In Windows 7, mouse is still essential, with lots of new feature which takes advantage of mouse gesture, such as Aero Snap, Aero Peek, Aero Shake and etc. However, some users still prefer to use keyboard to use the Windows operating system.

For keyboard lover, Microsoft has added several keyboard shortcuts, hot keys or keyboard accelerators to make navigation and usage of Windows 7, especially the new Windows Aero snapping feature easier by using keyboard. Here’s a few keyboard shortcut keys or keyboard accelerators that new in Windows 7.

Windows + ↑ (Up Arrow) – Maximize window

Windows + ← (Left Arrow) – Snap window to left side covering half of desktop space. Continue pressing the keyboard shortcut will rotate the window between snap to left, snap to right and restore to normal position.

Windows + → (Right Arrow) – Snap window to right side covering half of desktop space. Continue pressing the keyboard shortcut will rotate the window between snap to left, snap to right and restore to normal position.

Windows + ↓ (Down Arrow) – Minimize the window. Restore to normal size and position if the window is currently maximized.

Windows + Home – Clear all but the active window.

Windows + Space – All windows become transparent so you can see through to the desktop.

Windows + Shift + ← (Left Arrow) – Move the active window to the adjacent monitor on the left for dual or multiple monitors setup.

Windows + Shift + → (Right Arrow) – Move the active window to the adjacent monitor on the right for dual or multiple monitors setup.

Windows + T – Show preview thumbnail of running applications in Windows Taskbar one by one without mouse over.

Windows + P – Adjust presentation options of the display on computer or projector.

Windows + + (Add) – Zoom in.

Windows + – (Minus or Dash) – Zoom out.

Shift + Click a Taskbar item: Open a new instance of that particular application.

Other popular or common keyboard hotkeys which are already been used in Windows Vista:

Windows + D – Show desktop and restore desktop (minimize or restore all windows).

Windows + M – Minimize all windows.

Windows + U – Open Ease of Access Center.

Windows + F – Search window.

Windows + G – Bring all gadgets on top and foreground.

Windows + X – Run Windows Mobility Center.

Windows + R – Open ‘Run’ command.

Windows + E – Run Windows Explorer.

Windows + L – Lock the computer.

Windows + Pause [Break] – Open System Properties.

Windows + [number] – Activate and run the program pinned on Windows 7 Taskbar, running program won’t be affected.

Windows + Tab – Windows Aero Task Switcher

F1 – Help

F3 – Search

Full complete listing of Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts are available.

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  • Tahir Hussain

    Very VEry helpful. I appropriate it.

  • naqash safe

    Taskbar Modifiers (New in Windows 7)

    Shift+Click Open a new instance of the program
    Ctrl+Click Cycle between windows in a group
    Middle Click Open a new instance of the program
    Ctrl+Shift+Click Open a new instance of the program as Administrator
    Shift+Right-Click Show window menu

    • faramarz bagheri

      hot key

  • naqash safe

    Managing Windows

    Alt+F4 Close the active window
    Alt+Tab Switch to previous active window
    Alt+Esc Cycle through all open windows
    Win+Tab Flip 3D [more info]
    Ctrl+Win+Tab Persistent Flip 3D
    Win+T Cycle through applications on taskbar (showing its live preview)
    Win+M Minimize all open windows
    Win+Shift+M Undo all window minimization
    Win+D Toggle showing the desktop
    Win+↑ Maximize the current window
    Win+↓ If the current window is maximized, restore it; if the current window is restored, minimize it
    Win+← Dock the current window to the left half of the screen
    *If it is already docked left, it is moved to the right half of the screen
    *If it is already docked right, it is restored to its original size
    Win+→ Dock the current window to the right half of the screen
    *If it is already docked right, it is moved to the left half of the screen
    *If it is already docked left, it is restored to its original size
    Win+Shift+← Move current window to the left monitor (with dual monitors)
    Win+Shift+→ Move current window to the right monitor (with dual monitors)
    Win+Home Minimize all but the current window
    Win+Space Peek at the desktop
    Win+[Plus sign] Zoom in
    Win+[Minus sign] Zoom out

  • naqash safe

    Logging In And Out

    Win, →, Enter Shutdown
    Win, →, →, R Restart
    Win, →, →, S Sleep
    Win, →, →, W Switch Users
    Win+L Locks computer

  • shalu

    Hey Now,

    Nice post some very useful hotkeys.



  • Kaye

    Help My windows snap does not snap anymore.

    I use to be able to press the windows button and the left or right arrows and the windows would snap into place. It does not happen anymore.

    • Morten

      make sure you have enabled it. if it doesnt work, create a new user and test it again

  • prince

    what is shut down key

    • naqash safe

      window+Enter shut down key

      • naqash safe

        Viewing Folders With Explorer

        Alt+← Go back
        Alt+→ Go forward
        Alt+↑ Go up a directory
        Alt+D Move focus to address bar
        Alt+D, Tab Move focus to search bar
        Alt+Enter Open the Properties window of the current selection
        Ctrl+Mousewheel Change the view type (extra large, small, list view, detail, etc.)
        Alt+P Show/hide the preview pane

  • sarath

    i want much more shotkeys

  • Sebastian Cork

    These are amazing time saving shortcuts that I am certain will be put to use in my everyday computing now. Thanks a million!

  • A shortcut key (or keyboard shortcut) is a set of keys pressed at the same time. For example, you might push the Ctrl key and the S key at the same time to form the Ctrl+S shortcut key. (The Ctrl key is usually at the very bottom left of your keyboard. There's another one below the Enter key, too.) Here, the Ctrl key is called the modifier key and S key is the action key. You can remember that you're supposed to push them together because of the + sign.

  • Actually i was looking for hot key to make win 7 screen upside down or either on right or left side. any help would be appreciated.

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    I cant say Im in complete accordance, many thanks for having the initiave to put your ideas down

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    frnds try this out Alt+Tab its nice

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  • Hans Horst

    @21, Mike Johnson

    I really hate to say this, but… you're kinda stupid, huh? Cause, if you wanna start your favorite Application X (where you need to replace X with your favorite app) you could do that since Win95, stupid :/

    Just fukken click right on the next Shortcut button you wanna start via keyboard and chose your fave. Oh, boy… I'm so sad.


  • Mike Johnson

    And yet in 2010, there is still no hotkey to start the default browser. just unbelievable..

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    my destop is opjict i min i cant use it i just play songs and its very hard and i have so many things even i cant formet tha laptop is there anyway that will be greatly appriceat ..

  • FCL

    Thanks you!
    Also – here's a full list of Windows 7 hotkeys btw.

  • Sudeep KC

    Try this: Ctrl+W = Alt+F4.

  • Angel G


    There is one very useful: Windows + Esc

    It opens start menu but focused on "search programs and files" and you can directly type a program and hit enter. It's smth like linex ALT+F2

  • Sumeet More

    Simply awesome. It feels great to have so many shortcuts at hand!!

  • AmateurHistorian

    Oops, that reply was supposed to go on a different page. Sorry.

  • AmateurHistorian

    In my Windows 7, I don't even get the full-height button at the right end of the taskbar (possibly because I'm using the Windows Classic theme). Instead, I get a tiny icon that's a miniature of the screen, same aspect ration, with a teeny arrow or something at its lower left corner. The icon is about 15 pixels high, a huge pain to get the pointer onto accurately.

    However, since I learned — from another article here — that I can instead use the keyboard shortcut Windows-D to show the desktop, and again to redisplay the window that was open — I don't care anymore where the Show Desktop button is or how big it is.

  • mzzir

    try this one, its amazing:

    hold the title bar of explorer or any other applications (not maximized)and shake it! all other apps will be minimized.

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  • PChammer

    Messed with Win 7 today, found out that if you hit the Windows key + 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0, it will open in order, the first 10 apps in your task bar and they do open faster. Haven't figured out how to go beyond the 10 limit yet though.

  • Tuane

    I just want to know,

    With Windows 7, how do you make special characters?

    I tried Alt>130 for the e with a abbreviation on and it did'nt work.

    Please help

  • sebastiaan

    just found another one, try ctrl+scroll in windows explorer, it will chances the appearance of your icons

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    RUU7, Ctrl + Shift + N Hotkey for New Folder. :)

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    Unfortunatley i still miss a shortcut for a new folder. I mean this will be really helpful.

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  • Hey Now,

    Nice post some very useful hotkeys.



  • hypelite

    Hi, chrisNova. It did'nt work for me! I tried ctrl+alt+e, shift+win+e, alt+win+e, ctrl+shift+e. Any ideas?

  • for those of you sadly missing your Winkey + E Shortcut to bring up the explorer window — you will be enlightened and delighted to know that this functionality has not been replaced by The Libraries window but rather moved over to CTRL – ALT – E – which will now bring up your explorer window with my computer view, showing your harddrives.. slightly different key stroke.. same beloved functionality. Enjoy! took me a few to figure out!

  • Don Logan

    Awesome! I tried them in Windows 7 beta 1 and the shortcuts are very helpful. The question for today is how to get them to work in Vista.

    Maybe an app like GridMove with key shortcut support.