Previously we mentioned about CE3100 which appeared to be the first Intel SOC (System-on-a-chip) media decode chip targeted for set-top box, now seems that the giant chipmaker is ready to announce its next generation media SOC with much more feature-rich and powerful graphics core embedded into it. Named as CE4100, it is the first Intel’s Atom architecture based media SOC that consumes less power while able to offer sufficient hardware decoding capability for graphics intensive applications.


Unlike its predecessor CE3100 that was fabricated using 65-nm process technology, CE4100 has been transitioned to much smaller 45-nm fabrication technology which would definitely bring up the whole performance per watt ratio. There are three SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit) namely CE4100, CE4130 and CE4150 with each of them being positioned for different market requirements. Although all of them are clocked at 1.2GHz, but the major differentiator here is the built-in graphics core frequency itself that ranging from 200MHz to 400MHz for CE4100 and CE4150 respectively. Surprisingly, the top of the line CE4150 SOC is claimed to be able to decode two full HD (High Definition) 1080p video streams simultaneously in famous H.264 codec format, besides ability to render 3D graphics suitable for use in next generation digital Internet TV. Some other built-in controllers include the SATA II, USB 2.0 host as well as internal NAND flash memory controller as an all-in-one single chip solution for much more flexible form factor design.

No pricing information yet, we should expect this media processor based consumer electronics products to be reaching commercial market by first half of 2010, offering a feature-rich next generation networked connected media TV with Adobe flash 10 support for digital home.