When browsing in Internet in a web browser such as Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox or Google Chrome, the mouse pointer can disappear or hidden invisible when move or no movement without reason. Other symptom is mouse pointer blinks or flickers continuously when the mouse pointer hovers over, or even when stop statically on the web browser.

The cause of the mouse pointer disappearance to not visible, flickering or blinking visible frequently issue is caused by Adobe Shockwave Flash plug-in or add-on. The exact reason of the mouse pointer problem is unknown, but most likely due to bug in the Adobe Shockwave Flash plugin or addon. The mouse pointer gone or blinks error only happen on web browsers, and have no issue in any other applications.

To resolve the issue, if the user can identify the tab which opens buggy Adobe Flash embedded media, just close the tab will likely make mouse pointer comes back and not flicker. Alternatively, just close and exit from all affected web browser’s window, and re-open web browser again. If for some reasons, such as too many open tabs, and it’s impossible to restart the web browser, just disable and re-enable Adobe Shockwave Flash add-on or extension installed on the web browser, and the mouse pointer will return to work and behave or visible normally.

In Mozille Firefox, open Add-ons window via Tools -> Add-ons, then go to Plugins tab. Highlight the item named Shockwave Flash 10.0.xx.xx (version may different), and click Disable button, then continue to click again the Enable button.

Disable Add-on in Firefox

For Google Chrome, press Shirt + Enter keys to open Google Chrome Task Manager. Locate and highlight the line which states Plug-in: Shockwave Flash and clik End process button.

End Google Chrome Process

The above trick does not work with Internet Explorer (IE6, IE7 or IE8) though. User has to complete close down IE browser, and then run the IE browser again, although in IE 7 or IE 8, it’s possible to re-open the last closed browsing tabs.

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  • stasn

    In Firefox I just had to dump Adobe, completely…Seems Adobe is not working on a fix….Tried all the items i could find,, same problem blinking Cursor…both the current highest versions…as of April 2015.

  • Qudrat Rehman

    Great ! It worked fine. Thanks

  • prombonas

    It worked perfectly in an instant! THANKS!!

  • Dabo Ross

    Currently running XUbuntu 12.04 with chromium, and having this issue. But shockwave isn’t installed and isn’t running.
    I get the blinking cursor only when having it in the ‘tab’ area of chromium.

  • jessie

    Thanks lol just had to close that browser game XD it sucked anyways.

  • Blackeme

    It won’t work

  • M

    Thank you! It fixed right up.:)

  • HM

    The problem is with Shockwave (Adobe). Go to the website fand install the new addition. Fixed!

  • Sarah

    Thanks a ton. My head was throbbing with frustration until i found this. Thank goodness for the internet. By the way, a big thanks to whoever pointed out the error about google chrome’s task manager. Shift and enter didn’t work, it is shift and esc as mentioned. Thanks :)

  • Chichi


  • nicole

    THANK YOU! Disabling the shockwave addon in Firefox fixed the issue. This mouse flickering was driving me absolutely insane. Thanks for the info to get rid of it. Adobe can be extremely frustrating at times…

  • Fendy

    This was the first page that came up in my search and it solved my problem straight away – Thanks!
    I’m keeping the Shockwave disabled.
    I also took off the ‘Hide mouse when typing’ mouse setting, as mentionesd in one of the posts.

    • This was the first site that I checked too and it resolved the issue as well.
      Thank you!

  • Riz

    Thanks! This helped but whenever I re-opened my Google Chrome, the same problem is there and I needed to end Shockwave again. Tried doing these a lot of times and I always had to re-end Shockwave. So with a bit of research, I found the solution to my problem.

    Go to the Mouse Properties > under Pointer Options tab uncheck Hide pointer while typing

    And voila! The blinking mouse is no more! :D Hope everyone solves this issue. :D

  • VJ

    Yes! Thank you so much. The flickering mouse pointer was so annoying. It started after I disabled all plugins and re-enabled shockwave (in FF).
    I was getting worried I somehow got a virus or something.
    If Adobe would only recognize their problems…

  • V

    Thanks to all here. To my concern with Chrome, the problem was nailed by closing Tabs one-by-one. The page that caused it was a Slideshow from Flickr.com

    This saved me a lot of time reinstalling and all :)

  • T J S

    This problem suddenly started today after an Adobe Flash update, I thought that may be the cause although I did update to Firefox 4 yesterday. Your solution appears to have done the trick, many thanks, this was very annoying -pity Adobe don't point out these problems when they update!

  • katja

    i tried this and everything is ok until i enable flash player again. it happens even when i install older versions of flash player (9.0 +). the mouse pointer doesn't disappear and flicker only when there is no flash player on my computer. and it happens on the both of my computers and it started at the same time (during the last week).. i'm using Firefox with Windows XP. i'm desperate, please help me

  • Zeljko

    Thanks a lot for the useful advice

  • Sai

    FUCK YES! It works! Although there was no Enable button after disabling the shockwave flash player in Firefox. It uninstalled it alltogether for me.

    But after reinstalling it works. The disappearing cursor was driving me insane.

  • Eri

    Thanks a million!!!!! I originally thought it was due to fact that my mouse was wireless and battery was low. Glad to know it was a shockwave issue.

  • bob

    I just began using a new computer w/ Windows 7, and was having disappearing cursor problems when using Internet Explorer. The cursor would just disappear, especially when I tried to move it over near the upper part of the vertical scrollbar at far right of the screen.

    After reading this, I completely uninstalled Adobe Flash, closed all windows, and reopened Explorer, and *presto*, no more disappearing cursor. What's weird is that Flash keeps trying to RE-Install itself. Not sure if Flash is necessary for Win7, but if not, I do not need a buggy program like that on my computer. It was very maddening to have the cursor keep disappearing like that. So just uninstall Adobe, and probably re-boot altogether, might just solve the issue.

  • AH

    Thanks so much, this is the only website that has helped me with this problem, it's been driving me crazy!

  • Thanh Le

    Thanks alot. This blinking cursor drives me nuts for the last 3 weeks.

    Just want to add a correction: to open Task Manager for Google Chrome, you should use Shift – Esc.

  • eric

    Thanks for the solution. This blinking mouse pointer was driving me crazy !

  • EJ

    This tip was spot-on! Sad how Adobe's products not only provide us with a never-ending stream of security vulnerabilities, but they now also cause crazy behavior from important parts of Windows.