As an effort to promote greater HD (High Definition) experience among consumer electronics and PC industries, HDMI specification continues to be revised and just recently, the HDMI Licensing has disclosed a few enhanced features that will be included into the upcoming v1.4 specification. One of the great features include the new Ethernet connectivity that allows HDMI-capable devices to share contents without the need of running additional Ethernet cable between them.


Similarly, a new return channel dedicated for audio path has been enhanced that will eventually reduce the number of cable needed to facilitate audio upstream and hence allowing audio routing to receiver directly. Some other new features include 3D over HDMI for high end PCs, automotive connection system specifically for In-Vehicle Entertainment, new micro connector definition for portable device and many more.

In conjunction with the initiative, the group is also introducing few different types of HDMI cables catering for various segments’ needs. The new HDMI v1.4 will be available by end of next month and it may face some challenges with the new introduction of Displayport usage especially in PC market.