Google Chrome, unlikely any other web browsers, does not detect RSS feed (or Atom feed or any other type of feed) on websites. Hence, Google Chrome (Chromium) users cannot preview or subscribe to a RSS feed easily, where as in other web browsers, such as IE, Firefox, Safari or Opera, browser auto-detects any feeds available, and users can easy view the feed and subscribe to it with few clicks.

Google Chrome is built as a basic web browser without much fanfare or gimmick, while allowing user to add in features of functionality that they require via Google Chrome extensions.

RSS Subscription Extension is an extension developed by Google which auto-detects RSS feeds on the web page, and upon finding any feed, will display an RSS icon button in the Omnibox, allowing user to click on the button to preview the feed content and subscribe. The extension comes with 4 feed readers predefined (Google Reader, iGoogle, Bloglines and My Yahoo), with flexibility to allow user to add any web-based feed reader to the list.

Show RSS Feed in Google Chrome

RSS Subscription Extension will finally be preinstalled onto Google Chrome, but in the meanwhile, anybody who wants the RSS feed feature in Google Chrome can install the extension in Chrome browser at the following URL:

RSS Subscription Extension currently requires at least the beta channel of Google Chrome to install onto.