One of the main factors that causes computer performance slowness could be due to memory leak whereby memory is not being released properly after it was used. If a computer is running with applications all the while, the applications could have been occupying the available memory each and every time without releasing it properly, and all these could be accumulated and eventually resulting in system slowness. In order to eliminate the slowness performance caused by memory leak, what we normally do is to reboot the computer, which is not always desirable. Instead, now with this utility named as VC RamCleaner, it will able to clean up unused memory in order to speed up performance without the need of rebooting your PC.


VC RamCleaner is a nifty utility that comes with a very simple user interface. Once you have launched it, it will display Total System Memory and Available System Memory in MB. To free up unused memory, just click on Clean System Memory button and the whole cleaning process may take from few seconds up to few minutes. While running the cleaning process, you will notice the figure shown at Available System Memory keep on increasing and once the cleaning process is completed, it will display the total MB of memory that has been released. Besides, it provides you the feature to pre-configure how many rounds you would like the memory cleaning process to be ran automatically. Basically there are two options that you can choose, namely Standard Passes and Passes Until Zero. Standard Passes option will perform the memory cleaning process according to the number you have configured but it will not force to release all unused memory. Whereas with Passes Until Zero option, it will do the memory cleaning process according to the number you have configured and it will force each round of cleaning process to release unused memory until zero byte of wasted memory being achieved. To configure these options, just go to Settings -> Set Clean System Memory, then tick the Deactivate checkbox and set the number at either Standard Passes or Passes Until Zero option.

VC RamCleaner ver 1.00 is absolutely free to download and is compatible to run on Windows XP/2000. Alternatively, there are other memory optimizer or RAM reducer such as Minimem or HLP Free Memory Optimizer for other options with similar goal.

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