We mentioned about TransferJet technology since early last year and if you wonder what kind of Sony products will have this technology integrated in, the recent FCC filed by the Japanese company may able to give you some hint. Just recently, Sony submitted a FCC application for its Sony Memory Stick Duo, MS-JX8G and as you may aware, FCC is only required for those products that occupy certain radio spectrum for data transmission and that is a bit weird for this new submission unless there are wireless technology being designed into it.

Further checking on the FCC filing disclosed that the module will be run and tested on 4480MHz frequency band. If you recall, TransferJet occupies this spectrum span (but not any other 802.11a/b/g or even Bluetooth) and it is quite firm that the next generation Memory Stick Duo card may have the technology embedded into it. If this is true, it also means that users will be able to transform a normal mobile phone into a NFC (Near Field Communication) capable device easily by just plugging in the memory module. Although TransferJet is only meant for very short effective range around 1.25-inch, but with its high bandwidth of 560Mbps peak transfer and relatively lower power consumption as compared to other wireless technology, it could potentially become one of the prominent technologies especially on portable devices where battery life is one of the main concerns.

No information on availability yet, we can expect some NFC based module to be integrated directly into end consumer products, with this next generation memory card filling up the gap with simple plug and play capability to turn conventional mobile devices into it.