Microsoft is using SLP 2.0 (System Locked Preinstallation) technology for activation process of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) edition of Windows Vista on branded PC. One of the requirement to activate Windows Vista with OEM product key is the existance of SLP public key and SLP marker which stored in SLIC table in ACPI. If you have older motherboard with no updated BIOS with SLIC table, the BIOS has to be patched or hacked to add in SLIC table plus OEMID and OEMTableID. The original instruction to add in SLIC information involves method to replace an existing ACPI description table, which may affect some functionalities of computer. Now there is improved way to actually add in SLIC table into BIOS ACPI module, without replacing any existing tables.

The new improved procedure may also works on older motherboards with BIOS that previously thought to be unable to edit or alter, or those BIOS that has to replace the APIC table which may force user to reinstall Windows operating system as existing OS fails (see step 8 of original article). As with the original guide, the following tutorial is based on Award BIOS on DFI CA64-TC motherboard. As usual the tools or utilities that needed include:

  1. CBROM 2.15 or CBROM 2.19 – A tool to add, edit or exchange the components of an Award Modular BIOS. The tool is needed to edit and exchange ACPI digital byte-code table.
  2. MODBIN6 2.01.01 – Used to modify the Award Modular BIOS strings or options. The tool is needed to modify Award core BIOS module, as CBROM is unable to edit the BIOS module.
  3. WinHEX – A popular HEX editor used to modify content in the ACPI table.
  4. HWDirect – An advanced low-level hardware register access software tool for Windows, used to dump the memory contents.

New: Virtual BIOS simulator for Windows Vista OEM activation without actually modify BIOS.

If you need help in modifying BIOS for activating Vista, check out this thread.

Part 1 – Modify BIOS to Add in SLIC Table

  1. Create a temporary folder (Vista or BIOS is you like) at root directory (C:\)
  2. Download CBROM 2.19, MODBIN6 2.01.01 and WinHEX with download links above, and place them in the temporary folder.

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  3. Extract your motherboard BIOS image with name in the format of XXXXXXXX.bin (if the BIOS image name is not with .bin extension, rename it) to the temporary folder by using tool like WinFlash. The easy way is to download the corresponding BIOS file which intended for flash BIOS upgrade from motherboard manufacturers’ websites.
  4. Run modbin6.exe by double clicking on it.
  5. Select the BIOS image file at the MODBIN6 menu.

    MODBIN Vista OEM Crack

  6. Do not close the window of MODBIN6. Now go to the File Explorer for the temporary folder, you will notice that some more files have been created. Among them, ORIGINAL.BIN is the one that needs to be modify.

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  7. Launch WinHEX and open ORIGINAL.BIN.
  8. Search for the string of “RSDT” (without quotation marks). If you only find RSDTFACPDSDTFACS string, there is no ACPI tables that you can changed, so the only way is to add in SLIC instead of replacing. Anyway, note down and remember the reference address to the starting location of ACPI descriptor tables string (example in this case is D0E0). In this case, there are 2 options:

    ACPI strings in BIOS

    1. There is 4 or more blank (00 HEX value) in front of RSDT. In this case, move the whole string of RSDTFACPDSDT forward 4 position (left FACS intact unmoved). After moving, add in SLIC at the blank space leftover by moved string (should be right after moved string). Note down and remember the starting position of ACPI index string in HEX, i.e. D0DC in this case.

      Add SLIC by moving ACPI string
      Example of moving the ACPI string, by typing again the exact string that needs to be moved starting from earlier position.

    2. If there is not enough free blank space in front of RSDT, the whole ACPI tables index string can be moved to the blank unused space after that particular block of code. Search and locate a blank or free block in BIOS looks something like this, (example below show the free block starting from address of 0000E1E0), which has a block of empty unused value that can be written:

      Free blank space in BIOS

      Then, copy and paste and whole ACPI index string with SLIC (RSTDFACPDSDTSLIC with HEX value of 525344544641435044534454534C4943 to the free blank region in the BIOS found above. Note that you have to “paste”, which mean overwrite the existing “FF” code instead of add or insert, as no new digits or characters should be added. You can leave the existing ACPI string (RSTD…….) at original location intact or replaced with “00” or “FF” (both ignored bits is same to fill blank unused space), as the string at original location will no longer be used. Note down and remember the starting location of ACPI index string in HEX, i.e. E1E0 in this case.

      ACPI strings in new location
      ACPI tables index string in new BIOS location (for example)

  9. As the starting reference address or namespace location for ACPI tables index has been changed, so the reference pointer to the ACPI location has to be changed too. Go back to the original position of ACPI string (in this example is at D0E0). From there, search for HEX string of E0D0 (note the reserved position for D0E0 when called in pointer).

    BIOS Pointer to ACPI

  10. Edit and change the E0D0 to DCD0 or D0E1 (depending on which scenerio you used above) or any other starting location you choose (always reverse the location address you found at the offset).
  11. A little bit in front or above the line, there should be the HEX bits of B903 which indicates to system ACPI tables or segments the string contained and should be read to memory space. If your system has more ACPI tables, this value will be different (B903 for 4 tables, B904 for 5 tables and so on). Change it to B904 or your value added by 1.

    Modified BIOS with SLIC
    Modified BIOS after adding in SLIC table into ACPI and correcting the reference pointer to ACPI location.

  12. Save the modified BIOS with WinHEX.
  13. Switch to MODBIN6 window, press F2 to save or click on File, then select Save.

    Save BIOS for Vista

Note that FACS has a fixed location that cannot be modifiable.

Part 2 – Modify BIOS ACPI Table

  1. Open command prompt by type Cmd in Run. Change directory or folder to the temporary folder if need to.
  2. Type “cbrom219 XXXXXXXX.bin /acpitbl extract” (without quotes, with XXXXXXXX.bin the filename you choose, normally acpitbl.bin) and press Enter. You can also use awdbedit.
  3. Press Enter again when prompted for an extract file name to use the default name of acpitbl.bin.
  4. Use WinHEX to open acpitbl.bin (or whatever file name that you choose).
  5. Search for “RSDT” string (without quotes).
  6. At the end of RSDT table byte code block, just before the string of FACPt (or FXCPt for certain Gigabytes mobo), insert or add 4 bytes (00 00 00 00) to represent SLIC table. You can press Ctrl-0 keyboard shortcut for insert dialog box. Code after it will be pushed backward. Remember this location of SLIC.
  7. The byte right after RSDT represent the length of the RSDT table. It needs to be added by 4 in hexadecimal mode. For example, if existing byte is 28, after plus 4 it will be 2C.

    Modified ACPI with SLIC

  8. The OEMID and OEMTableID is the identifier string for SLP 2.0 that has to match with the product key, and thus has to edit to match according to the OEM product key and certificate that you have. OEMID has 6 characters, and OEMTableID has 8 characters. Each hardware manufacturer will have their own identifier here. So if you value your desktop or laptop computer brand, you need to figure out the correct value for it. However, if you’re using generic mobo, you can locate the string of “RSDT,…..XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.0BAWRD” (without quotes, your BIOS string may be different), with RSDT,….._ASUS_Notebook1.0BAWRD. Here, the OEMID is _ASUS_ and OEMTableID is Notebook. Any empty character should be filled with blank (0×20). This will make your motherboard and BIOS to be recognized by Vista as ASUS mobo.

    Modified BIOS with SLIC and OEMID

  9. Save the file.
  10. Download Asus OEM acpislic.bin.
  11. Go back to the command prompt, type the following commandcopy acpitbl.bin /b + acpislic.bin /b acpitbl.bin /bPress Enter when done to add the SLIC table contents to end of ACPI module. acpislic.bin is digital certificate for SLIC which contains SLP certificate public key and SLP marker/logo. Press Enter to confirm if prompted warning of file overwrite.
  12. Update the modified ACPI digital module into the BIOS by entering following command in the Command Prompt, and then press Enter:cbrom219 *.BIN /acpitbl acpitbl.bin
  13. Flash and update your BIOS with the SLIC-included modified version. Check your motherboard guide for how to do it.a
  14. BIOS update is completed. If you’re using Everest to check the tables of ACPI, you will notice that SLIC is not included yet. This is due to the corresponding memory address space or namespace is not added. Memory address space for SLIC has to be manually added. For this, we need to download and install HWDirect.
  15. Launch Everest, expand the Motherboard section, then select ACPI. On the right pane, select RSDT, the determine the value of Memory Address. In this example, it will be 1FFF3000h.
  16. Launch HWDirect.
  17. Key in the memory address found from Everest in the first Physical Address (Hex) field. Size (bytes in Hex) set to the size of acpitbl.bin (2800 or above). And then click on Dump button to dump the memory to a file.
  18. In the memory dump pane, search and locate SLIC or SLICv string. Note down and remember the physical memory address or offset of SLIC or SLICv (locate in front of the memory dump result). In this example, the memory address for SLIC is 1FFF5500.

    Memory Address of SLIC

  19. If you haven’t close the WinHEX window, switch back to it. Else run WinHEX again and open acpitbl.bin.
  20. Go back to the location (4 bytes of 00) we added in step 6 (figure in step 7). The ACPI table needs to be modified to set the memory address of SLIC.
  21. Input the memory address space of SLIC into the previously added space and replace the existing value of 00 00 00 00. The memory address space value has to be entered in reverse order with 2 unit as a group. For example, for 1FFF5500, enter as 00 55 FF 1F.
  22. Save the modified acpitbl.bin.
  23. Update the modified ACPI tables into the BIOS again with the following command:cbrom219 *.BIN /acpitbl acpitbl.bin
  24. Flash the modified BIOS to the system ROM.
  25. Check if SLIC table is listed in Everest’s ACPI module, together with correct OEM ID (_ASUS_) and OEM Table ID (Notebook). Verify also they’re the same with the values in RSDT table.

Part 3 – Install Windows Vista and Signed OEM Certificate

  1. Install Windows Vista with the following ASUS computer OEM product key:


    You can also change your existing Windows Vista product key by using the following command in command prompt with administrator privileges:

    slmgr.vbs -ipk <new product key>

  2. Download oemcert.xrm-ms, the Microsoft signed OEM certification for ASUS computer which has the identifier that needs to match the BIOS SLIC identifier, preferably to C:\ root.
  3. Open a command prompt and type the following command, then press Enter:

    slmgr.vbs -ilc C:\oemcert.xrm-ms

    This will install the digital certificate for OEM activation.

  4. Check your system properties, Windows Vista should be activated.

Further refined way to modify BIOS to emulate as OEM BIOS with dynamic memory address allocation for SLIC table.

You can also find list of already modified BIOS that supports SLIC here.

Warning: Alteration to BIOS may invalidate warranty, cause computer to unable to boot up or other irrecoverable effect. Do it at your own risk.

Disclaimer: This article is for information and educational purpose only.

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  • charlie

    part 2, step 12 is funny:

    cbrom215 bios+slp.BIN /acpitbl acpitbl.bin

    first bin is 512kb (from modbin), second bin is 15.1kb (output of copy) and output of CDROM215 is 5.63kb (called BIOS.ROM) so i think something funny here.


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    Compaq Presario 2800 (2819AP)

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    this patch is working after SP1 update.

  • zorro

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    my board is intel 945gcnl

    how to modify?

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    The listed key does NOT work – slgmr.vbs gives an error saying it is invalid!

    Go fucking kill yourself u pathetic bitch its because of retarded mother fuckers like you that our world is so fucked up

  • Mike

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  • See Ven

    As I know, by using this method, u have to redo the same thing all over after u have changed ur RAM… And before changing the RAM to a new one, be sure u reflash the original BIOS 1st.

  • Jonney_rnd

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    Just like your resource :).

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  • bbhq

    Alright, I'd like to try this out.

    I've got a DFI LanParty UT SLI-DR Expert. I've walked through all the instructions once, and didn't have too much trouble finding everything that needed to be found.

    I did come across a question though:

    When I search for RSDT, I find that my string is:



    I could replace SRAT (which is what I found that BigToe did in his mod) — or I could try shifting the table.

    I noticed the article leaves FACS where it was and states that it cannot be moved. Does that mean I should shift everything up to FACS? Or should I stop at DSDT like the article does?

    Also, there are already 8 tables in the BIOS. Would adding a 9th table be okay? I'm not sure whether there is a maximum number of tables that the BIOS supports.

  • Don

    Have an ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe mobo, added the SLIC table as per above and it works great. It took two tries but I must have made a mistake on the first bios rewrite so don't give up. Check and recheck your work.

    For *.BIN, you need to insert the name of your original bios file that you are modifying.

    Who ever did all the work on this my hat is off to you for all your hard work!

    Thanks much!

  • bassoprofundo

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  • djhonga2001

    Update the modified ACPI digital module into the BIOS by entering following command in the Command Prompt, and then press Enter:cbrom219 *.BIN /acpitbl acpitbl.bin

    cannot find *

    what is *original.bin or the bin we started with

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    the asus bios specs say: "ACPI support, DMI 2.0 support, WfM 2.0 support, ASUS MyLogo, SMBIOS 2.3 support, ASUS EZ Flash". Does this support SLIC tables or not??? because the one i downloaded does not work!

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  • Oh forgot to mention

    No need to format, i added in the SLIC using the second method

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    Don't work very well with an DFI LanParty UT NF3 250GB.

    XP don't boot after flashing bios. Vista is slower and sometime crashes….

  • Sweetie

    I have downloaded the files above, and can not get CBROM or Modbin6 to even run! Have tried admin rights, using various compatability settings, and nothing works.

    Have tried on windows XP and Vista.

    Please can you help?

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    March 12th, 2007 06:07 86HOW to I edit AMI bios?

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    How to work with *.ROM files

    PLEASE HELP. quote

    Yeah indeed i would love to see a tutorial for AMI bios, since i have a board thats has AMI instead of award , if somebody kind to tell us where we can find one will be really apreciate.

  • smile

    HOW to I edit AMI bios?

    I tired the AMIBCP v3.13 but no files a created, tried searching with winhex for RSDT but can't find it.

    How to work with *.ROM files


  • Veritech

    as promised earlier here is my modified Asus A7N8X rev 2.0 Deluxe Award bios version 1008.

  • Veritech

    Ok, I got Vista activated, I had to use the old mod article, I replaced APIC with SLIC, appended the acpitbl with the pubkey info, installed the oemcert. I'll get the modified bios uploaded here soon, A7N8X rev 2.0 Deluxe 1.5Gb RAM. Had to re-install Vista though.

  • Sgheuz

    Hi. Tried to make hardcoded work on mu Asus A8v-XE. In original.bin there is this sting: "RSDTXSDTFACPDSDTFACCAPICSLICSSDTSRATMCFGFACS" then there's already a slic table. How do I modify slic table? This is the original acpitable file

  • Veritech

    I have tried the modified version for the Asus A7N8X Deluxe rev 2.0 with the current version of awdflash. Awdflash seems to lock up after the command is sent to program the bios (program flash? y/n? y) I have let my system sit for a couple hours and it has gone no where. So I modified my bios, I dumped it from my board and all the steps went fine, except I am getting a checksum error when I try to flash the modified bios file. I could use the asus bios utility in windows but it complains that the bios date is older than what I currently have. Anyway to change the build date? or fix the checksum error?

  • Steven

    Can someone tell me how to get modbin6 to work with the bios for a Gigabyte 965p-ds3 rev 3.3? I listed a link to the bios below and when I try to open it with modbin6, it states its not compressed.

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  • bobafett

    For some reason I can't open my BIOS file in MODBIN6. If anyone would be willing to help me out here I'd greatly appreciate it. :)

    I prefer doing the hard-coded fix as opposed to the PARADOX fix to avoid any driver patch that Microsoft might issue in the future.

    If no one feels like creating the file for me, could you at least show me how to open it with MODBIN6? Thanks.

    This is the BIOS file:

  • bwhsh8r

    Im going to give the a8ale compaq mobo a try later today maybe.

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  • alen

    I've tried with NF7-V(internal lan removed model from NF7), and in my case, the string is 'RSDT FACP DSDT APIC FACS'.

    I turned this to 'RSDT FACP DSDT APIC SLIC FACS' and followed your instructions, but no 'SLIC' string shows in my memory dump table. (I tried at address 5fff3000 to next 20000 bytes.)

    Shall I try the string like 'RSDT FACP DSDT SLIC!!!! APIC FACS'?

    Please, give me some advice.

    Thanks for your sharing.

  • S9

    Hi Again

    I am want to this patch on my compaq N410c evo laptop. But can not open the HP OEM bios file. I think its a Phoenix bios but using the Phoenix Pro editor I just get the message 'BCPSYS not found' error message when i try to open the bios file 'ROM.BIN'. Am i using the wrong bios editor or worse is it not possible to edit a HP laptop OEM bios?

    Any help or advice you guys can give would be really appreciated.



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    i will be posting a oem vista ultimate dvd iso up soon keep a look out for it on
    this will be a oem dvd for acer and im hopeing all the rest as well only if i can get my hands on some hp motherboards and dell as well

  • Diamond

    Thanks JOE very much…Now I activated Vista Ultimate!!!

    Here my Gygabyte 8IPE1000 PRO2 F10 BIOS working with activate Vista

    Thanks again JOE

  • S9

    forgot to mention the system that i performed this on has only 512mb physical RAM installed running at dual channel. I read somewhere, people saying it may not work on any system with less than 1024mb installed, well it disproves that theory at present as its working great.

    Also for those that care I used a Retail copy of the Windows Vista DVD and it loaded the Asus OEMLIC and key no problem.

    Sorry to keep posting but I hope this helps some people


  • S9

    Hi chris i notice you have the same prob I did.

    this is what I did. At instruction #12 i flashed the acpitbl to a copy of my original untampered mobo bios i.e. type in command prompt: cbrom219 XXXXXXXX.BIN /acpitbl acpitbl.bin

    (XXXXXXXX.BIN represents a copy of your original mobo bios file that has not been modified)

    Then re-perform steps 4 to 9 using the bios you just inserted acpitbl into.

    I hope this helps


  • S9

    Hi Guys,

    This guys a genious it worked! I now have an activated Ultimate on my GA-8KNXPv2 mobo.

    I got stuck on #12 also (see my previous posts) However, I used my original untampered bios to flash the acpitbl to first, then went back and modified the bios containing the new acpitbl as in instruction #1. Then saved it. Then checked everything was modified correctly then flashed bios.

    hope this helps


  • Chris

    As for step 12. I need help. the *.BIN dose not work for me. I don't think it likes wildcards, I tried the xxxx.bin (name of my original bios) but no luck just give a weird 37% message. *.bin gives error cannot find file.

    Update the modified ACPI digital module into the BIOS by entering following command in the Command Prompt, and then press Enter:cbrom219 *.BIN /acpitbl acpitbl.bin

    Any help so close.

  • Help please. I have tried unsucessfully for five days now to crack this sucker. Keeps going into reboot. Anyone get it right yet? Gigabyte GA-8PE667 Ultra. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • S9

    Help!! when i follow instruction 12 to add the modified acpitbl to the *.bin file i get the message file not found! so I change *.bin to my bios saved named file i.e. 8knxp2.bin, the procedure then seems to work and I get a message adding acpitbl 38.6%, the system keeps going and I notice the bios file has grown to over 4GB!?! I must be doing something wrong but what?

    Any Ideas please?



    for some reason I end up with a bios file

  • S9

    I am in the middle of working out My Gigabyte 8KNXPv2 Bios has anyone done one of these before, please?

    Also, having probs with extracting ACPITBL, Cbrom in cmd prompt does not give me an option to save file. I type in the dos command and hit enter then nothing elase happens it just goes to cmd prompt again?

    Any ideas, please?



  • JOE

    @Diamond: In ur original.bin the new reference pointer to the ACPI location must be DB0C! (reverse OCDB). It is missing!!!. Try again from start with ur original bios! Delete all old files to avoid confusing. Since u have overwritten the original pointer (DB10 reverse 10DB), i can´t fix it! Read step9 and 10 carefully.

  • Diamond

    @JOE: I try again but the same result here :(

    I think the BIOS was not applied…When I dump in step 17 (Part 2) I found that the BIOS was not edited…It showed GBT AWRDAC, but it maybe _ASUS_Notebook?

    Here is my demo

    and my original.bin and acpitbl.bin file

    Thanks again JOE

  • Marcelo

    Ok, I've opened my Asus K8N AMI BIOS with AMIBCP, what now?? Where do I write something??

  • Marcelo

    Hey, I have a Asus K8N with AMI BIOS, can someone help me?? I could not do Step 5, it said "!! BIOS Version not 6.0 !!", plus the BIOS comes from Asus website as a .rom…

    Help patching it would be greatly appreciated!!

  • JOE


    I think u missed to set the new reference pointer to the ACPI location. Step9.

    Try again from beginning, slowly!

  • JOE

    @Diamond: U have to search in a bigger range. Change size from 2800 to 28000, dump again and search for slic. I´m sure u will find it.I guess it´s around 3fff7540.If you still have problems, try again from the beginning, or post original.bin and acpitbl.bin. Bios.bin ist not suitable for checking.

  • soad112589

    Sorry the mobo is wrong on #48 it should be ASUS P5ND2-SLI

  • soad112589

    Can anyone help me? I have an ASUS PND2-SLI mobo and 1gb of RAM. everything works until i get to step 17. i do a search for SLICv and it says not found. it will find SLIC but its not the right one.

  • Kike

    Hi, i have an ami bios and i cant open it with modbin6.. Can someone make a tutorial of how to do this with an ami bios? It would be great, thanks in advance.

  • MODBIN6 "Not ve

    If you use ModBin6 and get the "not version 6.0" error you probably have an AMI BIOS and not an Award BIOS.

    You need to go to… and download the tool AMICP v3.13 instead.

    ModBin6 produces the ORIGINAL.BIN file when loading the BIOS file. I don't know the correspondening procedure using AMICP 3.13. Any ideas ?

  • Diamond

    Thanks for excellent guide!

    But I have some problem here… Please help me

    I use Gigabyte mainboard (Intel 865PE AGPSet BIOS for 8IPE1000 PRO2 F10)

    I finished 17th step

    but in 18st step: I cannot search SLIC or SLICv string. like this:

    Here is my BIOS file in 17th step

    I try to restart my computer, but when I restart, The Windows doesn't boot again with new moded BIOS (I use Win Vista Boot manager, my PC have 2 OSs: WinXP and Vista). Then, I must flash original BIOS again…


  • JOE

    Did some tests: BIOS has to flashed two times to get and add physical address of SLIC table. If u don´t do that it won´t work! According to ACPI spec. it is allowed to use physical addresses in RSDT table that point to other DESCRIPTION_HEADERs at offset 36 (4bytes each and up). Max address is 4GB. At byte offset 9 there is the checksum byte that must sum to zero (but it´s value is 00) Sems that it doesn´t matter.(original has 00, too)

    So it´s a bit strange to me that the "old" method is working. So beware it´s dependant on how much RAM u have installed.

    I´m happy now and will stop testing! (flashing BIOS over and over makes me nervous.)


  • allegro

    Great find!

    Would like to get my hands on a patched Dell Dimension 8300 (A07) bios..

    I have a OEM Dell Vista disc, but the bios is too old for Vista i guess..

    (Dell branded XP discs do work without activation, etc)

    So would like to see some Dell bioses here..

  • DyArt

    Can anyone do the modifaction with the ASUS P4P800 deluxe Bios?!

  • Me


    just got the ACPIspec30b.pdf to improve my skills.

    The BIOS hack is buggy, cause the checksum is not corrected. This method needs to be improved again. Maybe someone can participate on it. My skills are limited.!

  • Fudge

    Does NEI Know of a Key For OEM X64 Vista??

  • Aulinho


    That mean i have already the slic table in my bios.

    If so only what i have to do is change is the OEMID and OEMTableID and replace my SLICv whith the larger from Asus OEM acpislic.bin which one replce only 00 in my bios.

    Am i correct? Please help if i broke my parents pc they put me out off the pc for a long time.

  • windy1664

    Hi Guys

    Im looking for a modified bios for the MSI K8N SLI Board, I have tried a one posted on here and booted to blank screen, can anyone help??

    many thanks

  • NastyLemon

    Plz somebody help me with ASUS Striker Extreme.. There is already a SLIC table, but it is disabled..

  • Alsa

    Can anyone do the modifaction with the ASUS P5WDH-Deluxe 1901 Bios?!

    BIG THX!

  • A7N8X Deluxe BIOS wo

    Works great on a 1 GB machine!

    The prob still is: improved method uses real absolute memory address. So if someone has 1GB installed and tested to be working it COULD FAIL on a machine with less memory installed.( It will fail) "Old" method doesn´t use real mem address!? Anyone have a solution, maybe the author?

  • Vincent

    not successful on P4M80-M7A.. tried many times, but still blank screen after booting..

  • alalaka

    cool translation :D

  • Yes, method not 100%

    Comment#24: Yes, this makes no sense to me too. Why real physical memory address? We moved four 0 bytes forward to do this. Amyone tried to move only two 0 bytes forward and enter the offset (ACPITBL.BIN)? Maybe someone who is with it can explain.

    What about not patching?

  • Me

    Forgot: Tested with 1GB Ram!

  • Maniax


    Comment#24 seems right. The hardpatched address may be not ACPI compliant. If you patched a 1GB address (3fff0000) it will not work with less RAM. Vista crashed immediately at bootup.

    So, whenever you publish your bios files always state what amount of ram you have.

    I hope someone can investigate and fix this soon.

  • How it goes

    To all having problems finding ACPI selection in everest: Go to the bottom bar and right-klick, chose system debug—ACPI Dump. look for RSDT in ACPI tables (scroll up!!). Find ADDR, next to there IS the address in decimal (recaluclate to hex). Hope U will succeed, grez

  • Sander

    i req a mod for the Asus P5LD2 SE

    i cant crack that AMI bios myself :(

  • Shaggy

    Tried with a A7n8xe-deluxe – Not worked with me!

    Anyone else tried with that board and been successfull????



  • Martin

    I don't understand why in part 2 (step 14 onward) the BIOS has to be patched with the SLIC's table physical memory address and flashed a second time. Why should a BIOS file contain real physical memory addresses of a certain machine? All physical addresses mentioned in the ACPI spec are 0 in the bios file and get their values when BIOS is loaded into memory at bootstrap.

    If SLIC is added to ACPI tables and ACPI index is extended as described it should be ok.

    Maybe the author can explain the necessity of reflashing the bios.


  • costyy

    Czar how you do it for your msi i have msi k8n diamond and with wath version of vista oem ultimate you tried dell or wath?


  • LZ

    Maybe I wasnìt enoough clear: I have done all the points but at the number 13 of the second part (Flash and update your BIOS with the SLIC-included modified version. Check your motherboard guide for how to do it.), I realized that the folder contains 10 *.bin files, but only one (the original BIOS) has 512 KB, the right lenght. Now, which file have I to flash, even though it hasn't 512 KB?

  • NetSky

    Dont work in A8N-E Premium

  • LZ

    Flash and update your BIOS with the SLIC-included modified version. Check your motherboard guide for how to do it.

    The directory (c:seleced_dir) contains 10 files (*.bin). Which have I to flash?

  • seb


    i have a mainboard a7v8x-la(kelut of hp and i have not in my bios acpi the slic?

    Someone can help me?????

  • Ash



    Compare yours! and Try at your own risk.

    I have try and it WORKS!!! Thanks


  • Kenshiro

    Hi there. Thanks for sharing this detailed guide.

    I have trouble with step 15 as I am not able to see the ACPI selection within Motherboard with Everest, hence I am unable to determine the required address.

    Could anyone here shed some light? Thank you in advance.

  • SoSo

    It is a successful upgrade for my 8PE667U BIOS. I am now running a geunine OEM version of VISTA Ultimate on my old machine!!!

  • MG

    How to extract it from motherboard…

    I have Phoenix 1.10 BIOS + A07

    + is part of the bios name (PLUS)

    The website says download it from dell, where they have an automatic flash update instead of a manual one…

    help would be appreciated.

  • gmed

    to WEll


    Which Is longer the what the tutorial said..

    I have extra MCFG in it… so in this case

    change what to SLIC??

    MCFG or SRAT

    I have exactly the same string. i modified SRAT to SLIC worked OK.

    I could install and activate. But everest shows OEM ID as NVIDIA. I could activate though.

  • Ash



    February 19th, 2007 19:54 11Compare yours! and Try at your own risk.

    Do this work?

  • n03l


    I've had a go at all teh BIOS files I could get for the "Asus PCH-DL", but it's a no go..

    I get the modbin6 "Stack Overflow" on all version :/ .. This sucks big time…

  • A8VE-SE

    Compare yours! and Try at your own risk.

  • admin

    For replacement SRAT is first choice I guess, see step 8 of replacement. step instruction.

  • WEll

    I have Asus A8V-E SE motherboard, I also had overflow message and I got previous 1 version which works fine..


    Which Is longer the what the tutorial said..

    I have extra MCFG in it… so in this case

    change what to SLIC??

    MCFG or SRAT

  • Xerxes

    Anyone tried this with a Dell's AMI bios? Did it work?

  • Czar

    Just finished modified my MSI K8N SLI Platinum (MS-7100) machine & it works with 'Vista Ultimate' great!!!

    My other machine has a AMI BIOS, is there a way to modify it also?

    Many thanks for the HowTo!

    – Czar

  • M_Mickey

    Until this is confirmed , its a rumor.

    If true, someone would have put a hacked bios up here…

  • n03l

    &^@#^*@ modbin6 keeps ceashing on my BIOS.. (stack overflow).. I guess it's a no go for me :/

  • a guy

    How to extract bin image

  • Jian_yi

    erm…. I tested already on my BIOSTAR TForce6100-939 mainboard with Award 6.00PG BIOS, it no work for my mainboard… since I mod it… my system automatic restart, it show ACPI error, when I try fresh install WinVista, also got blue screen with ACPI error…

  • Grunt

    well this is to complicatedt for most people i think.

    we need a database of already modified and downloadable bioses.

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