc to be registered. plz

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    i owe you a big time!

  • Johnny OzCare

    18th October, 2007….

    Hello Gee…

    Do a 'System Restore'… that should return you to your former Media Player you had installed. (i.e. MP v.10)

    Here is the System Restore instructions. (I am using XP pro.. may be slightly different if using other Operating System).

    Go to > "Start" menu; Click > "All Programs"; Click > "Accessories"; on the menu click > "System Tools"; then on another menu click > "SYSTEM RESTORE".

    After clicking "System Restore"… this will open the program.. follow the instruction written there… choose to do the 'manual' restore that allows one to pick the "Restore Point". By "Restore Point" you pick the time BEFORE you had installed the MP v.11 …..then this will go back and restore your system to its formaer status of your MP v.10 after you have restored the system.

    This operation will take a few minutes… and will shut-down and restort you computer thus 'restoring' your system. Just pick the TIME that you had your MP v.10.. it may be a day or several days..? But just follow the instructions and choose the sys-Restore-time to work from.. then click your way through… DO NOT interupt the program during 'restore' procedures.

    If the system Restore fails to restore the MP v.10 then go back and do it (the Sys Restore) again… using an earlier date start-point.

    Hope that helps…


    Johnny OzCare


  • gee

    i used 2nd method,, it worked,, but i want to roll back to wmp 10…..

    and how do i remove the wmp 11 i installed??

    i can't remove it from "add or remove program" utility..

  • RK

    Thanks a lot to z for a wonderful and an elegant and easy way to bypass for people who already downloaded WMP11.

  • xranoika

    Ohhh I can't donwload the LegitLibM.dll file! the link is broken, so.. if somebody would send it to me it will be great!

    please todoesoaqui[at]

    thnks for all ;)

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    METHOD 5 ALL !!! WORKS AND WAY EASY!!! (sept 19th)

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    Thanks a lot.. Its is so very cool. Also the WMP11.

    The method 2 is what i followed, damn simple & works perfectly & fast.

  • 4th September, 2007….

    Hello omad,

    Might help if you tell us what Method did you use to attempt your install…?? And was it for MP v.11…? or I.E. v.7..?

    I'd used method 2… for installing MP v.11, it is very easy and probably the guaranteed way of getting it to install or work.

    Get back with the info that others amy be able to advice you.

    BTW…. it does work..!! It may have been a simple 'oversight' in a procedure. Remember the 'ld saying…? "if at first don't suceed…. Try…. try… again". (the trick though… don't go over old ground… one could merely be repeating the mistake..!! Think, and try something different… even if you have to call family to go through with you each step…


    John AdvisaThem


  • omad

    LOL what a bad for me.. i could not install it
    it says that “windows unable to validate that your copy of windows is genuine, clicl finish” and then finish, still cannot intall it yet

    My bad luck

    could anyone know what my problem is?

  • Daniel


  • Esteban

    Thank you very fucking much. The method 5 is totally awsome. Love you. Bye.

  • 21st August, 2007…

    Hello Kevin T18….

    In answering your Comment:

    “Method 5: I clicked "check for updates daily" and applied, and then clicked OK. I waited for 5 minutes and nothing happened. Help?”

    I interpret “Check for Daily Updates” as meaning possibly that it (MPv.11) has a scheduled time to check and download updates if applicable..? Might pay one to check the “Properties or Options” of the MPv.11, it could well be a tick or check that needs to be applied or removed.

    On mine, I am using the ‘Windows Update” and it has successfully updated on two occasions since I successfully installed by-passing the ‘WGA’ … Word of cauion using the Windows Update Installer… make sure (via the />Internet Explorer >Tools >Options ) you have ticked (or un-ticked) that Windows to WARN you before installing.. this then allows one to check for unwanted files for installation (such as GWA) and untick them and then MANUALLY install the files. That way you control what you want and don’t want.

    BTW I used option two to intall the new MPv.11… very easy in two parts MP11 files install).


    Johnny HelpAlong

  • Kevin T18

    Method 5: I clicked "check for updates daily" and applied, and then clicked OK. I waited for 5 minutes and nothing happened. Help?

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    STEP 5 worked 4 me !

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    Step 5 worked.I don't believe that it could be so simple.

    Did any body found any side-effects of this simple solution or is this a proof one.

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    thanks alot

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    Just tried Method 5, worked 1st time. Gona try on my 2nd pc now.

    Tank you so much.

  • 8th August, 2007….


    Oops… it was method (#2) Sorry 'bout that.


    John Whitehead


  • 8th August, 2007….


    Like to say "Thank you".

    Found you site via Google Search for "Media Player Genuine Advantage Remover"… and I applied one of the methods (#3) and it worked sucessfully.. Again thank you… it (WGA) is a 'headache' somethimes when it comes to updating one's computer.


    John Whitehead


  • Mandy

    ok..i tried method 2 and 5 and both didnt work :(

    but method 2 worked ok on a different computer, im confused. anyone help me please??

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  • EZ

    Method 6 is Supersecret demo-method.

    The next way to run fresh-installed WMP11 bypassing the genuine Windows validation is the following:

    delete "C:Program FilesWindows Media Playersetup_wm.exe"

    "C:Program FilesWindows Media Playerwmplayer.exe"

    You can do it manually or by creating and running wmp11.bat file with same commands.

    The best way is to create shortcut for wmp11.bat file.

    Everytime the deleted file setup_wm.exe will be restored automatically during some seconds.

  • niki

    I just followed step 5 but i can not find LegitLibM.dll

    there is no that file in:

    program files/window media player Folder

    plz help

  • howly f***


    Method 5

    But i already had a legitlib.dll so i deleted the LegitLibM.dll

    Thank you

  • Shahed

    I've tried Method 1. It works but only temporarily. I was able to install WMP11 and anything else that requires verification but…

    Later, shortly after I restarted my pc, windows went back to being non-genuine. Anyone else have the same problem? It doesn't bother me much since I have WMP11.

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    Thank You!!

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  • Arch Parsons

    My Windows XP pro does not pass validation. Now WMP10 has stooped working. It seems like eventually Microsoft is going to uninstall my OS! Can anyone comment on which of the several methods suggested here is easiest and most dependable.

  • Arch Parsons

    WMP10 has stooped working on my Windows XP pro. When I click WMPLAYER.EXE

  • Thanks



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    10x a lot it worked for me too

    Still wanna know if u got more hacks if so then post them

    Good Work

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    I don't know if the other methods still work but I used method 5 and It worked perfectly thanks to z for the posting ant thanks mydigialife.

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    method 2 is the easiest way for me.. anyway, thanks!!!! =D

  • Cool, Thanks alot for that eventully did it by extracting the files e.t.c

    Saved me alot of money, the laptop I'm using was second hand and obviously has a pirated copy of XP installed. The laptop is for a bar and it's WMP is essential as all our music comes through it.

    Thanks alot :)!

  • Flying arrow!

    Method 5 is cool as others suggested…i just want to know how you people crack these it by chance or there is some procedure and intelligence or some microsoft internal tester involved?

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    Thank you.

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    Hey I found your article very useful.

    As for the posts under, do install WMP11 by step 2 and then proceed to step 5. Thats what I did to when WMP10 didn't install through the update.

    Hopes this helps.

  • Shule

    hey i tried each and every method mentioned here…..

    the only thing is when i had media player 10 i clicked on the update to newer version…… but in the midst of upgrading to froze and i had to reboot the computer……. after that the only message that came everytime i tried to run windows media player even after i tried all the methoids mentioned here….. this is the message that was shown

    "to finish installing windows media player, restart your computer and then log on as an adminstrator or a member of the adminstrative group" see heres the problem…. first of all i am an adminstrator on my pc, and second of all i rebooted my computer about 7 to 8 times and this message kept on showing………… im so screwed now no media player works not even version 10 as when i try to install it it says this version of media player is not compatible with the version of microsoft…… please please help me……

  • dino

    before i even read this site when wmp offered me to update i pressed no….now it the update window won't show up,i tried changing the update check onot once a week and then again on once a day but it simply doesn't work.i even tried on reinstaling it…can i update it manualy or something?help anyone pls :P

  • Me

    Z, you are my IDOL!!! That is just what i needed!!!! THANK YOU!!

  • elessar

    z you rule! gr8 job m8!

  • tiapofithe

    At the step 5 i dont recive the message 2 update it although it is set to check for updates once a day.Can anyone tell me if it is possible to update it on demand?

  • albert Tantama

    Yes I could install Wmp11 with method 2 , I think it's easier than the other method. thank u very much…but I still confused when I play DVD, I just hear the sound but my screen blank any one can explain this???

  • The Method 5 is the WAY EASIEST way to do this stuff. The other options are just like a freaking puzzle. Congratulations to ¨Z¨…HE KICK ASS!

  • chaluram

    yes Method 5 worked easiest thanks

  • Dan

    i've tried all 4 methods, none of them work. i still get the "validate your copy of windows" message everytime. is there anything else i can do?

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    Man thanks, I've got IE7 and AMP11 both running fine. God Bless you!

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    It was quick and easy. Great job!!!

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    problem now i m facing is voice of few videos&songs is distorted badly.excuse my due to media player r sumthing else

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  • Ms. X

    I'm in love wif dis site!!

    Hv a Merry Xmas by kicking out the annoying msg everybody~!! ^_~

  • admin

    There is no need to download patch version. Download original version from Microsoft, and use registry hack here to install it.

  • Faisal

    i downloaded patched versin after starting instal it downloads a file of 800k size after that it stops that no update is available &thats it.can sum1 help me plz

  • admin

    WMP 11 doesn't have key. Just validate (if you're genuine) will do.

  • hello sir i was did the updates of media player 11 and it is asking methe villdata pls send me the key of the media player 11 ..

    thanking you sir

  • bobby

    thank you very much! IT WORKED

    thank you very much!

  • G

    Great, downloaded the file from number 1, put it into reg. Finished the install of WMP11, only thing i can say is i like my number 10 more, maybe cuz i was used to it O.o

  • Raziel

    mediasetup.1419.exe is a trojan!!!!!

  • mysh

    Very very useful, many thanx!

  • OMG AWESOME, guess what too? My Windows is legitimate but the Validating tool said it wasn't and Microsoft said that there program is 99.99% full-proof. So you saved me!

  • Geppie

    Anyone experiences with Windows Media Center and these methodes to install the latest wmp11?

  • Jigar Mehta

    You saved my day !!

    The problem that happened to me is, windows updated my media player automatically, and removed old version, after restart it told me that its not legitimate!!

    I was blank! For player, i started using some other player but some of my tutorial programs (which were using Media Player as activeX control) started breaking and I could not do something urgent!! That was too bad thing.. and just recollected that you have a post on your site..

    Went into google personal history search, searched your site URL and there you are!!!

    Its working now!

    Thanks for sharing this information, you really saved me from a big problem. Right now, my laptop also dont have space to run those program on it (which is legitimateeeeee!!) so you gave me the only final option and which worked perfectly :-)

    btw, i used method 3.

  • Hahaha, brilliant! It worked first time, with the minimum of hassle, thank you very much! :D

  • Dan

    Depositfile website is crap! i cant download anything

  • Vivek

    Hey…Thnax a lot for the tips … Method 3 worked for me too…

    However, there is 1 small issue… The View menu doesnt show the ' Visualisation ' option at all ! Can you pls help ?

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    Thanks this one helped

    Now everything is fine

    You are the BEST

  • LC

    make sure you uninstalled what microsoft listed here :

    For the error message you can try one of these methods from the ms website:

  • Mefa

    I have uninstall Windows Media Player 11

    and install Windows Media Player 10 but it's not running it says: AN INTERNAL APPLICATION ERROR HAS OCCURRED

    What now?

  • LC

    Mefa On my pc its in the control panel where you can remove it but I guess on some it won't show. Try this link I found :

    hopefully it will work for you. good luck

  • Mefa

    I have successfully installed Windows media player 11 but it does not run.

    I tried to restore the PC back before installation but even the system restore is not working something is really screwed up

    Now i cant install the windows media player 10 it says that a newer version is already running in my PC any help is welcomed

  • LC

    Kevin.p I had the same problem with a similar reg file and what i did to fix it back was to go to my other computer running the same xp edition and copied those reg files from the registry to a flash drive and then logged back on in safe mode and applied them. I also didn't know what to do until I opened up the reg file and decided to try it that way.I used registry explorer to copy the reg files.It went back to normal afterwards. So by looking at this reg file it looks like you will need to copy :

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWPAEvents]



    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersion]






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  • Hugo_m

    Thank you guys for this tips. The method 3 worked to me.

    To those o have problems installing this just download the media player from the site and when you finnish just rename the file from .exe to .rar this way you can open and extract the files with WinRAR, after that just follow the method 3 et voila…

    PS:sorry about my poor english, i'm portuguese :P

  • kevin.p

    hey all, i used the first method and now my windows won't log in! i get : "A problem is preventing Windows from accurately checking the license for this computer. Error code: 0x800004005"

    what is that mean and what should i do to get back in windows?


  • Robin

    really great work!…thanks for all this methods…

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  • Cheers!! Great stuff guys!

    Thanks heaps!!!

  • omayman

    Thank you (:

  • OFF

    How the hell am i supposed to replace the files in the extracted windows media player folder when there is nothing to extract, just an exe file

  • TriedThis

    First method works great!!!
    I installed IE7 and WMP11 by just running the original exe files!! (and my win is not genuine)

    Works on XP PRO SP2.

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  • duke

    Ok just downloaded, but the file LegitLibM.dll 1.4.410.0 doesn't work with the Final version because 1.4.410.0 is an old version.

  • duke

    can't download the file LegitLibM.dll, please post on other site

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