Sony PS3 (PlayStation 3) is one of the most secure game console currently, in term of ability of been hacked or cracked to play backed-up (read: pirated or illegal duplicated copy) games. Finally, after 4 years since the PS3 was released, hackers have managed to crack the PS3 to play homemade or homebrew games, and save games on the PS3 hard disk drive, through hardware-based modchip in the form of USB key, where else the rest of the game consoles such as XBox 360 and Nintendo Wii have been hacked much earlier.

A hacker group from China, Hong Kong or Malaysia, PS JailBreak, is claiming to manage to crack the Sony PS3, and is releasing a USB dongle that allows PlayStation 3 users to play pirated and homemade games, or otherwise known as homebrew. Previously, Sony PS3 was closed to been hacked by GeoHot, though never went beyond proof of concept, before Sony plugged the OtherOS loophole with firmware 3.21.

PS JailBreak USB Mod ChipThe software modchip that is inside the USB stick called PSJailBreak. How the PSJailBreak works is that PSJailBreak is able to let gamers and users play any kind of games and applications, including pirated, backup, unauthorized, unapproved, non-genuine, copied, duplicated or home-made games by converting it into a “debug” unit, a special version of the PS3 used by developers and others to access non-retail versions of games.

The USB dongle also comes loaded with software that enables players to dump or save games to the PS3’s hard drive. The games can then be played from the hard drive by selecting the game from a menu that the mod chip spawns. And, the USB key is able to block mandatory firmware updates, which may detect and disable the PSJailBreak hack, or brick the PS3 system, render the console device unusable.

The best advantage of the USB modchip is that it’s very easy to use. In order to jailbreak and hack the PS3, just insert the USB dongle into a USB port on the PS3, and boot up the console. The valid warranty seal will still be intact as the console is not opened.

Features of PS Jailbreak:

  • Backup manager to copy original games on Blu Ray to internal hard drive or USB hard drive (only works on PS3 games).
  • Launch games from a dedicated interface.
  • Games are run 2X faster than via the DVD or Blu-Ray drive reader.
  • Support for all games and homebrew (some games may not be working or incompatible).
  • Supports FAT32 (NTFS is not yet implemented).
  • The chip firmware can be updated via USB on PC.
  • USB plug and play solution.
  • Load homebrew apps or games off any USB hard drive/flash drive.
  • Sets up in seconds to keep the warranty of your console.
  • Easy to use with an interface that guides you step by step.
  • Works and compatible with all versions of PS3 fat or slim version, including console on latest PS3 firmware 3.41.
  • Supports all regions: USA, Japan, PAL and Korea.
  • Automatically disables firmware software updates and alerts the bricks of console.
  • Online multi-players gaming works as of now (no guarantees in the future as online gaming requires latest firmware version installed).

Various game console modchip dealers and distributors such as FoxChip and OzModChips have received the PSJailBreak USB modchip, and claims that it works as advertised. Various videos have been posted on YouTube to show and proof how the PS3 hack works. Some have started to sell the PSJailBreak USB dongle, and declared it’s the world’s first PS3 Modchip and available in Plug and play mode.

The price for the PSJailBreak USB dongle modchip is not cheap though, priced at around USD $119, €130.00 or AUD $169.99.

Sony should be able to easily patch and block the PS JailBreak hack via firmware upgrade. At a minimum, it could ban the console cracked by PS JailBreak from logging into PSN (PlayStation Network), preventing gamers from playing online multiplayer games. So, us PS JailBreak USB modchip with care. More information can be found at

Want cheaper alternative? PSGroove open source USB hub simulator and PSFreedom Linux kernel which both exploits and cracks PS3 are now released.