Wireless Technology has becomes one of the most preferred LAN (Local Area Network) with its easy interoperability and setup without the need to run cables across multiple rooms. While most of today’s mobile computing device has came with it but in case there is not, here is a quick solution from KDDI with its add-on Micro SD form factor card that enable the wireless 802.11b/g technology on any conventional system as long as there is Micro SD slot.

There are two different manufacturers’ modules, one is AR6002 from Mitsumi Electric utilizing famous Atheros technology and another one is KS3021 from Renesas Technology that utilizing its own baseband technology. Both these chips are embedded into Micro SD card and users can simply plug into their mobile devices to start enjoy the seamless internet connectivity by accessing to access points as long as there is coverage. In terms of appearance, both appear to be similar with actual measurement of around 11 X 16 X 0.7mm enhanced with a transceiver antenna just like other RF devices. Just imagine, now the new WiFi card can work like Eye-Fi technology once it has been plugged into mobile device without the need to upgrade the whole hardware system.

The WLAN capable micro SD cards were exhibited during Wireless Japan 2009 event held from July 22-24th in Tokyo. However, no pricing and availability yet but we should expect it to reach consumer market soon.