Microsoft has released Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool version 1.5.708.0 which consists of LegitCheckControl.dll and LegitCheckControl.inf that is installed to whoever that wants to download WGA-protected downloads and software from Microsoft Download Center such as Internet Explorer 7 RC1 (Windows XP SP2), Windows Defender (Beta 2), DirectX End-User Runtime, Windows Media Player 10 and 11 Beta, Windows Installer 3.1 Redistributable, Photo Story 3 and other Windows Genuine Advantage special offers. The latest version of WGA Validation Tool is installed when you try to perform Windows validation even though you already have hacked or patched version of LegitCheckControl.dll installed.

WGA LegitCheckControl.dll version 1.5.708.0 has different structure from previous version and cannot be ‘upgraded’ by simply change the version info from the existing patched LegitCheckControl.dll. However, one reader Danny has contributed a cracked and patched version of LegitCheckControl.dll which is able to bypass and disable genuine Windows validation check to download the WGA-restricted downloads from Microsoft Download Center, beside performing Windows update.

  1. which consists of cracked and fixed LegitCheckControl.dll version 1.5.708.0 and LegitCheckControl.inf can be downloaded from here (link deleted due to complaint from Microsoft).
  2. Launch Windows Explorer, navigate to \Windows\System32 folder, and delete LegitCheckControl.dll file. (Note: If you unable to delete the file, restart your PC into Safe Mode, and try again)
  3. Copy the extracted files from the downloaded ZIP to \Windows\System32 folder. If you haven’t delete LegitCheckControl.dll, simply replace the existing DLL.
  4. If you’re in Safe-Mode, restart your computer now.
  5. Click on Continue (Validation Required) button to continue to download page to download your desired software.

If the patched LegitCheckControl.dll above is not working, you may try to get Helios’ instructions on changing Windows VLK product key on IE and Windows respectively, so that there is Cryptographic Errors Detected on MGADiag.exe in order to bypass validation on Download Center.

Alternatively, download the dp-XPgen15708auto (removed due to complaint from Microsoft) by renaTgaD from Desperate TCG. It’s a fixed exe which mean it’s the WGA installer contains patched version 1.5.708.0 of LegitCheckControl.dll (WgaLogon.dll and WgaTray.exe stay at v1.5.540.0). After download, just close any web browser and run the installer to install fixed version of WGA.

There is also crack and hack from Team ETH0 which most likely will enable you to run Windows Update (Microsoft Update) and remove any nag screen only. Download the WGA 157080c (removed due to complaint from Microsoft) and run the installer.bat batch file.

Beside, if you still facing problem, try to use direct download link location URL to download directly from Microsoft, bypassing all WGA validation check.

Note: There may be secondary genuine validation check built into program installer that will trigger during installation. Just search within the site for workarounds by bypassing the validation check.

New: Visit updated methods to bypass and crack WGA, including patch on version 1.5.716.0.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational and educational purpose only. If you’re using non-genuine or pirated Microsoft Windows operating system, please purchase a legal copy from your local computer store. If you’re genuine Windows users but unable to validate your copy of Windows, please contact Microsoft or post your query to WGA Validation Problems forum.