Windows DreamScene, a feature which allows a video clip, movie show, slideshow or animated image and picture to be set as the desktop background in Windows Vista has been removed in Windows 7, in favor of Desktop Slideshow wallpaper auto rotator. Although Windows 7 no longer supports DreamScane, the DreamScene function can still be manually added and installed into Windows 7 with a little hack in order to turn on and enable the DreamScene support in Windows7.

In order to enable DreamScene in Windows 7, the similar hack which allows DreamScene to be installed on non-Ultimate edition of Windows Vista such as Windows Vista Home Basic, Home Premium, Business and Enterprise edition is used. The DreamScene installation hack has been compiled into an executable, which automatically copy the necessary DreamScene files and merge require registry keys and entries.

Tip: To run DreamScene in Windows 7, Windows Aero has to be turned on.

Windows 7 DreamScene Desktop Background

Download Windows DreamScene Installer for Windows 7:

32-bit (x86) Win7: Windows7-DreamScene.exe or Windows7-DreamScene-Enable.exe (Without Admin Rights Check)

64-bit (x64) Win7:

How to Install DreamScene in Windows 7

For 32-bit Windows DreamScene: Run the Windows7-DreamScene.exe as Administrator to install and enable Windows DreamScene on Windows 7. The installer will copy DreamScene.dll to %WinDir%\System32 folder, DreamScene.dll.mui to %WinDir%\System32\en-US folder and add the required registry keys and values. Then it will automatically restart the Explorer to make the installation of DreamScene works immediately.

For 64-bit Windows DreamScene: Unpack the archive, then copy DreamScene.dll to %WinDir%\System32\, DreamScene.dll.mui to %WinDir%\System32\en-US\. Run Dscene.reg to install the required registry keys and values. Restart Explorer or reboot to complete the installation.

A Windows DreamScene folder has also been created in %WinDir%\Web\ folder. You can place any video file that you want to set as DreamScene background wallpaper here as in Windows Vista, or anywhere you like. However, the folder is less useful as Windows 7 does not support direct viewing of video or animated media in Personalization Control Panel.

Windows 7 DreamScene Usage Guide

Set DreamScene as Desktop Background in Windows 7

To apply a video clip (in .WMV or .MPG format) as the DreamScene animated wallpaper desktop background, right click on the video media file, and select Set as Desktop Background in the context menu. Due to DreamScene been stripped from Windows 7 issue, video files may not be visible inside Personalization and Desktop Background configuration page. However, all features of DreamScene, such as Play DreamScene, Pause DreamScene and sound/audio are supported.

Windows 7 DreamScene is Desktop Background Personalization

Some users may experience black or transparent desktop icons’ text after enabling DreamScene. Here’s how to fix the issue of desktop icons’ text gone missing or transparent after setting up DreamScene video.

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  • lowchernhwee

    Erm, guys how to make the dreamscene permanent display? heres the problem, once u restart the computer without closing internet explorer, u get a black background,,,, or a freeze video wallpaper that u put in……

  • Cipherfx

    Please re-upload as the file for Windows DreamScene Installer for Windows 7 has been deleted, Thanks..

  • Ryuk

    It works on my Windows 7 64bit.

    If you use Teracopy when copying the files, disable it temporarily. Open Teracopy, click more and then menu. Select option and untick "use teracopy as default copy handler" and click ok. After that follow the instructions.

  • Skretch

    Installed fine but no option to set as desktop background as others have stated, guess ill just go try deskscapes or somthing…

  • Razor


    The files are removed from the site (

    Can you post them somewhere else?

  • Bert

    sorry .. ignore my last post, i just found what i was looking for ๐Ÿ™‚ a site with hundreds of HD video loops for dreamscene, completely free:

  • Bert

    Works!! But where can i find some FREE video backgrounds (full-HD if possible) for use with Win7 DreamScene?? thanks.

  • G33K

    This feature is very nice. I love it on my computer


    whats the point!

  • Rch

    Also followed instructions to the letter here. Does not seem to work. Registry updated and everything, but the option to set as background does not appear in drop down menus. File types are correct, as well. Not sure why this is, but it may be conflicting with another program (VLC?) Anyone have that program installed and get this to work?

  • harry

    awesome thing i like it ………………..wowiiiii

  • KingOfMyPC58

    can you get rid of the floating dislike or like sidebar off this site or stop it following me down the page its making the information here hard to read and is a real big nag to your uses Im sure Im not the only one who dislikes it and doesnt want to see it, what a spam artist piece for crap and a total waste of bandwith

  • Danny

    @Wes Allen: Yes, it works fine on Windows 7 64 bit, and SP1 as well. Only W7 already has newer versions of the dll and mui files installed. DON'T overwrite the existing ones with the ones above. Windows has a built in function for checking that all system files are alright; if it finds one with the wrong version, it will assume Windows is broken. I'm guessing that's why your Windows fried.

    All you need to do is to apply the registry settings (using regedit), and that's it. Didn't even need to restart anything. Worked right away.



  • This was a incredible post. Really loved studying your website post. Your data was very informative and helpful. I think you will proceed posting and updating frequently. Looking ahead to your subsequent one.

  • Nipurn Gupta

    @Nathan Ellis thnx 4 working links !!!

  • raurath

    32 bit link is broken XD someone help

  • helper

    hello guys

    here's a shortcut for all the work

    download it and run it and press any key after it opens and after it download enjoy , and also that way to help other people who find broken like


    please try to not comment so this comment be the first one so everyone get help and enjoy until the fix the link

    thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  • mooba

    oh no, the megaupload links have been removed too ๐Ÿ™

    could anyone post links elsewhere?

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  • Nathan Ellis

    here is 64 bit dreamscene for windows 7

    and this is 32 bit

  • rookie

    the links are borken ๐Ÿ™

    can u post working links?

  • wes allen

    This is being posted via my cell phone. why? BECAUSE FOLOLOWING THESE INSTRUCTIONS FRIED MY COMPUTER. Thanks for nothing. I've just spent several hours trying to fix it, and have determined that I now need to reinstall Windows 7. anyone running 64-bit windows 7 that got this to work please let me know. until then I shall assume it is completely impossible.

  • Jen H


    I downloaded and installed as admin– everything went perfectly and it said that it had been installed. But I still can't run any of the dreams or videos as my wallpaper. If I right click a video or dream it doesn't give me the option to set it as a background like it does with photos. Any idea what I'm missing? My aero is on and running fine. Thanks for the assist!

  • bahbah

    links aint workin newbie re upload them Windows7-DreamScene.exe

  • Troy

    Hello again. Yes, I have to read! Sorry about my failure to not read further. The section titled, "Fix Transparent or Invisible Desktop Icon Text AFTER Installing DreamScene in Windows 7" Website:… …answers this question I have just posted. I found the "Alternative Method was the only one that worked for me on Windows 7 Professional 32-bit.

    Issue self-resolved.


  • Troy

    …in addition to my last comment… …the text I am addressing is the desktop icons' file names that has the unvisible text.

    Again, please reply with some reason(s) and/or solution(s).

    Thank you!

  • Troy

    Hello. I have a question. I notice when the DreamScene is installed, the text or file names under the files and folders are not very visible at all. Almost an invisible cast over the barely legible text. Anyone experience this yet? If so what was (1) the reason and (2) the solution to this issue.

    I am running this on Windows 7 Professional. The animation is working in the background however!

    Please reply.

    Thank you!

  • Chris

    I love this, easy install, easy application works great. Running Windows 7 64 bit. Best tweak I've seen!

  • Mark

    a video i made on what to do =) hope u all like it sorry my first post was the wrong url it was this websites url =P heres the url for my video

  • Mark

    a video i made on what to do =) hope u all like it

  • Houmam

    Works amazingly ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank u so much!!!

  • mike

    i did all the steps but the dreamscene wont install when i click on the dscene.reg it doesnt work

  • mek

    works great

  • Sean

    Thank! now i can finally have a laughing man logo that moves on my background!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • androidhero

    too easy to to do perfect on 64 bit

  • Jinx13

    To the peeps complaining it don't work win 7 x64 read again as I got it working first time…

    Thanks for the guide ๐Ÿ™‚

  • anon

    works pretty nice ty

  • Anonymous

    running windows 7 64bit, works fine you guys just failed epicly

  • Unimpressed

    Don't bother with the x64 version, it simply doesn't work! I followed the instructions to a letter, rebooted and right clicking on movie files does not present a "Set as background…" item! BIG WASTE OF TIME.

  • Juhtz

    arghhh this is what I looking for >..< will u? I can't d/l from that link..

  • hreich

    Hi…it works fine, but after restart i have black screen again, and i have to click on video file with right mouse click, and set it to desktop background after every rtart of win7.

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  • Ruuk

    it exactly says:

    windows dreamscene can only run when aero scheme is selected

  • Ruuk

    i tried this on win 7 starter and it says i need to enable aero scheme.

    so i need at least home premium version to make it work ?

  • Harlequin

    Win7, x64 – works flawlessly. Great post ๐Ÿ˜€

  • JunePhilippines

    it works… but for .wmv files only…

  • leop4rd

    For those people that use a video for their dreamscene and wish for the music/audio that comes with the video to play too then then just follow this: on the notification area or system tray (in the most right in the task bar) right click the audio symbol and open the volume mixer nad then there you will see dreamscene so then just unmute it, you can also set the volume!

    i hope this helps anyone.

  • jag420

    The best solution I could give with the desktop icons would be to right click on desktop got to personalize, then go to the theme option, reselect your them or select a new one and manually adjust the visuals to suit you, no restart rewuired, and if you work off the right side of your screen you can watch you adjustments.

    hope it helps …

  • Sukotsutsu

    Oh and i have the 64 bit version too.

  • Sukotsutsu

    This totally works if you do what he says and then go to you can download some dreamscenes.

  • Err0rCodeX


    option doesnt appear on win 7 64bit

    don't waste your time on this sh1t

  • slim

    ok the icon loading problem was unrelated to dreamscene. but i reinstalled dreamscene and used Jshine fix to the transparent icon and it worked but eery time i restarted my pc the change to “Fill” would reset so i had to do his step every over every restart so once again i will uninstall dreamsene and be done with it. A SHAME Microsoft left it out of win7!

  • slim

    Worked great for my sony laptop, but then got the transparent icon texts of death on my dell desktop pc ๐Ÿ™ so i had to uninstall it and my icons haven’t loaded properly since. so double-> ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

  • Michael

    i have problem "windows dreamscene has encountered an error" after restart.. how fix?

    my os: Windows7

    Processor: AMD ANTHLON II x3

    Gefore 9800GT 1Gb

  • Zoowey

    Worked perfectly on Windows 7 x64, thanks.

  • chucky

    hi all, I uses Wins 7 Home ED. Installed and restarted like the patch said. But…There's no folder, there's no SET AS DESKTOP BACKGROUND on the right click list over a WMV file as well. Can someone help please. All the file are copied correctly.

  • Hey,

    The fix for the transparent desktop icons' text worked for me as well. I'll reiterate the steps if anyone's missed them:

    1) Right click your desktop and click Personalize

    2) Click on Desktop Background

    3) Click on Pick Position and change to "Fill"

    4) Click Save

    5) Your desktop background movie show be gone, but all you have to do is set it again. Find the movie you used as your background, right click it, and click Set As Background.

    6) Voila! Now your background will be the video you wanted, and your desktop icons' text will be the default white color.


  • taylor

    links no longer work ๐Ÿ™

  • baldev

    hi please tell me how to enable sound in dreamscene for windows 7 as i want to see a movie in background or play music vids

  • hey.. thx to othniel91

    your solution for transparent text is work ๐Ÿ™‚

    good job


    othniel91 said:

    Happy new year, thanks for the prog. To make the desktop icon label visible, go to “Personalization>Desktop Background>”

    Change the option to FILL and save changes, you might notice that that the current dream scene is paused. Re-set it back as the background wallpaper.

    I dunno if it works for others but it works for me

  • dave

    i have dreamscene installed and i some how found a work around for the icon text transparent issue, what i did after i applied a dream scene i went to personalize > windows color > uncheck enable transparency then click on hide color mixer and mov brightness all the way to the left, then save changes. then i went to desktop background in personalize change it to a standard wallpaper and save changes , after that i went back to mt folder with my dreamscene and right on it and click set as background and everything was fine ๐Ÿ™‚


  • John Regg

    Reboot your PC and it should work.

  • Diaesis_Schyte

    The Dreamscene doesn't start on my laptop.. I'm using WIN7 Home Premium..

    ASUS F83Se

    Core2 Duo P8700 2.53GHz

    RAM 4 GB

    HDD 500 GB

    VGA ATi Radeon HD 4570

    When the installer says "Restarting Explorer", the computer stop working.. I've restarted it 2 times, but nothing happened.. Please give me the solution, i'm curious why my laptop can't use Dreamscene, while my friend who used ASUS K40IN can use this app..>.<

  • Diaesis_Schyte

    Wogh .. Kk road Dreamscenenya ga ..
    GW pake Win7 Home Premium ..
    Asus laptop F83Se
    Core 2 Duo P8700 2.53GHz
    4 GB RAM
    500 GB HDD
    VGA ATI Radeon HD 4570
    He pas gw restart Explorer, hangs gt, even death Explorer .. I restart 2x Uda, jalan2 jg ga .. Please solution kk .. Curious neh … ~ _ ~

  • Stefan

    Ok it works but can someone tell me how can i make the desktop icons name be visible couse now all the names are transparent?

  • norman mariano

    the video must be in WMV format ONLY…if ur video is MPEG4 format then convert it to WMV..

    dreamscene only recognize WMV format…

  • Divinegoat

    Hey everyone thinking this doesnt work, in that there is no option to SET AS DESKTOP BACKGROUND wen you right click a movie file – I thought the same thing. You MUST use ONLY .WMV files. If you right click a .WMV file the option is there! Any other video type files do not work (with the exception of .MPG4, I believe)

  • brandonjclark

    Does not work! SET AS DESKTOP BACKGROUND doesn't appear.


  • Guy

    Ok, for the last time! Why doesn't the "set as background" option show up when you right-click the video image?????????? Why? Can someone address this finally?

  • neuro

    Can i use .dream files, too? … i just got those files. i couldn't find .wmv-files of my .dream-files. ๐Ÿ™

  • othniel91

    Happy new year, thanks for the prog. To make the desktop icon label visible, go to "Personalization>Desktop Background>"

    Change the option to FILL and save changes, you might notice that that the current dream scene is paused. Re-set it back as the background wallpaper.

    I dunno if it works for others but it works for me ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Meatkibbles

    Sorry, links didn't work. Try here for zip:
    or here for 7z:
    Working on Windows 7 64-bit ultimate build 7600

  • Meatkibbles

    Working on Win7 64-bit Ultimate build 7600

  • washington

    has performed as an administrator, but still asking to run and does not install shit …

  • Rodrigo

    Esse pega no windows 7 enterprise 64 bits ????

  • Vale

    Ok, found a working installer for 64 bit Win7 Ultimate. I'm going to guess it'll work for any 64 bit Win7 install.

    Works fine for me. Good luck!

  • Vale

    Doesn't work for 64 bit Win7 Ultimate.

    First installer will not install at all, regardless of 'Admin' status, the second appears to install everything, but when it's allegedly restarting Explorer, it never comes back. After forcing Explorer to restart, I found that neither DLL had actually been installed, despite the installer claiming otherwise.

  • Pete

    None of the two executable (admin or non-admin versions) work for my Win 7 64-bit Premium [6.1.7600] I checked to ensure that the DLL and DLL.MUI had been copied in the system32 folder an en-US subfolder respectively but they were not. The only thing that was done was create the Windows Dreamscene folder, and that is it.

  • Frederik

    Hello? Seriously, a lot of people have been asking about this! We can't seem to find a option to chose "Set as Desktop Background" on movies. Will you please explain why? It just isn't there, dream scene is installed and works fine!

    Awsome hack otherwise:p

  • techrequesthax

    it works on my windows 7 build 7600 machine but only once out of a couple tries… the 1st time i try my desktop icons' text get messed up but after a couple of tries it works eventually

  • helix

    working on windows 7 RTM thanx hehehehehe

  • Andrew

    Yeah, smae here doesn't work for x64 edtions. Everytime I try to run it says… This must be run with administrator rights.. I am the administrator and I run it as admin but still doesn't work.

  • Shez

    When I right click on my desktop, the "Play DreamScene" option is greyed out. And I converted one of my .avi files into a .mp4 file but when I right click it there is no option to set it as backgground

    I'm using 32-bit

  • drm

    I had the same problem with the tranparent icon text… is what worked for me…

    I went back into desktop – relesected areo them – then went to folder where deamscape movies are and reselected movie.. and it worked….now the dreamscape movie is active and my icons are still white

    good luck (the fix worked on my windows 7 – 32 bit ultimate)

  • Didrick

    Nevermind, I got the white text under the programs back by switching to the regular desktop settings and then back to Dreamscene and now it looks perfect! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Didrick

    It works like a charm on my Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit! The only thing that puzzles me a bit is that the program names on the desktop are completely transparent now whereas before they were in white text (like they usually are), is there any way I can get them back to looking like this and still have Dreamscene running?

    Thanks for making this available, it rocks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hey you!

    Its not working on win 7 rtm x64

  • dennis

    this is NOT working on win7 64 bit RTM ๐Ÿ™

  • julius

    this must only work for 32bit. or just the windows 7 beta because i have tried everything and it fails every time

  • Sarim

    link broken…..file not found.. ๐Ÿ™

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  • Blackcomb

    Idem pour moi les icones sont transparent -_-'

  • McFarlane

    Absolut das geilste was ich je gelesen habe!!!

    *Made my day*

  • milkeh

    "So I paid extra for ultimate so when the next version comes out I lose the extras I wanted? Thanks for nothing Bill, I’m not downgrading to Windows 7."

    If you payed an extra couple 100 for windows 7 ultimate just because you thought you were going to get dream scene then you have too much money to spend. I can honestly say that windows 7 over takes both windows vista and windows xp.. It's not all about visual features.

  • PayBack

    So I paid extra for ultimate so when the next version comes out I lose the extras I wanted? Thanks for nothing Bill, I'm not downgrading to Windows 7.

  • hindead

    hey! It works perfectly on my notebook… i'm just wondering… when a folder is maximized the video stops… In vista, that's not a problem 'cause the top is black, but in windows 7 the top in transparent… so I can see that the movie stopped… however, when i set a desktop with folder maximized the movie plays although its maximized… i would like to know if theres a regestry hack or something that lets the movie play all the time… Thanks… And thanks for the great post… it's really cool

  • Dream

    Not working I run as admin and the installer still tells me to run as admin. BTW I asked Windows if DreamScene will be put into Windows 7 and they said "Thanks for asking. Unfortunately there isn't any DreamScene in Windows 7… Slideshow wallpaper kind of replaced that." ^MS

    That SUCKS I liked DreamScene

  • Mark

    under win 7 x64.. build 7600 it doesnt work any ideas ?

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  • wonjoon0330

    Oh yeah also, you don't need to restart your pc for this one and as I said before, THIS WORKS ON VISTA TOO!!

  • wonjoon0330

    This works in Windows Vista too.

    I installed it on Windows Vista Home Premium SP2 32-bit and worked just fine.

    It's actually less complicate and way easier install compare to original Windows Vista DreamScene patch.

  • b0k1

    dave, vista home basic does not have aero user interface so you can't run dreamscene.

  • dave

    Is it possible for this to work on a vista home basic OS? I should mention im using SP2, and the previous "patch" just gives me a error.

    lol as i hate to admit it, i think im going to have to purchase stardocks software to really enjoy the backgrounds.

  • Digiman

    x64….the plot thickens ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    try the patch on this thread for x64:

    Don't forget to uninstall/clean up previous dreamscene patch:

    other than that can't help you as i use 32bit RTM

  • Kris

    Aeros is running(my borders are transparent. I don't even get the option when I right click a video.

    Windows 7 Prod x64 RTM build(7600).

  • Digiman

    If dreamscene doesnt work, make sure aero is actually running (i.e check that the window borders & taskbar are transparent)

    If you set as aero in personalisation settings and it stays as basic, your graphics card probs doesnt support it or needs updated drivers.

  • Kris

    I can't get this to work in Win 7 RTM.

  • Stu


    -right click a video and set to desktop background

    -set folder options to show hidden files

    -go to…

    C:Users#username#AppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindows DreamScene

    -there should be 2 image files of the dreamscene running (1 hidden/greyed)

    -set both files to “read only” & uncheck “hidden”

    -right click desktop > personalise > desktop background

    -under windows dreamscene, you should see both image files

    -make sure both are checked by clicking check boxes next to them

    -set Picture position: Fill

    -save changes

    NOTE: You can now set any dreamscene without text bug, however if you dont

    do the above procedure everytime you set a different video, you will briefly see the

    image of the first video you set at windows startup…therefore just delete both images

    that was set to “read only” and start procedure again on new video.

    Hope this helps

  • xBLooDLiNEx808x

    Windows Dreamscene folder can be selected by browsing it in the Personalized Desktop Background window… right?

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  • chris

    i cant get this to work on windows 7 rtm.

    it worked fine on build 7100. odd…

  • Tushar

    thnks for this gr8 post dude … five stars to you

  • Cruv

    .dream files are for Stardock's DreamScape.

  • Benjamin

    Can I get .dream files to run then? I dl'd a free one and copied it into the dreamscene folder but when I go into personlization it doesn't list it under the Windows dreamscene picture location.

    Sorry if I missed something but does this fix only work on video files then, not .dream files?

  • iJeremey

    The trick to fixing the transparent text is just what was posted by Moey. To give more of a Step-by-Step Tutorial. Please read through once, THEN follow instructions. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Simply select and set the video you want as your background. Have you're Theme Personalization window open. Switch to a random theme, then go back to the location of your desired video clip and set it back to that. I think you got to close one of the windows before you close the other. I just had to screw with it a bit. I think you close the personalization window first. If that don't work, then it's the other way around. I don't know if there's another method, but this is how I got it to work. My next goal is to make video clips selectable from personalization window.

  • Brilliant little hack


  • Moey

    The text transparency problem can be easily fixed by swapping from dreamscene desktop to regular wallpaper, then back to dreamscene.

  • Jay

    when i try and load a video as the background a popup comes up and says "Windows Dreamscene can only run when Windows Aero scheme is selected" what should i do anyhelp and i am using windows 7

  • Christin


    I installed Dreamscene in my 7100 windows 7 build. But the cmd says Dreamscene installed without error, but after The explorer is restarting dialogue, explorer is not getting restarted at all. so i have no Dreamscene.

    Any Solns?

  • mokmap


    est-ce qu'il y as une solution pour 'écriture des icones sur le bureau ???

    merci d'avance

    tester sur toute les version beat de windows seven et toujour le même probléme d'écriture des icones des bureau .

  • hepek

    what's the point of dreamscene when i can't see icon text

  • MUGZ

    Did anyone find a patch to resolve the transparent text issue on the desktop (other than installing a dock program – one which actually fixes the text)? I've been looking all over for one and cannot find it. I really cannot understand why Microsoft didn't include Dreamscene… I'm hoping they will change their minds on it.

  • Phazeless

    The video portion of Dreamscene works great with Windows 7. I do hae the problem of my desktop icons turning transparent just as Dreamscene first starts playing. Has anyone come up with a solution to this?

  • Spencer

    dude it works on build 7000 its so cool then u can get stardock desk scapes the win vista ultimate version to plat .Dream files for an AWSOME desktop! Kudos! this is so cool

  • ben

    i'm on build 7022 and this doesn't work at all

    when i right click, no set to background


  • labu01wx

    If some recive a message"please run as administrator", drag the Windows7-DreamScene.exe to and extract all files a foldar and rifht-click on Windows7-DreamScene.cmd –> run as administrator.

  • Mike Martinez


    Two thumbs up!!!

    I did managed to work this in my window vista premium…

    Thank you so much.

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  • jase

    I couldn't for the life of me get this to work until I stumbled on this.

    Icons text is transparent for me as well and want to fix it, but don't know how.

  • Demogorgan

    Works up untill I get to the stage of setting something as my background only option I get is play in Media Player

  • druss

    Yep.. my icon text has vanished. Any fix??

  • admin

    Jason and Tuskin, try the Windows7-DreamScene-Enable.exe, which has admin rights check removed.

  • Jason

    this won’t install for me at all. It keeps asking for Admin rights as well even tho I run it in admin mode.

  • Tuskin

    hmm this won't install for me, it keeps asking for Admin rights, I run it in admin mode. I've disabled UAC and tried, doesn't work.

  • Chris

    Whenever I use a video as my background in 7, the text on my desktop icons becomes completely transparent, and the only way I can read them is by reading the text's shadow.

  • Happy Reader

    Thank you for writing this up! This is the solution I've been looking for.

  • Thanks for the Nice article .