Apple introduces Game Center in iOS 4.1 on iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 2nd generation through 4th generation, and in iOS 4.2 on iPad, as online multiplayer social gaming network. With Game Center, users can invite friends to play a game, join a multiplayer game, and most importantly, track the gameplay achievements and compare high scores on leaderboard.

If you wonder why the game that you play has an insanely high top scores in the leader board, chance is that the score is fake. As hackers now found the way to hack Game Center to cheat and submit any score of your own choice to the Game Center to show in the leaderboard of the game. With the hack, anyone can just be a top scorer (just depends on how high the number you dare to send as achievement score), even though they’re actually very lousy in gaming.

The hack comes in the form of app called Hack Center, and here’s a video clip demonstrating how Hack Center in work, where HackCenter is used to send fake score for Fruit Ninja:

Unfortunately (or fortunately), the hacker has decided not to release the Hack Center after all the negative response been received. Originally, Hack Center is set to release for free download on Cydia for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad that has been jailbroken. However, the floodgate to the direct score cheat on Game Center has been opened, so some technical savvy may implement the hack to cheat as the hack may be as simple as modifying the web service that stores and submits the score with an App ID.