After months back when we mentioned about how Pixel Qi able to prolong battery life of future nettops, now seems that the company is ready with its actual prototype showcasing the power saving feature before releasing to commercial market. Named as 3qi, it is a three-in-one hybrid display panel that is capable to switch between full color mode as normal nettop, go to monochrome mode to conserve energy, or switch to e-paper mode depending on needs and environment.

The prototype demonstration is based on Acer’s Aspire Ones and the result is quite obvious with huge variances in terms of viewing pleasure regardless of if they are currently reading e-book under sunlight, as a conventional full saturated display in office applications or purely want to conserve power in monochrome mode. The LCD panel will be able to operate seamlessly, providing great visual experience targeted for different applications while on the move.

The first 10.1-inch LCD panel will be ready by this fall and good news is, the next generation LCD panel is expected to be cheap in price that makes it a suitable candidate in cost-sensitive netbook and ebook markets.