Getting tired or scared of modifying motherboard or computer BIOS to get instant Windows Vista activation ala OEM edition preinstalled in branded machine? Now you have a very easy way to achieve OEM activation for Windows Vista, without the need to modify, download, patch, hack, crack or flash the BIOS of motherboard, and of course, without the risk of burning or spoiling your motherboard or causing your system to fail. The working theory of this new Windows Vista OEM activation crack method is that when computer is started, the crack will be launched. The crack will then simulate the result of actual mod of BIOS by opening a command prompt, then adding SLIC table data of ACPI into BIOS before loading BIOS virtually into memory, and finally loading the Windows Vista operating system.

To use the crack is extremely easy. The crack is actually vstaldr driver, which is actually a boot manager which is called every bootup to bootstrap Windows Vista. The drive reads the SLIC.BIN file contained inside the vstaldr.img to get the SLIC table data, and use it to simulate as BIOS to load the Windows Vista operating system. The success of Windows Vista OEM style instant activation relies on the success of simulation of the creation of BIOS with SLIC table with proper OEM ID. This crack will simulate the BIOS with OEM ID and OEM Table ID of _ASUS_Notebook, the commonly used OEMID for Windows Vista activation hacker. There are actually a few methods to use this crack, some is listed below, and just follow the simple steps and instructions:

Method 1: Bootable CD

  1. Install Windows Vista without product key, or with the following ASUS OEM product key:


  2. Download the ISO CD image file (sofmod-l.iso).
  3. Burn the ISO file to a CD with tool like Daemon Tools.
  4. Reboot computer.
  5. Boot up computer from CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive.
  6. The vstaldr boot manager will hack the BIOS to simulate a mod BIOS which supports SLP 2.0 with SLIC table, and automatically load Windows Vista when complete.
  7. Download and install the appropriate OEM certificate (ASUS in this case), if your Windows Vista DVD media is not OEM edition.
  8. Change product key to Windows Vista OEM key if necessary.

Method 2: Direct Launch from Hard Disk

  1. Install Windows Vista without product key, or with the ASUS OEM product key.
  2. Download the ISO image (softmod-l.iso).
  3. Extract the content of the softmod-l.iso ISO archive with extraction tool like WinRAR. You can also use a virtual CD-ROM or virtual dvd-rom emulator such as Daemon Tools or disk imaging utility such as WinImage to load or open the ISO file.
  4. Open elevated command prompt with administrator privileges. Confirm any security warning that pops up.
  5. Execute the install.cmd from the extracted softmod-l.iso folder. You must execute install.cmd from within the folder where it’s located itself, so CD into the folder first. Installer will attend to copy and install vstaldr, vstaldr.img and menu.lst to all drives with Windows Vista installation, and modify the MBR (Master Boot Record) to load the BIOS crack driver as bootstrapping process to load simulated SLP 2.0 supported BIOS with SLIC table data. (If installation on certain drives fail, as long as it’s not the Windows Vista boot volume drive, the failure can be safely ignored.
  6. Restart the computer.
  7. Optional: If your computer fails to boot up or start, use Windows Vista installation DVD to boot up the computer, and choose Recovery to repair the computer.
  8. Download and install the appropriate OEM certificate (ASUS in this case), if your Windows Vista DVD media is not OEM edition.
  9. Change product key to Windows Vista OEM key if necessary.
  10. To uninstall vstaldr driver, simply click on uninstall.cmd from the extracted archive.

Note: You can initially boot up with the softmod-l.iso bootable CD (in method 1) to verify that the BIOS simulation actually works, and then only install the BIOS simulation crack as in method 2. You can also permanently and long term using boot up with the bootable CD.

Method 3: Bootable USB Flash Drive

  1. Install Windows Vista without product key, or with the ASUS OEM product key.
  2. Download the ISO CD image file (sofmod-l.iso).
  3. Create a bootable USB flash drive.
  4. Open \data\vstaldr.img with WinImage. Copy all the contents and files inside the archive to the root folder of USB flash drive.
  5. Edit te menu.lst to the same as below:

    timeout 30
    default 0

    title vista(boot from usb fdd)
    chainloader /bootmgr

    title xp(boot from usb hdd)
    map (hd0) (hd1)
    map (hd1) (hd0)
    rootnoverify (hd1,0)
    chainloader +1

    title vista(boot from usb hdd)
    root (hd1,0)
    chainloader /bootmgr

  6. Restart computer.
  7. Boot from USB flash drive, and select the appropriate menu item on the menu selectin to load Windows Vista. Bootable USB flash drive is more complicated, so 3 options are given for choice in case of failure.
  8. Download and install the appropriate OEM certificate (ASUS in this case), if your Windows Vista DVD media is not OEM edition.
  9. Change product key to Windows Vista OEM key if necessary.

Note: The BIOS simulation patch should works on dual-boot or multi-boot system or system with boot manager too to activate Windows Vista instantly and permanently. And, actually, sequence of steps is not exactly important, as long as all is done, instant activation will work.

Side effect: Some users reported that the A drive (floppy disk) is gone or inaccessible after using this BIOS simulation patch for Windows Vista activation. This is due to the fact that the patch works by hooking computer’s A: drive and attaching the floppy image ‘vstaldr.img’ to it. The temporary workaround is to use B: drive instead to access floppy drive if your BIOS (normally at Standard CMOS Feature) support the setting that you have two floppy drives – A: and B: – both as 1.4MB 3.5″ devices. Then go to the Advanced BIOS Features section, find the option for ‘Swap Floppy Drive’ and switch it’s current state – if it is currently enabled, set it to disabled, if it is currently disabled, set it to enabled. In addition, in the same Advanced BIOS section, find ‘Boot-up Floppy Seek’ and make certain it is set to disabled. Save and exit the BIOS. This workaround will allow the VSTALDR patch to hook the A: floppy drive as it must, but will take your real floppy drive and assign it as the B: floppy drive. From this point on, in Windows, you can access the real floppy drive as B:. While A drive in Windows Explorer can be hide with the common hide-drive registry tweak method. You won’t be able to boot from a real floppy disk with this workaround in active too, unless you do actual BIOS flashing and reverse the CMOS change.

See also Paradox OEM BIOS Emulation Toolkit, which can be used as alternative or workaround. softmod.iso software based OEM BIOS emulator for Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sony and etc is also avaiable.

The BIOS simulation patch to permanently Windows Vista as OEM edition is tested to work on many OEM brands of desktop and notebook computers such as Dell, Lenovo, IBM Thinkpad, Acer, Sony, Fujitsu, LG, Samsung and etc. Beside, it’s also possible to crack AMI, Phoenix and Award BIOS that previously unable to patch with SLIC table.

New: Vista Loader 2.0 softmod upgrade

Disclaimer: This article is for educational and informational purpose only.

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  • Alen

    can somebody help me?

    it says error 17: file not found.

  • Medel Tan

    Hi there please help me i already use all vista loader it gives the same effect. it never boots im using a intel DG41TY the bios is updated already does the loader only loads asus emulator and not intel i want my windows to be activated with an intel emulator… please help me i tried loader 2.1.2, and the last Loader 4… i guess it only install aus emulator then you can just select what logo you want… this (asus.xrm…) is this applied for all the bios? please help me?

  • osman

    arkadaşlar buyrun size vista ultimate

    ürün anahtarı=89580-DEM-7332132-00031






  • feizollah

    when i used this activation crack it successfully worked but when i was going to use multi boot system and install the oem version of windows xp on my laptop, my system failed to start and also setup information is not available and i can't enter setup.

    what can i do to solve this problem?

    please help me


  • vista installer

    sorry ment to say NOW & not NOT in my earlier post below.

  • vista installer

    worked 100%

    no problems what so ever.

    i tried it on windows vista eternity 2009 sp1.

    this is how i done it:

    1.first download the sofmod.iso application.

    2.then usin nero or magic iso to burn file to dics.

    3.once disc has finished burning restart pc and boot from the cd.

    4.check in system properties and check if its activated.

    5 if it has activated then it work so inorder to keep activated without further use of the cd explore the cd so u can see the files that are on th cd then look for the install.cmd file. left click on it an run as administrator an that is it. your pc will not be activated upon bootup without the use off the cd.


    by the way thanks to the author of this page could have done it otherwise as most the cracks out there dont seem to work now a days.

    gonna try it on home basic sp1 next so will let u kno how it goes.



  • softmod

    cant get the softmod hack to work on dell precision 380. follw steps but wont work. can somebody tell me the repeat steps.

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  • Sbros

    Could someone edit this bios to enable slic?

    GigaByte GA-8IPE1000 [rev1.0]

    BIOS Date 2005/08/22

    bios version 8ipe1000_f12

  • Bart Vanden Driessch

    Could someone edit this bios to enable slic?

    BIOS Date: 08/30/05

    BIOS Type: Phoenix – AwardBIOS v6.00PG

    BIOS ID: 08/30/2005-K8T800-8237-6A7L0PAFC

    OEM Sign-On: 08/30/2005 For K8T800 DDR Chipset

    Chipset: VIA 82C3188 rev 1

  • admin

    Please help, try Vista Loader 2.1.2, the upgraded version of softmod.

  • Please help

    I just downloaded this, or at least something like this, off isohunt and ran it. It restarted and didn’t boot up correctly. It’s at the screen with the PCI device listing and it just says “VSTALDR is compressed. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to Reboot” and even when i reboot it just comes up again. I’ve tried repairing it from the vista bootable cd but nothing works. System restore doesn’t finish and i dont know what to do with the command prompt.PLEASE HELP!!!!!

    I got the same problem as #67, could somebody please help us?

    God Bless

  • Gabriel

    This didn't work for my Intel Rock Lake D865PERL

    didnt add ACPI table, so didn't add SLIC table too.


  • Badkarma

    I have activated Windows Vista Ultimate X64 with RC1 keys and itwill expire on May 31. Is it possible to install this without reinstalling Vista? By the way, I don't have a floppy disk, will it work?

    Thanks in advance.

  • zodzod

    Anyone know how to inject the oem cert into the vista dvd the same way as true oem cd's so that it's automatically activated? I'm not looking for a post install script to launch the command since that seems more like bandaid solution than true oem. Thanks. I'm looking for info how to turn my ultimate dvd into asus notebook oem ultimate.

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  • Soccer

    This is the real deal. Works great. I tried the earlier version and it failed ( This version works!!

    Just a hint……once you insert the license key with slmgr -ilc C: asus.xrm-ms you may need to wait a minute or two for the command to execute. Also if -ilc fails, try -rilc.

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  • Roman120

    also you need to have this cd key in

    Ultimate: 6F2D7-2PCG6-YQQTB-FWK9V-932CC

    Business: 72PFD-BCBK8-R7X4H-6F2XJ-VVMP9

    HomePremium: 8XPM9-7F9HD-4JJQP-TP64Y-RPFFV

    HomeBasic: 762HW-QD98X-TQVXJ-8RKRQ-RJC9V

    to actualy make it work so if you have it olredy dont have to change it just the program i would send you if you msg me

  • Roman120

    i got a activation program tht relly works iam not playing iam using windows vista ultimate x86 and works just fine just 5 easy steps well if you need one i will hook you up just msg me at my msn [email protected] or email me

  • redford

    did the option#2 hard disk install & now stuck at Probing ROM INT… how do i recover? pls. help

  • Jang-Bogo

    what about for x64?

  • mvirtue

    Anyone know how to avoid the need to "select" Vista as the operating system at boot-time?

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  • Plz Help ME!!!

    I just downloaded this, or at least something like this, off isohunt and ran it. It restarted and didn't boot up correctly. It's at the screen with the PCI device listing and it just says "VSTALDR is compressed. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to Reboot" and even when i reboot it just comes up again. I've tried repairing it from the vista bootable cd but nothing works. System restore doesn't finish and i dont know what to do with the command prompt.PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  • Mad_Matty

    Installed to mbr, tested and works fine on my Abit NF7. Asus cert installed floppy drives do dissopear for a while, but come back a few mins after booting, both A: and B: (floppy stuff in actual bios is untouched).

  • ntac

    Linux solves all

  • mvirtue

    Worked fine for me.

    I discovered that if you use option 1 (the bootable CD) – and presumably also option 3 (USB drive) – then it will only work when booted from the vstaldr bootable CD. If you want it to work permanently, you have to use the 2nd option – direct hard disk install.

    At least, that's what I found on MY system…

  • nou

    work fine with my P4P800 SE (asus) motherboard.


  • snor

    Parallels Desktop on Mac, 1024 MB: didnt work (just doesnt active)

    Dell Inspiron 6000, 768 MB memory: didnt work (hangs on boot)

    Desktop with Asus A7V8X-MX motherboard, 768 MB memory: Home Premium succesfully activated without problems

    I guess it only works with Award BIOSses because the Dell has Phoenix BIOS and the Asus a Award BIOS…

  • Marco

    all works fine here except that I still have 29 days of use WTF ?

  • muiz

    Same error here

    “updated ntfs filesystem bootcode. the update may be unreliable since the volume could not be locked during the update: access denied”

  • baard

    @chicco i have the same

  • chicco

    inspiron 9400: activation done!!!!

    i solved the error during the installationof the certificata renaming the cert file from "dell" to "oemcert" and copying it in c:

    the i give the command for the installation of the cert and the system activates!!!!!!

    this site RULEZ!! thanks

  • chicco

    dell inspiron 9400.

    we i run install script it says "updated ntfs filesystem bootcode. the update may be unreliable since the volume could not be locked during the update: access denied"

    then i try to install dell cert but the script dive me the error "rpc server unreachable"

    can someone help me?

  • jame


    I have dual boot also (xp professional), none of Os's booted after the mod in the harddrive, i had to uninistall via Vista DVD command prompt (repair option didn't work).

    Works very well with the bootable cd, choosed my second optical drive as first boot device.

  • Don

    stuck at Probing ROM INT…

  • march

    WARNING: after applying the patch, system becomes unstable! [quote]The last sleep transition was unsuccessful. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, failed, or lost power during the sleep transition. [/quote] from event viewer! I doubt it is about the ACPI

  • march

    it works on my acer 3620. Good… i just wonder it can work on laptop but cant gurantee on desktop PC

  • Dony Maulana

    Mine doesnt boot into vista after booting from the cd. It get stuck ate the ROM thingy with a bunch of numbers in the end.

  • Junior

    Work on AsRock 939Dual-SATA2

  • Dinesy

    Hey All, I have the same problem as Baard.

    I installed this patch successfully on one computer, but on the other, it doesn't work.

    Does this patch work with all computers or not?

  • O Indigente

    @ baart #45


    You got a modded K8NF-9 F11 bios on bios page if you whanna try.



  • jim

    Didn't work on DEll inspiron 6000.

  • baard

    This doesnt work on al computers !!!

    worked on ga-k8nf-9

    failed on all others here.

    It says:

    "The update maybe unreliable since the volume could not be locked during the update"

  • Technodude

    Works great in my Fujitsu Laptop, only problem is that I dual boot with Xp Home it's Fujitsu OEM, when I have the mod installed on the harddrive Xp won't boot. But if I boot from the mod cd Xp Home works Ok, I have not uninstalled the mod software. Anybody having the same problems ?

  • alanmies

    Forget SLIC tables.

    Every time when youu switch on your machine on boot from CD and Vista is activated.

  • SEB


    that running for me…

    see you later.

  • compass

    nimiq #36 & #39

    No luck. Vista ultimate loads OK using the vstaldr but the SLIC table does not appear in the ACPI section (using latest EVEREST).

    Did you have an empty SLIC table before you applied the patch ?

  • alanmies

    I did it like this:

    1) Burned the image on CD

    2) Rebooted from CD (Vista will start after a short period)

    3) Run

    slmgr.vbs -ilc C:oemcert.xrm-ms

    (before that I copied oemcert.xrm-ms from CD to C-drive root directory)

    4) Run

    slmgr.vbs -ipk 6F2D7-2PCG6-YQQTB-FWK9V-932CC

    (Tis key is for Vista Ultimate only)

    All worked like dream in two different machines.

    For novice user:

    Copy/paste the above commands 3) and 4) to avoid mistakes and check if oemcert.xrm-ms is really located in C-drive root diretory C:/

    After crack you can remove this file.

  • compass

    nimiq #36

    Ah! That's better. Thanks.

    At least I can now see the ACPI table.

    Will try again with a fresh install.

  • alanmies

    It works again!

    I installed this crack to my second PC too.

    Mobo is Abit IS7 and the Bios is Phoenix-Award BIOS v6.00PG.

    Thank's again for the guy who wrote the program!

    I noticed that after cracks that both machines has the same Prodúct ID: 89580-OEM-7332132-00031

    How many officially genuine software with the same ID exists? What can M$ do? Can they blacklist all users who has this ID?

  • nimiq

    Try a newer version of Everest.

    (Insanely slow link)

  • nimiq

    @compass #32

    I've got an AMI bios too. You're doing something wrong.

  • alanmies

    Works great!

    I have Intel Rock Lake D865PERL mobo and Ami Bios.

    Thank's for developer!

  • compass

    I have a MSI P965 Platinum motherboard which has an AMI BIOS without an SLIC table.

    I have completed all the steps exactly but it doesn't work.

    It definitely makes modifications to the BIOS but does not add the SLIC table, not detected by EVEREST.

    I still will need a patched BIOS.

  • nimiq

    Works perfectly on my A8N32-SLI Deluxe (and VMware machines)

    I don't know what you guys are doing wrong. This validates as genuine too.

    Maybe you're forgetting this step:

    slmgr.vbs -ilc path oasus.XRM-MS

  • Ansoris

    doesnt work. I tried all 3 methods and none works. tried on 3 different pcs…all the same. thats just another fake i guess. 🙁

  • Lormar

    not working here. get some strange error message when booting. have a clean vista installation.

  • Grunt

    does not work on my system and i guess this can EASILY be undone by M$.

    the OEM BIOS patch is maybe a bit more difficult but harder to handle for microsoft.

  • some1

    it's quite inconvenient if we have to use this patch everytime to start Vista. i thought once Vista is activated, it stayed activated for good till it's removed. it doesn't work this way?

  • some1

    Hi, can this crack work on some bios that doesn't come with a SLIC table?

  • Thien

    In Method 1, do i have to use this boot CD every time to start Vista or just once to activate?

  • bytee

    Is there any way to "detect" if BIOS/motherboard supports SLIC and is able to use this crack?

  • TWiST

    Bro just extract the iso and go launch install.cmd form a "Run As Administrator" command prompt, Or burn the iso like u would ANY iso, get Iso Recorder if u want the smallest simpliest solution, and boot from that disc and it will launch ur vista activated, but I would suggest teh first method and install to HD, then u dont need USB or CDROM or anything to deal with it.

  • baard

    strange guide :

    [quote]Burn the ISO file to a CD with tool like Daemon Tools.

    Reboot computer.

    Boot up computer from CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive.


    1. Burn with daemontools?

    daemontools is no burn prog

    2. boot up from cd/dvdrom drive?

    And boot wich one? original vista or the sofmod-l.iso ?

  • TWiST

    This is a note for any1 that has had a bricked bios. If you have a computer with a similar bios it is possible to "hot swap" the bios to restore a bad flash etc. I have done this in the past MANY times and know it will work. Example;

    Lets say you have 2 motherboards, 1 is fried the other is fine, and they both happen to have hte same bios packaging (by packaging I mean the pin layout and size and shape, etc.). Go ahead and boot up the working system to a boot disc, winpe, whatever u like to do ur flashing in, and once its booted go ahead and remove the bios from teh computer while its running, I know this sounds scary but I assure u it will be fine. Then go ahead and put in the "bad" bios, making sure to line up the pins correctly (this can FRY the bios chip if u put it in wrong) and once its in go ahead and reflash it back to the correct bios. I understand this method is for the ghetto and poor, but it works and ive done it a BUNCH of times over the years, espicalley alot during the duel PIII and Celeron days, when I remmeber hacking the hell out of the BP6 er whatever it was by abit I believe (ahh the good old days).

  • amnesia


    Successfully activated on my ASUS M2V!

  • TWiST

    I have noticed something when using this method, if u run dxdiag.exe or generate a system report, it still returns the correct values from the bios ? So whats stopping microsot from just checking the real values instead of whats its being fed during boot to invalidate this process ? Like for example my Bios is a gigabyte so in teh BIOS of OEM it says GBT__ but for this it should be ASUS_ or whatever, so why inside windows does it know the correct values ? If any1 knows the deeper working of this and has any sort of info would be great! Cause right now its looking like MS is going to be able to see past this crack easier then I had first expected. When modding the actual bios, dxdiag and these programs return the hacked values like there suppost to but using this method we get the original values…

  • bjuj

    is this compatible for all desktp pc and notebooks?

  • admin

    Niko76, I echoes the comment by TWiST at #14 that your hard work will never been forgotten, and together with actual crack on BIOS, both serves different needs.

  • weedywhizz


    …same opinion as TWIST

    But still no ASUS P5B BIOS modified. Are there any special probs with that kind of mobo?

    For this board the only way to modify is via this software hack yet.

    Another thing….your Abit IB9 BIOS bricked my board – no boot up any more…ordered a BIOS-ROM from Abit…

  • TWiST

    Niko76 I still believe u should fight the good fight, cause a true bios hack is better then this because it dosent require any extra software that may for say 1 out of 1000 people possibly cause incompatability or the like, This is a fantastic method for people unable to edit there bios, but if u can edit ur bios I would strongly suggest u use that rather then this! Just my 2 cents.

  • nadalife

    Works Perfectly

    activated Vista Ultimate

  • great job! it works with my hasee notebook,but too many messages shows when booting,so i'll try to mod BIOS later,thanks all the same,you great men did great things 🙂

  • Lordviking

    @gregor #10

    You must have no prob to return original bios.

    dont need to install windows again.


  • gregor


    Can you tell me:

    if i updated my bios with a "slic table added one" but it doesnt work then I switch back to original bios may I have to reinstall windows xp on my other winchester??


  • Lordviking

    Don´t work on a notebook with Insyde bios….Vista Ultimate x86


  • superfast oz

    Can confirm that this does work!

    Asus K8V AMD64 AMI Bios. Vista Ultimate x64.


  • Niko76

    Well, now that this trick exists, I have no reason to continue to modding bioses.

    Bye at all !


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  • compass


    Did EVEREST show the ACPI table before using this patch ?

    My BIOS does not even show this at all.

  • thanks a lot ,i'll try later and fedback..

  • O Indigente


    Tested system:

    AN7 bios modded replaced by original with no SLIC and IT WORKS!!!!!

    THX for this valuable information.

  • palote


  • mgx

    not working, maybe its cause i have a MBR already set for my system disaster watch in case i have to restore but fails to boot and hangs using method 1 and method 2 havent tried 3… i’m an expereinced tech i have alot of computer based knowledge so dont tell me i dont know what i’m talking about… i clearly do. might try removing my presently set MBR as for Thien, yes every time because its basically a loader that patches certain memory strings and without the loader you dont get the patch


    Dell Inspiron XPS Gen 2
    Bios: A05 (Latest)
    Dual-Booting with XP and Vista

    Once again to sum it up, not working for me (hangs) maybe because I already have another MBR set.

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