The open source PSFreedom, a Linux kernel that has similar functions with PSGroove and PSJailbreak, has been managed to “port over” to run on iPhone and iPod touch by homebrew developer NTAuthority. In other words, iPhone and iPod touch can now be used to hack or crack and jailbreak the PS3.

PSFreedom port on iPhone and iPod touch does have some limitations. The main restriction is that it only works on iPhone 2G (original classic iPhone) and iPhone 3G, and first generation if iPod touch. In addition, the qualified iPhone or iPod touch must have OpeniBoot installed too, which allows iDroid (Android port to iPhone) to run.

The project to port PSFreedom on iPhone and iPod touch is called IPhoneLinux. A small testing but working version of IPhoneLinux with source code has been released. Backup Manager is not working yet, though developer is working on it, so Backup Manager may work in future version. If you plan to build the code yourself, according to the developer,

A precompiled kernel/initrd is in the iPT1G folder, the USB kernel patch is in the PSFreedom/iphone folder. It should be applied to kernel_common from the iDroid-Project user on github as detailed on the web site.

The android.img.gz is the initrd plus a testing boot script, the .ko should go in /lib in it.

To build PSF, use ‘make clean && make iphone’ from the PSFreedom folder as usual.

More information on the IPhoneLinux is at

Once the PSFreedom iPhone port is running on the mobile phone device, booting the initrd will work by using the “Android” menu option in OpeniBoot. Once the screen starts filling up with “INIT”, connect iPhone or iPod touch to PS3, and user can do the re-starting of PS3 as usual, similar to procedure of other jailbreak’s devices. Note that the iPhone or iPod touch should be the only device plugged in the PS3’s USB port.

The video demos on how to use iPod touch 1G to jailbreak and crack PS3.