The release of PSGroove, which relies on simulated USB hub to exploit and take advantage of vulnerability of Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) in order to take control of (read as crack and jailbreak) the PS3, as open source project has allowed the program to be ported or revised to work on numerous other devices. The new project to hack PS3 with portable devices is called PSFreedom.

PSFreedom is actually a PS3 jailbreak Linux kernel, developed by KaKaRoTo. PSFreedom uses the musb driver to access the address of the USB, and modify it in order to gain access to protected code of PS3 to crack and jailbreak it. In other words, PSFreedom simulates a gadget device running on Linux as a USB hub to exploit the PS3 vulnerability. Essentially, PSFreedom has the same functionality of PSJailBreak and PSGroove, that is to hack and crack PS3 in order to allow it to play unauthorized or backup games and applications.

The source code of PSFreedom is now been released, allowing PSFreedom to be ported to work on more and more gadgets and portable devices. What user can do in order to implement PSFreedom on a device is to modify psfreedom_machine.c and incorporates the functions and changes to Makefile that specific for the particular device, then compile the code. However, do note that not all devices may run PSFreedom, as it requires a USB controllers that support Slave mode. For information, most PCs have a USB controller that only supports Host mode.

The source code for PSFreedom can be downloaded from

The PSFreedom binary building process may be troublesome, and a bit too hard for novice users, but most have been done nicely by PS3 hacking community, and device specific binary for various gadgets have been released. Till date, the devices known to be able to run PSFreedom as hacking tool to crack and jailbreak PS3, includes the following, together with the download links to the binary release and usage guides:

There will be more devices that been made enable to use PSFreedom. In fact, some devices can use one of the binary above, such as HTC Dream/G1/Magic and HTC Sapphire.

Video demonstration of using Nokia N900 to hack Sony PS3

Video demonstration of using Google Nexus One to crack Sony PS3