Previously we mentioned about IBase’s IB888 motherboard that is based on Intel Atom processor, now seems that the board maker is already reaching another milestone to package it into some nicely designed embedded system. Named as CBS200-888, it has a sleek and tiny outlook while exposing some important peripheral interfaces suitable for various applications.


Measured at 7.48 X 5.19 X 1.18 inches, apparently it fits the IB888 SBC (Single board computer) that measured at around 3.5-inch dimension well. Powered by Intel Atom Z510 series clocking at 1.1GHz, it ensures the lowest thermal power dissipation required wihtout the need of adding active fan onto it. Being backup by 2GB DDR2 SODIMM memory and external storage via Compact Flash slot, it simplifies the upgrade process without the need of changing the whole system for cost saving. Other specifications include a Gigabit Ethernet port, two serial COM port, six USB 2.0 host ports, DVI-D Video output and many more as what being offered in common PC market.

No detail on the pricing and availability date yet, the X86 based embedded system is capable to run on Windows XP Embedded, Windows CE, Linux or other operating systems. As expected, it can be fitted well into various market segments such as health care, industrial, transportation, digital signage and many other embedded usage models.