The Visual Studio 2010 has just been released, but have apparently been cracked or hacked, thanks to the generic master product key that been used by Microsoft to integrate into pre-activated Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, Premium and Professional setup installers in ISO image formats, which is been released to MSDN subscribers, and some editions to WebsiteSpark, BizSpark and DreamSpark participants.

The master static activation product key in question is YCFHQ-9DWCY-*****-*****-*****, which apparently can be used to register, unlock, upgrade, activate and convert all three editions of Visual Studio Professional 2010, Visual Studio Premium 2010 and Visual Studio Ultimate 2010 from trial to full version product.

Best of all, Microsoft is providing free official downloads of Visual Studio 2010 trial version, which can be used for free for up to 90 days after registration. The only difference between the trial version and MSDN version (which is identical to ISO been released on *Spark programs) is that the pre-integrated product serial key been removed. As such, the trial version does accept the serial number above to upgrade to full version product. The workaround allows anybody can get free Visual Studio 2010 (which is not the lightweight Visual Studio 2010 Express) from official source without having to rely on warez or torrent sites to download Visual Studio 2010 MSDN ISO images.

There are two ways to use the leaked master product key for Visual Studio 2010.

Method 1: Change the serial number after Visual Studio 2010 installation

Go to Control Panel -> Programs and Features, locate and highlight Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate/Premium/Professional installation, and click on Uninstall/Change button.

Upgrade Visual Studio 2010 Product Key for Activation

A Visual Studio setup maintenance screen should be shown. After clicking Next button, an option to enter a valid serial number to upgrade product license is available. Enter the upgrade key accordingly, and click on Activate button. No re-installation required.


Upgrade to Unlock and Convert Visual Studio 2010 to Full Version

In any Visual Studio 2010 program, click on Help -> Register Product. Enter the product key and click the Activate button. An error message will appear, stating that the product key cannot be used to extend the product validity. Anyhow, the product key will be accepted, and program will say that a valid product key has been entered after restarting Visual Studio 2010.

Fully Activated Visual Studio 2010

Method 2: Integrate the product key into setup.sdb in Visual Studio 2010 setup installer

Unpack the downloaded Visual Studio 2010 Trial ISO with WinRAR, and then modify the setup.sdb under the setup folder with any text editor. Locate the [Product Key] heading, and change the line under it to YCFHQ9DWCY***************. Run the setup.exe to start the installation, which automatically enters the serial key into installed app.

Visual Studio 2010 setup.sdb Product Key

Note that other Visual Studio 2010 products uses different master activation product keys, where Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 is P2K4R-VPKVK-*****-*****-*****, while Visual Studio Test Professional 2010 uses DYCF9-QQPCD-*****-*****-*****, and Visual Studio Team Explorer Everywhere 2010 uses 7W3RJ-4WX3R-*****-*****-*****.

The leaked product keys potentially costs Microsoft a huge sum, as Visual Studio Ultimate 2010 costs more than $10,000 for a piece of license. Anyway, Visual Studio 2010, been a development and programming tools, may be of less interest to general public. Anyway, Microsoft has been given away free license to use Visual Studio to selected targeted group through various Spark programs to encourage development in Windows environment.

Note: Product keys been removed due to Demand for Immediate Take Down – Notice of Infringing Activity – MS Ref. 312243 from [email protected]

Disclaimer: This article is for information and educational purpose only.

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  • Jay

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    @SSS: Thanks a lot for helping us…… God Bless u………..

  • Tom Leffler


    I have a question that hopefully you will be able to answer.

    Well, I downloaded from Dreamspark the Visual Studio 2010 Professional and installed sucessfully on my computer.

    Looking at the tool, I found the "Register Option" inside the Help menu.

    When I click the option, it opens a screen saying: "A valid product key has been entered for Microsoft Visual Studio." followed by a button containing the text: "Learn more about other Visual Studio Products".

    When I click this button, my web browser opens a URL (" saying my trial period has expired and asking to either buy or extend the trial period.

    So, although I´m not getting any error messagem when opening the product, I found strange this web page beeing shown since my product was downloaded from Dreampark and it´s suposed to be fully registered.

    Shold I worry about that ? Are student tools downloaded from Dreamspark full for a limited period only ? Or this website is opened because dreamspark versions are based on trial ones ?

    I´m really confused about that.

    Your thoughts are really appreciated.

    Best Regards.

  • Kamesh

    Hey SSS,

    Thanks for the Visual Studio Ultimate 2010 Key.


  • Dheeraj Sawlani

    Plz help me out,i am using full version of vs 2010 ultimate,Crystal reports are not attachd with it,i download SAP crystal report n attachd to it,but while creating setup it is giving me a problem,because setup cant find the prequistes frm is frm seperate vendor, i need vs 2010 professional full version..!!

  • roger

    Man that error message scared me!

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  • my product ID is 00426-OME-8992662-00497 what is my product key?send me my product key

  • plz send me windows 7 activation key thanx

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    • User

      Tried it and it works got the keys from my imagination and it works.

  • vissie

    @sam, yes they always give out the same key. you must read the article. MSDN subscribers have a link they can use to download the pre activated iso. so there might be millions of activated products using this same key. Microsoft isn't going to provoke the licence because that will result in a fair amount of unhappy MSDN users.

  • Supun

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    yeah sss.. thanks for the license code… now i will continue my program using visual studio 2010… the world of web will change if i finish this monters virus of mine.. hehehe… pm me if you want some detail of my masterpiece when i done it…

  • seosniper

    Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2010 iso Download this torrent, no need for serial number already incorporated within setup. use magic iso to extract….… here is MISO DL

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  • sss

    here it is


    • DEVI


  • 41

    Google is you friend 🙂

    Type YCFHQ-9DWCY in google and presto!

    Dozens of pages with full serials.

  • 41

    I tried VS2010 in virtual machine. It's bloated and not as fast as 2008 (c++ is still missing refactoring).

    +no way I'm installing 2gigs of .net4 – learn to fucking program, M$.

  • kuldeep

    Please Give me S/no Of visual studio 2010.

  • sam

    even if it does work you all have the same key so they will investigate that anyway becuause they dont always give out same key

  • sam

    this is not going to work you guys the key will just flag up as invalid plus the fact that you all have the same key so i do not think this will work correct me if i am wrong

  • Soobrasse

    Hello Boss,

    Can you send me product keys for TFS 2010 and Visual Studio 2010 Ultimated…

    It would have been very great of you if you can get a valid Product key for Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition…

    Am waiting for your reply…Many Thanks in advance!!!

  • MadApples

    im soo poor, but i love to develop, maby if they didnt make there sh*t so expisive…. :O

    it would take me a long long long long long time to get it.. so yes i would absolutly love to get a key. when i saw ther price?? for teh ultamate.. wich you realy need to develop somthing decent.. my heart sank… grrrr….

  • Tesla

    Shame on you guys for using pirated keys! By doing that, you reduce their ability to improve visual studio further in the future. If you like visual studio, BUY IT! Think people! THINK!

  • Tesla

    Shame on you guys for using pirated keys! By doing that, you reduce their ability to improve visual studio further in the future. If you like visual studio, BUY IT!

  • fuck you I wont the keeeeeeeeeeey

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    how to change of my product key for vs 2010?

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    Can you please send me a product key of vs2010 edition? Thanks

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      Product Key


      • Ramesh Kumar .A

        Thanks to MR. Dhrm,

        This Visual Studio Ultimate Product Key. It will be successfully registered. if you are using trial version of VS Ultimate Paste Following Product Key and enjoy with VS 2010 Ultimate.


  • khoi hoang

    also registered for the "name" and registered for the "company" built on any file in the installation package! anyone know please show me ([email protected]) thanks! have a nice day!

  • R3L3NT1355

    All of the people asking foe a registration key need to go out and buy the damn thing, using a stolen product key is illegal and pointless obviously it was removed for a reason so stop asking for it

  • someone in *

    YCFHQ-*****-*****-*****-***** (removed due to Demand for Immediate Take Down – Notice of Infringing Activity – MS Ref. 396716)

    Could be this haven tried

    good luck

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    Please send me the key of visual studio 2010 ultimate edition.

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    To all you peeps asking for the key….

    You noobs should not even know about things like

    this if you can't even find a serial key alone.

    I found the serial in ~30sec after reading this.

    Seriously start thinking people…



  • WooPa

    You peeps asking for the key here are STUPID!!!

    You noobs should not even know about things like

    this if you can't even find a serial key alone.

    I found the serial in ~30sec after reading this.

    Seriously start thinking people…



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    Can u send me a product key of visual stdio 2010 ultimate edition.

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    Thanks a million Behzad.

  • Behzad

    The key is YCFHQ********************* (Demand for Immediate Take Down – Notice of Infringing Activity – MS Ref. 396716)

  • Iraki

    In my opinion are a bunch of bullshit. BUT YOU WANT THAT MICROSOFT IS SCRAKKARE THE SOFTWARE IN THIS WAY STUPID?? Must have senile ALL THEN!

  • Rajesh

    Where is the Key.Please send me product key.

  • John

    If you don't buy it then it's not legal. If the police or any other authority comes to verify it, how will you proof that this is legal? Where do you have a receipt? Remember that Microsoft and other big software companies created a group and they validate software in many companies (at least in Europe).

  • jorgequinones

    Hey!!! where is the key????? is "YCFHQ9DWCY******"??? wtf!! can u post the key pls =)

  • Phuck Hu

    Do NOT download the BS "hack" that Hungarian dude linked, it will infect the shit out of your computer. I do love how he says, "It's not a virus." Yeah, and I trust you Mr. Random-Asshole-on-the-Internet

  • Ram

    Where to find Key. Please helpme.

  • Hriday

    I totally agree. It might be Microsoft.
    Because how could you learn to use the tool when you have no access to it.

  • mrvissu

    great it working for Professional also

  • Ryan

    ManOMan has a good point.

    I believe Microsoft has intentionally looked the other way about this "leak". They could have very easily invalidated this key the second it was leaked, without as much effort as it takes to flip a light switch.

    I think they actually *want* people to be able to easily obtain the product without paying for it… Without going through all the torrents and warez sites. Without having essentially a War between MS and Pirates.

    Don't get me wrong, they still want money, otherwise they wouldn't be selling it, but I don't think they care anymore that people can get it for free. I mean if they want it that badly, to put any effort into tracking down this key, then they would have found a way anyway. I believe the percent of people that will just buy it outweigh the percent that have to obtain it in a not so legitimate way. And MS definitely knows all this.

    So props to Microsoft!

    I used to hate microsoft, but recently they are becoming much more likeable… They're software is becoming less "idiotic", where before i would just wonder how they even came up with some of that stuff. As a company they are becoming more… human?

    I don't know, but I like the New Microsoft.

  • hallo

    The given patch. It's working fine. Great and thanks

  • DarkLord

    How can I activate VS2010 as a restricted user without admin privileges?

  • Windoze

    Just enjoy the fu*king software.

  • Bill

    Everybody, please use PHP to create web applications. It is FREE and is very easy to code.

  • ManOMan

    correction: software costs …and rampant in post below

  • ManOMan


    …all ye fools! Why such an argument when you have not the context to base your words on. It is simple: developping software cost A LOT OF MONEY. I am not a Microsoft person, just an objective individual who gives credit where credit is due. Microsoft spent the time and effort to give you computing power the world over, yet you bash them out of ignorance and jealousy. Some people have the money to get the latest and greatest and do not mind paying for it, some have nothing. The intentional slack policy of Microsoft in this scenario is the best way to still get the just compensation they need to keep providing us with super tools, as well as allowing those of us who need a push to acquire the tools. That way Microsoft wins brilliantly and keeps the fungus of knowledge spreading and taking implacable hold, and so do we ALL win. Don't be so righteous, so black and white, the world is not black and white. Microsoft is a source of life exploration and a wonderful experience for the human race. Enjoy the gift as it is yours to relish. Your bashing is also part of the equation, as it keeps the confusion ramping… learn to read between the lines, and relax, it is ALL good.


  • Hipol

    tanx…this is so good…

  • thanks bro . .. Nice ..

  • Bob Warner

    Microsost wants more and more people to use its software. So it does not makes its piracy laws stricter. If piracy would have been really a loss to MS it Bill Gates wouldn't have been the richest man in the world for years and still is amongst top 50.

    So MS dosent mind some people using its pirated software for home use but takes care not all of them use pirated ones.

    And all those commentors talking about anti-piracy, can you prove that you are not using any pirated software?

    Please do not remove the page, because most of the developers are so poor to purchase the Ultimate version of VS 2010 for home use that they need a master key .

  • r3mote

    Nice! Thx!

  • MT4RH


  • Caio Boffo

    I believe that Microsoft does this purposely, because how could you learn to use the tool when you have no access to it, many users can not afford to buy a license from VS, when you want to sell a software license is required.

  • Fullmetal

    While I doubt that this is entirely legal, I don't believe this is pirating. Microsoft used the Same master key for Pro, Ultimate…etc. Since They give Pro for free in some programs(Dreamspark, BizSpark..etc), Those people have gotten that license legally. It may have never been meant to be used in ultimate, but its the same key. For those who procured the key through illegal means(serial sites,torrents) those are really illegal. I don't see a problem for those dreamspark members who got the key legally, except that it isnt morally right.

  • Putti Pusha, Bend ov

    I got one thing for all of you. Take the plunge Dick first. Use the key and use it well and reap the benefits. Who cares about Ms.

    If you use it and get caught so what at least you were stupid enough to do so.

    If you use it and don't get caught big deal. Who gives a fuck. At least you know you can get away with it. Great. Fantastic.

    Ratio: 50/50

    Tear into the assholes of Ms. I would.

  • Balaji Birajdar

    Guys Guys Guys… !!!!! Enough of the fight…

    Its not the battle of legal and illegal nor the battle between ethical and non-ethical. Its the business strategy that microsoft does.

    Do you really think that MS which can create a full flegde operating system; the most advanced and sophisticated software till date, is not able to protect its software from privacy? No.. Thats not true. In fact, the MS strategy is BUY MY SOFTWARE THOSE WHO CAN BUY IT (Companies and Corporates) or PIRATE MY SOFTWARE THOSE WHO CANT BUY IT.

    Yes. This is true.

    If it makes its anti-piracy actions too strict, eventually two-third of the people in the world currently using (pirated) MS operating systems and who cannot purchase it, will have to move to other free OSes like Linux. And if this continues for a few years finally a day will come when people will get used to freely available Linux rather than Windows OS which will be used within the Microsoft premises and MS will have to give out Windows x (next versions) for free.

  • ThatOtherGuy

    Do you guys have any concept of how much it cost Microsoft to develop this software? Has anyone taken note of just how capable and full-featured VS2010 Ultimate is?

    If you had to spend that much time, effort and money building a program, would you give it away for free? I know I sure as hell wouldn't!

    I hope MS catches up with everyone that uses this key and rips them a new one.

    Having said that, I'm sure they could (and should) sell VS2010 Ultimate for a lot less than $11799!

  • arjun

    yup worked perfectly thanks……
    microsoft is also a pirate,lifted many things from apple…

  • Lian

    This is not really question of piracy, because I can imagine noone is pirating. Whats difference for Microsoft if freebies use Express or Ultimate? Interested companies and partners do pay subscriptions and others are just those who can't really afford it. I use it to develop for low money and opensource and learn it in process. I don't have enough money to pay for it, but I do want to use it. So what are my options? Going back to Express where I started? I bought book covering whole VS2010, I dont want to skip because I don't have that and that thing in free edition. Cheers.

  • haden

    thanks for information

  • XTM

    Good Job bro.

    Kick all of rhem who wanna remove this page.

  • Mysterio

    I agree with Davo.

    You don't have to search free key for this page at all. By browsing for visual studio 2010, I too came across this one and its a god damn shameful piece of work. At the end of the day, if I get caught with this key as my key for visual studio, I could be locked up. Besides real programmers don't need a platform to make programs come on. I use my own source code to produce platforms that are just as good as visual studio and best of all they don't need keys either. Hence the point Davo was making about not stealing software. The uni student is wrong. The express version of visual studio is just as good as pro minus a few pro's and con's. All you need is a compiler and notepad if anything and you can make your own software.

    I don't respect people who take this information and profit from what they make with it.

    If this is passed through to other websites and forums soon Microsoft will catch up, just as they caught up with all those other idiots that downloaded a full pirated version of windows 7 ultimate. Not only did they get caught and fined $16000 but they also got a message on the right hand bottom corner of their computer which says "This version of windows is counterfeit, Please buy the full version today". They would have got this when they updated and buy updating with validation Microsoft got the ip addresses of those involved.

    Some of my Mates were caught and will have a tough time this year recouping the money they had to pay.

    A guy told me once. " A smart criminal always gets caught. A dumb criminal gets caught the minute they do the act".

    Its so true.

  • Thanks

    Thanks dude, i love you full….

  • artfullDODGER33

    Everone including MS know once something is in the public domain, there is no turning back!!!.

    remove the page ….fine, but how long will it take for the "Information" to be published elsewhere ….at least one of the readers here;


    [& will show on a google search, thanx G-BOT]

    Therfore it is up to MS Dev's to create better activations!!. [right or wrong]…and reverse enginners will ALWAYS crack it

    [if men can make it, men can break it]

  • Counter-Point

    As a comp sci student *THANKS* cause I need to learn the pro version of the app to get a pro job yet sadly don't have a pro $alary to fork out for non-commercial purposes (currently paying > $10,000 for a piece of paper) . I'll tell you what I would pay for – LAMP – oh yeah, it's free 😛

    So all the self-righteous amateur Micro$oft lobbyists – STFU!

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  • You must be kidding

    Some people are too selfish!!I totally agree with FAKE NOOB..You all have used the product key now that more people are getting hold of it you want the page to be removed…why not report it to Microsoft if you want to be the SAINT here!!!

  • Davo

    You wrong. I search for crap like this to ensure the integrity of Microsoft products. Stealing is a crime, everybody in their right mind would know that. It's mentioned in the Bible and the Koran.

    Have a nice day.

  • Fake Noob

    You guys who wanna remove this page is because you already got all the information you need, hypocrits! Otherwise you woudn't be here!

  • Davo

    I would remove this page on the grounds that it goes against everything the human raise stands for.If Microsoft wanted it to be used as a tool to others they would hold a press conference live and say "IT'S FREE". If everyone worked for free we'd still be bashing pieces of would together with a flint to make fire. If I made a product I'd sell it to make back the money I'd spent making it.

    Question? Why do birds fly low? Why does the sun set? Why do we fall asleep when we close our eyes?

    If you can answer these questions you'd have the same decency to close this page so that other like you would get the same respect as everyone else in the computer/internet world.

    I have been aware of many things over my career and I've seen a lot of hogwash about why people should give products for free but this takes the cake.

    Do the honorable thing 'TAKE IT DOWN' .

  • The Real Guy

    Developers, developers, developers ! REMEMBER?

    Microsoft makes money out of Windows 7 sales, and Windows 7 sales exist because there are people creating windows software.

    The least they can do is keep all software development tools free or at minimum cost for the more advanced versions.

  • hi

    Does THIS serial/activation work offline without an internet connection?

  • The real guy

    Dont remove the page. It is good, for people who want to use it. Anyway microsoft is not fair to give out the key to only some people, to be fair everyone should get it. 😛

  • sandro

    Microsoft is the power it is today because it has always been complicit with piracy of their products

  • XxMortexX

    I agree with Bruno and John. Don't remove this page for the simple fact is that it is not right to charge so much for a program. Plus If a company is giving out free software then there is no need to charge for it afterwords. since Microsoft released the master keys then it really isn't piracy.

  • Jonathan

    Shut up about piracy laws. How can Microsoft justify charging ANYTHING for this product if they are prepared to give it away free to people? If software didn't cost so fucking much money then perhaps piracy wouldn't be so big an issue. Microsoft make enough money to cope.

  • Bruno

    No.. don't remove this page.. This is for who want to read it. I will upgrade from 2008 to 2010.. thanks to serial!!!


    I agree with The Fake Guy. Please remove this page !

  • The Fake Guy

    Would you, in an act of good will and respect for Software Piracy Laws, remove this page!