A new way to crack or bypass Windows Vista activation is by installing OEM version of Vista on your PC. However, Windows Vista OEM activation needs a new table named SLIC in ACPI module of computer BIOS, and new values in RSTD table, as part of SLP 2.0 (System-Locked Preinstallation). If your motherboard or BIOS ACPI module does not contains the SLIC table, you will need to modify or patch the BIOS to add in the table , plus set a correct OEM ID and OEM Table ID that match the corresponding OEM digital certificate. After modification, you can install Windows Vista with OEM product key and has Windows Vista activated instantly without the need to activate online, as if your Vista system is OEM version that comes preinstalled in branded computer such as HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer and etc.

Almost all motherboard BIOS can be modified to add in the necessary value needed in SLP2.0. The following guide is based on popular Award BIOS, which is commonly used in DIY or self-build PC or system builder motherboard. For a successful Windows Vista activation, four aspects have to be present:

  1. OEMID and OEMTableID inside BIOS’s ACPI RSDT table.
  2. SLP Public Key (PubKey) and SLP Marker inside BIOS’s ACPI SLIC table.
  3. OEM product key – listed below in the instructions.
  4. Microsoft’s signed OEM digital certificate.

The utilities or tools that you need include the following:

  1. CBROM 2.15 or CBROM 2.19 – A tool to add, edit or exchange the components of an Award Modular BIOS. The tool is needed to edit and exchange ACPI digital byte-code table.
  2. MODBIN6 2.01.01 – Used to modify the Award Modular BIOS strings or options. The tool is needed to modify Award core BIOS module, as CBROM is unable to edit the BIOS module.
  3. WinHEX – A popular HEX editor used to modify content in the ACPI table.

As seen above, for successful activation, a modification has to be made to RSDT table and SLIC table has to be added. Following is the step to perform to modify motherboard by using Award BIOS as an example so that Windows Vista can be activated as OEM version:

  1. Create a temporary folder (Vista or BIOS is you like) at root directory (C:\)
  2. Download CBROM 2.19, MODBIN6 2.01.01 and WinHEX with download links above, and place them in the temporary folder.

    Vista OEM Crack

  3. Extract your motherboard BIOS image with name in the format of XXXXXXXX.bin (if the BIOS image name is not with .bin extension, rename it) to the temporary folder by using tool like WinFlash. The easy way is to download the corresponding BIOS file which intended for flash BIOS upgrade from motherboard manufacturers’ websites.
  4. Run modbin6.exe by double clicking on it.
  5. Select the BIOS image file at the MODBIN6 menu.

    MODBIN Vista OEM Crack

  6. Do not close the window of MODBIN6. Now go to the File Explorer for the temporary folder, you will notice that some more files have been created. Among them, ORIGINAL.BIN is the one that needs to be modify.

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  7. Launch WinHEX and open ORIGINAL.BIN.
  8. Search for the string of “RSDT” (without quotation marks). You will see ACPI tables in the BIOS. Every 4 characters represents a table in ACPI. Only table name located in this index can be recognized by BIOS and loaded into memory. So in order to load SLIC which is needed by SLP 2.0 for Windows Vista OEM activation, an unimportant table has to be replaced. In this case, you will likely have 2 following options:
    1. You see a long string such as “RSDT FACP DSDT APIC SSDT SRAT FACS”. In this case, SRAT can be safely replaced, and won’t affect ACPI functionality.
    2. You see a slightly shorter string such as “RSDT FACP DSDT APIC MCFG FACS”. In this case, the choice of table replacement is lesser. First choice of table to be replaced in MCFG, which shouldn’t cause any problem to your system. If MCFG is not available, you can try to replace APIC with SLIC, but you may need to reinstall the operating system.
    3. You see a very short string of “RSDT FACP DSDT FACS”. In this case, you’re out of luck, as all is needed for normal functionality of ACPI.
    4. You cannot find the “RSDT” or any of the above strings at all. This situation likely to happen in new mobo or new BIOS, may be due to change in the way BIOS lookup ACPI tables. In this case, you can try to downgrade and download older version of BIOS file to see if the ACPI is alterable. Else you’re out of luck too.

    Note: Improved hack to add in SLIC table into BIOS ACPI instead of replacing. Able to solve scenario 3 above.

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  9. Replace the table name you selected (SRAT, MCFG or ACPI) with SLIC.

    Add SLIC table

  10. Save the modify BIOS file.
  11. Switch to MODBIN6 window, press F2 to save or click on File, then select Save.

    Save BIOS for Vista

  12. Open command prompt by type Cmd in Run. Change directory or folder to the temporary folder if need to.
  13. Type “cbrom219 XXXXXXXX.bin /acpitbl extract” (without quotes) and press Enter.
  14. Press Enter again when prompted for an extract file name to use the default name of acpitbl.bin.
  15. Use WinHEX to open acpitbl.bin.
  16. Search for “RSDT” string (without quotes). The OEMID and OEMTableID is the identifier string for SLP 2.0 that has to match with the product key, and thus has to edit to match according to the OEM product key and certificate that you have.
  17. OEMID has 6 characters, and OEMTableID has 8 characters. Each hardware manufacturer will have their own identifier here. So if you value your desktop or laptop computer brand, you need to figure out the correct value for it. However, if you’re using generic mobo, you can locate the string of “RSDT4…..XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.0BAWRD” (without quotes, your BIOS string may be different), replace with RSDT4….._ASUS_Notebook1.0BAWRD. Here, the OEMID is _ASUS_ and OEMTableID is Notebook. Any empty character should be filled with blank (0x20). This will make your motherboard and BIOS to be recognized by Vista as ASUS mobo.

    Modify OEM ID and Table

  18. Save the file.
  19. Download Asus OEM acpislic.bin.
  20. Go back to the command prompt, type “copy acpitbl.bin /b + acpislic.bin /b acpitbl.bin /b” (without quotes) and press Enter to add the SLIC table contents to end of ACPI module. acpislic.bin is digital certificate for SLIC which contains SLP certificate public key and SLP logo. Press Enter to confirm if prompted warning of file overwrite.
  21. Flash the modified ACPI digital module into the BIOS by entering following command in the Command Prompt, and then press Enter:cbrom219 XXXXXXXX.BIN /acpitbl acpitbl.bin
  22. Flash and update your BIOS with the SLIC-included modified version. Check your motherboard guide for how to do it.a
  23. BIOS update is completed. Now verify that the patch on BIOS is correct and accurate by using the following steps:
    1. Download latest version of Everest Ultimate (currently Everest Ultimate Edition 2006 version 3.50).
    2. Install and then start Everest.
    3. Expand the Motherboard component on the left pane.
    4. Select ACPI.
    5. Check if SLIC is listed on the top right column.
    6. If SLIC table is listed, check if OEM ID is _ASUS_ and OEM Table ID is Notebook at the bottom left pane.
    7. Next select on RSDT table, check if the OEM ID and OEM Table ID in the bottom pane is exactly the same with the value you see of the same keys on SLP/SLIC table, i.e. _ASUS_ and Notebook.
    8. If everything is correct, BIOS modification is correct.
  24. Install Windows Vista with the following ASUS computer OEM product key:

    Ultimate: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-932CCYou can also change your existing Windows Vista product key by using the following command in command prompt with administrator privileges:

    slmgr.vbs -ipk <new product key>

  25. Download oemcert.xrm-ms, the Microsoft signed OEM certification for ASUS computer which has the identifier that needs to match the BIOS SLIC identifier, preferably to C:\ root.
  26. Open a command prompt and type the following command, then press Enter:

    slmgr.vbs -ilc C:\oemcert.xrm-ms

    This will install the digital certificate for OEM activation.

  27. Check your system properties, Windows Vista should be activated.

Here is a list of already modified to include SLIC table BIOS that you can download and flash for Windows Vista OEM instant activation.

New: Virtual BIOS simulator to bypass Windows Vista activation as OEM OS without the need to modify BIOS in real.

Warning: Alteration to BIOS may invalidate warranty, cause computer to unable to boot up or other irrecoverable effect. Do it at your own risk.

Disclaimer: This article is for information and educational purpose only.

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    suqoiukgfdcegzvvwell, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how's life? hope it's introduce branch ;)

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  • d12emma


    Can you post a link to download the acer aspire 5610z bios file which has a slic table (for activate vista home premium) I tried to edit bios file but it doesn't success. I think the laptop which came with vista has the right bios file. So, if you got one of them, please please please send it to my email (d12emma@yahoo.co.uk)

    thank you,

    yours d12emma

  • d12emma


    Can you post a link to download the acer aspire 5610z bios file which has a slic table (for activate vista home premium) I tried to edit bios file but it doesn't success. I think the laptop which came with vista has the right bios file. So, if you got one of them, please please please send it to my email

    thank you,

    yours d12emma

  • camille93

    PS: I've got an ASUS A7V8X-X Mainboard

  • camille93

    Hi guys, I have a problem with modbin6: everytime when I try to open my BIOS with it, a messange appeares who says "BIOS Version not 6.0!!". But I checked it with Everest and everest told me that my BIOS has Version 6.0.

    So, can you please help me?

    Greetings, camille93

  • Eskimosik


    What do you think about this? When it happens?

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  • CavuAV8R

    Everyone who is complaining about the keys:

    You have to replace the "XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX" part with the actual key. I guess the author didn't want to put the entire key on the web. These keys are well know and should be easy to find. Either search for the last part of the key that's given or they are listed in the BIOS Emulation Toolkit readme.txt PARADOX crack.

  • ZZZ

    Use key:


  • Now I have tried the ultimate version, and I was able to crack it successfully using one of the original bios cracks from team…I forget, Paradox?

    Anyway, it works. If people are requesting more help, I can look into the matter perhaps.

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  • Lotherius

    Don't bother doing this, at least on a DFI Lanparty – it DOES NOT WORK. I did the BIOS update, entered the key I was told to enter, imported the OEM Cert file…. and it still does not activate.

    Don't waste your time.

  • Alvin

    Lying SAKCS OF SHIT!!!

    None of the keys work – they ALL give an error saying they could not be validated!

  • stroths

    Update to my previous post: My bios is AWARD as shown in the boot post and as described on the Gigabyte website.

  • stroths

    Has anyone gotten the message "Not compressed Award Binary Code" when opening the bios using ModBin6? I don't want someone to mod the bios for me, but would like some help getting past this error.

    I tried getting a bios dump as well as using a copy from the Gigabyte website for my 965P-DS3. Below is a link to the bios if anyone can tell me how to open this successfully in modbin6.


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  • O Indigente

    # 61 Luiz

    I'll post a working one in:


  • Luiz


    I need some help!!! I installed the Bios(hacked), I used Everest to check all the information and it's there, I applied the oemcert file, but my Windows Vista Ultimate don't get activated.

    I have an Asus M2N-SLI DELUXE, Vista was installed without key.

    What's wrong?

    Thx in advance

  • peter249

    Hallo DanDan give me your mail adres a make you a bios for ABIT KR7-raid

  • vv

    A dual bios will come in handy =D

  • VrX

    Can anyone do edited bios for Asus M2N-E?I try but didn’t worked. Please do it

  • I have a ABIT KR7A-RAID I have the Bios file located here http://www.mediafire.com/?dttgk2wzjnn can someone patch this and posted with the rest of the Abit files?

  • nexusneko

    Have anybody an enterprise OEM Key?

    Vista does not acept the Business key.

    Tanx in advance.

  • I belong to the 4thb group "out of luck", i mean i couldn't find string "RSDT" in my old and new BIOS, what ca i do? Should I consider to buy Vista (i don't want to change the whole system)? My MOBO is Gigabyte 865PE775GRH :(

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  • wilx

    Cant get ACPI to show in Everest. Just not there in the Motherboard seaction Asus AV8 E SE any ideas? TIA

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  • nicolaas willemen

    I'm lookng for a moded bios for gigabyte Gigabyte GA-K8N Pro-SLI

    If someone can help ?

  • sackpower

    ERROR 0x00000035 on last step when

    installing the digital certificate ?

    How to solve this ?

    Please can anyone help ?

  • Heath

    My MB is Asus A8N5X , a popular one.

    this is it's BIOS link


    Thanks for your kindfull hacking thing!

  • PibeAstillas

    Sorry my TERRIBLE english. What I would like to know is if anybody have a crack for an Intel D915PGN motherboard BIOS. Thanks.

  • My Bios is Abit IL9PRO.

    The bios file is here:

    Thank You!

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  • Franeloide


    In my bios Abit AB9 when i open the acpitbl.bin file i read RSDT0. The instructions talks about RSDT4:


    My question is? I left RSDT0 or change it to RSDT4?


  • Darkstar


    download MMTOOLS, load your bios (it should be a .ROM file otherwise rename it into .rom) and locate the 'FC' ID, after that replace it with the proper SLIC string…link to MMTOOLS as well as detailed info are here:


  • Dawid

    Anyone with any ideas on how to do this for AMIBIOS motherboards?

  • Joao Oliveira


    I Found a tutorial for the ami bios but it is in chinese…

    Does anyone interested in translating to englis

    here is the link


    all the best,

    Joao Oliveira.

  • Joao Oliveira


    I have two laptop a Asus Z92J (AKA A6j) and a MSI Megabook s270… both modbin6 says it istnt a 6.0 bios and cant be mofied?!?! Doea anyone know any other utility that lets you add the required data to the bios so i cant activate my machines?

    Waiting for some awnsers,

    Thank you in advance!

    Joao Oliveira.

  • Alex

    Is it possible for someone to modify a bios for the Asrock ConRoe945G-DVI motherboard ? It comes with an AMI bios …

    Here is a link for the original bios : ftp://download.asrock.com/bios/775/ConRoe945G-DVI(1.60).zip

  • Falseadress


    i am getting stuck on the 5th step.

    WHen i click on the file, it has a small yellow line and then closes in 1 sec. I see the Orginal.bin.

    What is wrong?

    I skip the step and modify the bios.

    In step 11 it says to save the bin file. I try doing tat with the Modbin6.exe but it closes after i click on my orginal Bios File.

    i can't click f2 or anything.

    Please help me, i have a HP a1520n computer

    The motheboard is here
    the bios file is here,
    can you please help me.

    If u can get the bios file done for me , email me at

    Falseadress ( – AT – ) Hotmail.com

  • costyy
  • Fortress

    costyy – what is your e-mail adress ?

    takui – Run the Command prompt as administrator – right mouse button on cmd prompt – run as administrator – then run the script

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  • takui

    Hello guys, when i'm trying to install the digital certification (last step), i get a script error 0x00000035 ….someone can help me?

  • costyy

    Fortress can you send me the bios pls

  • NetSky

    My ASUS A8N-SLI Premium dont booted up with the hacked bios =(

  • ibrahim

    hello I USE acer travelmate 2414 (2414 nlci) I use offical bios v1.09 but I cant see ACPı module. I try to change it. but it isnt possibel to modbin6.exe. Program says it not sopport to this version.

    Acer offical web side said : This is the ms vista version of bios.

    What can I do ?

    Please modedators : You can make it (v1.09) acpı table and send my mail adress ibrahimbekmez@msn.com or upload to your web side. (www.mydijitallife.info)

    Help me ……

  • ibrahim

    hello I USE acer travelmate 2414 (2414 nlci) I use offical bios v1.09 but I cant see ACPı module. I try to change it. but it isnt possibel to modbin6.exe. Program says it not sopport to this version.

    Acer offical web side said : This is the ms vista version of bios.

    What can I do ?

    Please modedators : You can make it (v1.09) acpı table and send my mail adress ibrahimbekmez@msn.com or upload to your web side. (www.mydijitallife.info)

    Help me ……

  • Fortress

    Wow , it really works

    I modified my MSI k8N Diamond Bios

    and it really works..


  • podemy

    lots of work when all you need to do is install in 2099 then run an executable.

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  • kt


    i had the same problem. use the new everst beta, perhaps this also works for you. you will find it in the everest forum.

  • Adam

    Was just wondering but if you have vista timestop crack installed can you perform this trick after or do i have to disable the timerstop first?


    It worked for me.

  • Loops

    If you want to crash your mobo do this

    All was ok for me ACPTBL etc…

    flash bios OK and at restart blank screen Mobo out

    repair with a hotflash bios..

    It's a dangerous tip.

  • n03l

    I've got an Asus PCH-DL mobo.

    The search (point 8 in the howto) for “RSDT” is showing me a “RSDT FACP DSDT APIC ASF! FACS”

    Now I have (I think) two options here?

    (1) Replace the APIC with SLIC , OR (2) Replace ASF! with SLIC .

    Now what should it be??? Option 1 or 2??? Anyone here who might know?

  • m3h

    Too bad, Everest does not have the link "ACPI" for me, but the motherboard does support acpi. Is there any other tool to check if the flashing went ok ? thanks

  • Hans Boullart

    Dit anyone done the Asus P5W DH DeLuxe Bios

  • 1ns0mn14

    hmmm…. step 21: cmd says "Adding acpitbl.bin .. 37.1%" and then I can input new command. Also checked the taskmanager CBROM isn't running anymore. I wonder if it is ok…

  • 1ns0mn14

    I was informed that that's what I should do (I think the word REPLACE is missing in the guide :P)

  • 1ns0mn14

    So step 17 means that I replace "RSDT4…..XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.0BAWRD" (in my case "RSDT4…..NvidiaAWRDACPI1.0BAWRD") with "RSDT4….._ASUS_Notebook1.0BAWRD"? (I'm on a desktop computer and actually this step is a bit confusing…).

    Sorry if it's a noob question.

    PS: Freeware alternative to WinHEX: HxD (Google it :P)

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  • NoX

    What is that APIC table for and why do i have to reinstall windows? Sounds like its not without impact…

    What will i miss killing APIC table? IRQ16-23?

    NF7-S v2.0

  • mark

    how can i do this on my

    Asus A8V-MX

    (BIOS AMI)



  • jackdor

    This don't work for abit nf7-v2.0

  • Bob

    need bios + cert for p5bd/wifi please :)

  • Bob


    even with Google translation its incomprehensible.

    please post the bios file with explication.

  • DA

    There's some references to the IBM/Lenovo T60 laptop but I don't understand Chinese. I've downloaded the Lenovo OEM cert but I don't know what to do with it..

  • M_Mickey

    Someone please post asus p5b deluxe /wifi modified bios! Or translate the chinese forum details.

  • spacefuxx

    anyone did it on ASUS A8N SLI already ?

  • PrEzi
  • PrEzi

    Gimme a decent translation for the Ami-Bios Asus P5B mod and I'll modify 5 Ami bioses you send to me (from Asus-AMI)

  • Grunt

    someone should modify the MB bioses and offer them for download :)

    im not that experienced in modifing a bios. and i dont´t dare to destroy my mobo.

  • Peter Illman

    have done the asus p5b deluxe with ami bios. there is a tutorial already but not in english.

  • PrEzi

    Saw , that the Chineese have cracked nearly all bioses :)

    Now I've gotta wait for a decent translation and an Asus-OEM Certificate to reflash my Asus mobo :)

  • admin

    p2k, yes, somebody has cracked the Asus P5B motherboard. Please wait for a while to sort out the vast amount of information.

  • p2k

    Is there anyway to do this on AMI BIOS?

    Would love to test this on my ASUS P5B Deluxe but since i dont have a phoenix bios its hard for me to test vista this way :(