Previously we mentioned about Stream TV based on Tegra 2 and if you wonder what other Tegra 2 based tablets you can select in short future, HTC has an answer for you. Just recently, its long rumored Android 3.0 tablet is believed to have NVIDIA dual-core Tegra 250 confirmed as main processor targeted for mainstream tablet usages.

As one of the highest end tablet PC, the device is equipped with relatively high 2GB of RAM as well as an integrated 32GB flash storage. And in order to compete against Apple’s famous iPad as a late comer to the market, the device is equipped with various wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth and even GPS, that are equivalent to high end iPad model. Being equipped with powerful next generation Tegra 2 processor, the device is expected to be able to handle HD media decoding that can be displayed at 1280×720 screen resolutions. In terms of its contract manufacturer, Pegatron, a Taiwanese vendor is believed to have won the deal and will mass produce the products in short future.

However, don’t expect it to be cheap as the device will be retailed at suggested price of $790, which is much more expensive than a comparable Apple 32GB 3G iPad at $729. No firm availability date yet it should arrive soonest possible as early as 2011 with Android 3.0 by that time.